TEKO: Who Won Heat 6? Find Out Now!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision KnockOut 2013 – Heat 6 saw Bulgaria, Denmark and Malta go head to head against each other in the first round of this year’s Eurovision KnockOut. Denmark are favourites to win the whole show with the bookies… did our poll results agree with this? Was the real test of this heat the margin Emmelie De Forest would win by or was there an upset? Click through now to find out the result.

Heat 6 Results:

Bulgaria 17%
Denmark 63%
Malta 20%

So it’s congratulations to Emmelie de Forest with ‘Only Teardrops‘ but little surprise this one won so commandingly.

It doesn’t look like either Bulgaria or Malta will get a second chance, but you never know in this competition. Come back later to start voting in today’s heat.

28 comments on “TEKO: Who Won Heat 6? Find Out Now!

  1. Wow!Nice!That was to be expected. :)

  2. The beating was expected, I am surprised Bulgaria got 17% It seems I was not the only person to vote for them. A few others did as well.

  3. No surprises here. Congratulations, Denmark. :)

  4. I still don’t get the hype about Denmark this year. The whole act strikes me as ESC by numbers … Wait! That probably is the reason for the hype.

    Congrats! :(

    • It’s what many fans like.

    • I remember you not getting the hype about Sweden last year too.Something about your aunt Gertrude,if i remember correctly. :)

      • Oh, but I dearly love my auntie Gertrud … yes, I said that ‘Euphoria’ wasn’t anything new when replying to all those fans that had their knickers in a twist because they thought that Sweden 2012 was so innovative, groundbreaking and revolutionary … when it was simply a Kate Bush act transported into the 21st century. However, I have always personally liked ‘Euphoria’ (Kate Bush is the goddess of my wild days after all …) and predicted Loreen to come 2nd.

        • And what’s your prediction on Denmark?

          • I have to wait for the rehearsals in order to see what the acts will look like on the Malmö stage. Atm, my wild guess is 5th to 7th but that is based on NF performances. A lot can change until May and there are some acts we haven’t seen live yet …

  5. Probably the most expected result of all the Heats…

  6. I guess that 20% is very low for Malta to stand any chance for a …second chance :(

    • Keep in mind that this was a strong heat with Denmark in it.

      • I know. But given the fact that there were heats that the song that came second had more than 30% of the votes, chances for Malta are limited imho.

  7. Reasonable results!
    I am starting to lose interest on Denmark 2013 , but again no way should they lose to Malta or Bulgaria 2013 in no heat!
    Great job ! 6/6 ;)

  8. I expected Denmark to win this heat, but not with 60%, as the opinions on the song are indeed very mixed here.

    I was doubtful about it in the beginning, but it has clearly grown on me. Not so much in terms of songwriting, but it has a very special feeling. I still hope that Neterlands will win the contest, though it’s not very likely.

  9. These results were in expexted order. I hope Denmark won’t flop this year, but I don’t want a Nordic win. :)

  10. And now… in Spanish.

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