Moldova: Aliona Moon Confirms She will Sing in Romanian

moldovaMoldova – After several days of speculation, it has been confirmed that the Moldovan entry will this year be sung in Romanian. This year’s entrant, Aliona Moon, confirmed on her twitter this afternoon that she had decided to sing in Romanian and tweeted the Romanian version of the song ‘O Mie‘. Check it out.
Aliona tweeted

“Decited! at @Eurovision Song Contest 2013 I’ll sing in romanian language –  “O Mie”. What do you think about it? :)”.

13 comments on “Moldova: Aliona Moon Confirms She will Sing in Romanian

  1. I prefer it in romanian, so I’m happy she decided to do so.

  2. As I said before, if ever there was a song that benefited from being sung in its national language, ‘O mie’ is it. It flows much more naturally and it becomes a much better song. Wise, decision. :)

    P.S.: other singers could do the same.

  3. I thought all songs needed to be presented to the EBU by 18th March

    • The song is the same, graham.

      • The song was chosen before the deadline but I had always thought that the song submitted to the ebu had to performed on the night in the exact way… in this case engllish. I would have thought they needed to inform ebu by the 18th the language or style they are going to perform in.

  4. Just saying, but this was confirmed days ago, I think it was confirmed last week, around the Head of Delegation meeting, so no really big news here.

    I’m happy that she will sing in Romanian, because here English is not the best, and I also find her Romanian accent funny(Probably cause I’m a typical Romanian who find the Moldavian accent funny), but the lyrics are better and has more sense to it in Romanian than in English.

    • As a Portuguese speaker, I have no idea as to how her Moldovan accent sounds! I am just happy she chose to sing in a language she is able to speak and feel.

  5. That’s great news regarding the credibility of her song but as guitar would say , the English lyrics had their charm as well ;)
    Go Moldova ! My 2013 runner up :)

  6. The songs sounds better now…Wise choice!
    I need to rank Moldova higher

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