TEKO: Result of Heat 5 Announced!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision Times KnockOut 2013 – Another vote in the first round heats has come to a close, and one country has gone through directly to the second round. Was it Norway, San Marino or France in Heat 5? Find out by clicking the link now!

Result of Heat 5:

Norway 46%
San Marino 39%
France 15%

As one of the favourites in this year’s contest, it isn’t too surprising that Norway’s Margaret Berger won this heat with ‘I feed you my love‘, but the high percentage of votes for San Marino’s Valentina Monetta may give Valentina a well deserved second chance. 9 acts will get a second chance.

20 comments on “TEKO: Result of Heat 5 Announced!

  1. That was to be expected. I voted for France but love Norway too … and I am very happy that San Marino did not win this heat.

  2. That was quite close!Thank God Norway won over San Marino! :)
    I feel that France should’ve done better,though…

  3. I still do not get why this is second favorite though. It’s good but not that great.

  4. I love all of them…

  5. That was expected! I like Norway a lot, i think that Margaret will have bring a good result for Norway. France was so unlucky as it was drawed with two fan-favorites.

  6. san marino? gosh what,s going on this world? sorry marco!

  7. I was afraid that France will score low. I’m glad for Norway though.

  8. It was a shame they were all in the same Heat – not unexpected for Norway to win though…

  9. It was either Fance or Norway for me. :) San Marino had the worst song in theis heat. Norway’s win does not surprise me, because the song is easier to listen to when it comes to ESC patterns.

  10. The worst song won the heat but it was to be expected I am afraid since we talk about this year’s FFF most probably..
    And I am surprised with San Marino scoring that high !
    By quite a distance the best song in the heat and it will get a 2nd chance hopefully in TEKO..
    Dissapointing winner but a nice runner up surprise..!

  11. 5/5 :)
    Poor France…( Bottom 5 alert , once again )
    Norway is a very interesting song , quite unusual for esc standards ( I disagree with Shevek ) , with some uncertain live vocals though imo…I doubt it will score THAT high in May. I wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed behind in semi either…I consider it as a darker version of EST 11 , in terms of appeal…
    San Marino is likable ( 2nd best San Marinese entry to date ) and that’s all!
    Once again 100% agree with the rankings! Great job !

    • When put in the same heat as France, Donnie. I actually think that Norway 13 is a 007 song of the 21st century. She should play that card on stage, going for a classic yet darkish look.

      • France is not anything extraordinary either I’m afraid…
        Unfortunately , Anmadine is in real danger this year ( unless she really rocks on stage ).She will not be supported massively by neither juries ( they wil give priority to Italy , Netherlands , Ukraine , UK , Russia etc…) nor televoting. Sounds like an incomplete yet credible song… Mixed feelings. For the moment 7/10 and my #18. Let’s see!

  12. Pleased Norway won, their song is very ballsy and in-your-face. The French one is growing on me very quickly. The San Marino entry, however, is instantly forgettable. It’s not horrible, but there’s no hook or melody I find I can latch onto. Don’t understand the appeal at all.

  13. Gosh France only 15%, I am starting to get a bit bored of France though, although I do appreciate its sophisticatedness, and quality, its not an entry I can have a long term interest with.

  14. At least the OGAE-flop love San Marino didn’t win, but neither in this heat have me excited.

  15. Speaking of Norway, video evidence that the second placed entry in Norway might actually have some vocal potential after all lol. Just pretend it’s December and it works better.

  16. After France had one of the best performances in Amsterdam, I wonder how this heat between Norway, San Marino and France, would go if we voted today.

    I can say with a lot of certainty that France does not get only 15% now.

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