TEKO: Heat 4 Result!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision Knockout 2013 – The votes have been counted in Heat 4 of The Eurovision Knockout 2013!  There was a clear winner in this heat which saw Latvia, Iceland and Romania go head to head, but which country has gone through to round 2? Click through the link to find out and see if you agree it was the right result!
Results of Heat 4:

Latvia 15%
Iceland 72%
Romania 13%

So it’s Iceland’s Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson singing ‘Ég á líf’ who easily wins this heat. It looks highly unlike that either Latvia or Romania will get a second chance with those percentage scores.

22 comments on “TEKO: Heat 4 Result!

  1. A runaway leader this time

  2. Yes, but wouldn’t most songs have been able to win when grouped against Latvia and Romania? :)

    Poor funny-land Latvia… I think their song is probably the most fun to sing along to this year, but they will appear too silly to do well I suppose, lol.

    • Oh yes, Iceland had the easyest work to do! :P Iceland’s song is a grower and i won’t be surprised if it will be “Kuula 2013”. I like a lot the videoclip of “Eg a lif” it’s really touching.

      • Yes, I really hope it will be rewarded. Otherwise we might not see another song in Icelandic for 20+ years, haha. :P

        • I think that if Iceland had stayed in Icelandic version of “remember me” last year, probably they would have been ranked much higher.

          • Hmm, I am probably one of the few here who thought their song last year suited better in English for Eurovision. I just thought the song was too typical ESC-recipe with the staging, the violin, the duet… It would have done better in early- to mid-00s I think, when there were more ethnic inspired entries doing well.

            This year I find their entry so simple and effective. A nice, easy melody performed flawlessly. I can’t imagine this song in English, but last year it sounded so obvious it would be translated.

  3. Here we goooo here we goooooo…. Oh latvia..

  4. That was to be expected but Iceland 2013 is too mystic and pompous for my personal taste. I have always preferred the rational to the mystic.

    I voted for Latvia but expect PeR to finish near the bottom in their semi-final. Why do PeR have to participate in ESC with what is probably their weakest song ever??? :(

  5. “Sad trumpet” would have been so unique in Eurovision and could have benfited from that. Why couldn’t Latvia have done a “Belarus (song change) special” instead of Belarus/Bulgaria/ Macedonia? :(

  6. No surprises here, and the next heat will see Denmark win by the same overwhelming margins I think.

  7. Really the only logical choice in this Heat but I don’t expect to hear any of them in the Final…

  8. Yahooooo :)

  9. I like Iceland 13 and their decision to keep it in Icelandic.

  10. Well,good for Iceland but i don’t expect them to do well this year.Best case scenario is qualifying for the final IMO.

  11. lol to the difference ! Anyway this heat had little interest anyway..Iceland is in grave danger of disqualification this year imo..

  12. It was the best by far.

  13. I’m very surprised that CEZAR came last in this heat. I think Romanian song will be the most underrated song this year.

  14. Despite Romania coming dead last in this poll, I have a feeling that they will be the only one of three to qualify to the final come May. Latvia are already a lost cause, and Iceland can hope for a 10-12th place at best (this is no “Kuula”)

  15. It was obvious !
    4/4 and another great result by eurovisiontimes readers! Latvia and Romania SHOULD stay in semi…
    Don’t be quick to rule ICE 13 out…Dark horse alert !

  16. Iceland picked the worst song out of their national contest this year, which shows how bad the other two songs here are. Romania’s entry is (unintentioanlly) hilarious.

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