Poll: Best National Final of 2013?

pollEurovision 2013 – So we came to the end of the National Selection Season for 2013. We’ve had drop-outs in Israel. Moldova and Serbia, song changes in Bulgaria and we’ve had claims of plagiarism in Germany and Albania but now it’s all over. The question now is, which National Final of 2013 was the best? Which had the best selection of songs? Which had the best guests? Which had the best end result? and who gave the best standard of show overall?

You can vote in the poll below and discuss in the comments.

Note: Spain, Belgium, Armenia and Bulgaria are not included for the reason that they were just song selections as opposed to being overall National Finals.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

62 comments on “Poll: Best National Final of 2013?

  1. Germany…most of the songs were good although they picked the most avarage one ;)

  2. At least 6 of the songs that competed in the German NF this year would be top5-10 material for my 2013 list. That says it all, I guess.

  3. Song-wise it was Germany for me this year but if I consider production, style and quality of live renditions too, my vote goes to Eesti Laul.

    All those Scandinavian national finals are so terribly overproduced imo. Everything looks so artificial and contrived … :(

  4. Hello! This is Jack here from the UK, I used to comment here regularly but haven’t in ages – I wanted to see the site again and I’m looking forward to ESC! :)
    I loved the Swiss selection! I enjoyed all songs there apart from “Do The Monkey”! Chiara Dubey, Carousel, Melissa, Ally – all amazing songs! I am also very pleased with the Swiss winner too! Other NF’s I loved as the Estonian and German. I felt the Swedish was very weak…

  5. I voted Moldova because after the first commercial break it got awesome from that point on.

    That I wanted Moon to win after her performance and she did, and also the fact that I absolutely fell in love with O Mie in both languages helps as well.

  6. It polls season. Estonia, obviously. Wh will win?, MF, obviously. OMG, it’s great, they dance, they have balloons, pretty boys prancing around on stage, fake singing, OMG!!!! (People faint at this point in time, ambulances are called in…). Good luck! :)

  7. I voted for Iceland.

  8. I voted for Germany.I also liked Eesti Laul(not really because of the competing songs,though),the Finnish and the Norwedian one.MF wasn;t bad either.

  9. AZERBAIJAN! lol
    really that was… dreadful. MF was a well.made tv show, loved the interval acts

  10. I Liked German, Estonian and Serbian national finals!

    I would vote easier for the worst national final!

  11. Off topic: Koza Mostra released their new album yesterday.Here are some songs i like:

    • And here is the original,album version of “Alcohol is Free”

    • Here is an older version of “Lianohortaroudia” when Elias Kozas was a member of Cabaret Balkan :)

      • Thanks!I really love “Where we belong”(great),”Lianohortaroudia” and K.U.T.R!

        • “Where we belong” is my favourite too :)

        • Btw, I just took a look at the poll on the site of ogae Greece; I think that their top3 couldn’t be more …ogae-ish, thus predictable :)

          • Which are their current top 3? Denmark? San Marino? Germany?

            • Their top7: DEN, NOR, GER, CYP, SMR, GBR, SWE

            • Except for Cyprus and Norway they seem to prefer songs that do not need much attention from the listener. All the other songs in their top 7 are pretty catchy and rather silly imho. (And we all know that Cyprus is not there because of musical merits. I am pretty sure that ‘An me thimase’ wouldn’t be in OGAE Greece’s top 10 if it was sung in Dutch or Latvian …)

              P.S. Personally I like San Marino but I would never make a fool of myself by stating that it is a good song.

            • I quite like San Marino too.
              Here is the link btw.

            • Thanks. I do not like their ranking but then that is no surprise, I guess …

            • My top5 songs: Hun, Fra, Gre (they can’t vote for it, I guess), Nor, Mlt, are their: #28, #17, #2 and #30 respectively.

            • Meaning that people like me that really believe it is a great song are fools ? It is a very well made song to be honest..Restrained at first and then evolves smoothly..the build up is just beautiful..
              Norway and Cyprus are exactly the songs I consider to be kind of silly in their top 7 to be honest (Cyprus is more on the naive side but I do agree it’s not there for musical reasons..It doesn’t have many musical merits anyway..)

            • Wow, you are very sensitive today …

              Cyprus is all different things but certainly not naive imo. It is elegant, it is beautifully orchestrated, it is sophisticated … and it probably is not catchy and instant enough for ESC. :(

            • Well sophisticated is what I would say about San Marino’s entry personally..Cyprus has a possibly good singer (waiting to listen to her live of cours) but a poor song in my opinion..The orchestration is balancing between charmingly simplistic and plain simple and flat (more on the simple and flat side for me) and the lyrics well..Reading the translation I am not excited at all. It’s not bad but it is very middle of the road for me, sorry..The catchy and instant enough arguments do not work on Cyprus 13 though (again in my opinion)..It just that there are much better ballads in the semi and in this contest in general..

              I am sorry, I was in a good mood by the moment I visited the forum but certain things I read spoiled that..

            • You just mentioned 3 of the best entries this year.

            • You know I was not joking right ?

              Anyway OGAE Greece has a nice top 7 apparently..4/7 are in my top 10 as well..Cyprus is expected (it is the poll of OGAE Greece), Norway has its audience of course even if I do not like it at all and the UK has the singer above everything so no surprise there either).

              Good job OGAE Greece :) !

            • Italy,Ukraine and Russia complete their top-10.Austria,Netherlands and Switzerland just missing out.It’s ok,i guess.I kind of like it too.

            • 8/13 are in my top 10..! They only missed Estonia and Israel..! I am starting to appreciate OGAE Greece a lot..! ;)
              It’s about time for the OGAE voting to begin as well I think..

          • I happen to like their top-3(Denmark,Norway and Germany). :)
            Ok.I wouldn’t put Germany in 3rd place but the other 2 are looking great up there.

  12. eesti laul
    the winner wasn’t one of my favourites, yet it makes my esc top 10

  13. I am among Eesti Laul, DMGP and the MF final..I voted for MF because of the once again exceptional song quality and just because I am sick of the elitism and the disgusting, childish bashing of this great musical event which always provide some of the best songs in the national final seasons. Really some people around here could hang out with the 5 year olds in the kindergarden around the corner..That’s their level of maturity..Anyway.

    Germany, Malta and Switzerland also held very good national finals.

  14. There’s many different aspects to put down so I’m gonna deliver some different awards:

    Best songs: Eurosong 2013 – a MAD show
    Best show: Melodifestivalen
    Best stage: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
    Best arrangement: Festivali i Këngës
    Best host(s): Anke Engelke (Ein Lied für Malmö)
    Best interval act: Nedelya x 3
    Best voting procedure: Festivali i Këngës

    • Okay, I didn’t see that Bulgaria didn’t count. In that case, I say Eesti Laul to have the best interval act.

  15. I watched only a few national finals. Melodifestivalen was very mediocre, but had great hosts and interval acts. Especially Danny Saucedo was a pleasure to look at and listen to.
    I also watched the German final, which had some great songs. Pity they didn’t choose Blitzkids mvt, which imo had the best song of this eurovision season.

  16. My first answer is Eesti Laul. I might say UMK if I had watched the whole thing, but I didn’t even catch the final, so I can’t really vote for it in good conscience.

  17. Melodifestivalen 2013 was well organised and the show was amazing but the songs were not as good as last year. Melodi Grand Prix was amazing both for the songs and the live show. But My favourite is Dansk Melodi Grand Prix: the stage design was amazing and songs were very high quality. So my vote goes to Denmark

  18. 1. Greece had the best average score since all songs were good, ranging from 8-10/10. Greece is the NF winner for me because of that.

    2. Germany also had a very high average score and a lot of good entries, but some entries dragged down the score like Blitzkids and some were just average like Cascada, Mia & Finn. Not to mention the results were not great.

    3. Norway also have one of the best NF’s overall because they are one of the few NF’s who usually have good genre diversity and includes music I like (metal, rock, country, folky songs). MGP once again included my favorite song from ALL NF’s = Gothminister… That was a true loss for Eurovision IMO. That song and that style is right up my alley so it sucks that people are too boring to vote for the best stuff. :( It doesn’t get the best average score overall though because of the usual mediocre pop songs dragging down the score. I do wish they would stop copying Sweden all the time though, making it more artificial and fake like with the pre-recorded backing vocals. Both Margaret and Robin will sound less “good” in Eurovision than they did in the NF’s because of that.

  19. Well, song-wise it’s a tie between Eesti Laul (Estonia) and Unser Song Für Malmo (Germany). However, if I had to pick between the two I would probably go for Eesti Laul, which was a better production overall, as USfM had some flaws with the voting procedure and probably need to consider an overall format change. I really like the format of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (Finland), but the quality of songs wasn’t as strong as last year.

    I won’t bother voting in the poll because I know what country will be in the lead – Sweden, thanks largely to the OGAE demographic who are too narrow-minded to deem NF’s elsewhere worthy of attention. And please don’t call me an MF-basher, Melodifestivalen is a well-produced show that occassionally produces some fantastic songs (I really love Jay-Jay Johanson’s ‘Paris’ from this year), but it is a far too slick effort for my tastes, and there is hardly any musical diversity when compared to other countries.

    • I forgot about Jay Jay Johanson’s song. Probably too weird. It reminds me of this Dr. Kucho’s track

    • I disagree about the musical diversity of MF. And since I am one of the people who voted for MF in this poll I can tell you that I am far from narrow – minded, it is just that the MF final has a very high average on my ranks compared to other national finals this year (and I followed all of those included with the exception of FiK).

      • Sorry if you thought I was accusing you in particular of being narrow-minded, that wasn’t my intention. I was mainly referring to the people who basically ignore other NFs and musical styles and only pay attention to Sweden and schlager. In regards to musical diversity, I’m sorry, but I really can’t see it all in MF – yes, you have your occasional Jay-Jay Johanson who will bring something different to the stage, but they never progress far.

        • Well I do love Schlager and if there is one thing I can criticize MF the last years for is the lack of a good representative song of the genre unfortunately..With the exception of Linda Bentzing in 2011 that is.

  20. While it didn’t have as much diversity as many of the other national finals did, and the show was long and drawn out, the Greek national selection had four songs that were all higher than a 7/12 for me, which gave it both the highest average for a national final and made it an unexpected surprise, not to mention the fact that all four of the songs were at least recognizable from each other, something that many national finals with more than five contestants seem to fail to be able to do.

    • I also really liked the Greek NF, although I felt a bit unfair comparing a four song national final to ones with over ten (sometimes even over twenty) songs. Regardless, I do agree that the songs were varied, and good examples of their representative genres (ethnic, electro, ska, pop) and overall it was much better than their terrible 2012 NF!

  21. Averages of each country’s NF :
    1)Greece – Ελληνικός Τελικός – Α MAD show : 7.5 ( The four acts scored : 9 , 8 , 7 and 6/10 )
    2)Germany – Unser Song für Malmö : 6.41
    3)Beosong : 6.33 ( average of all 15 songs )
    4)San Remo 2013 : 6.22 ( Giovani category included along with the established )
    5)Austria : 6.2
    6)Iceland – Söngvakeppnin : 6.08 ( average of all songs that participated in 2 semis )
    7)Eesti Laul : 6 ( Average of all 20 songs )
    8)Bulgaria : 6 ( Averageness awarded? , nothing abysmal there )
    9)MGP ( Norway ) : 5.81 ( average of all songs from 3 semis )
    10)Dansk MGP : 5.8 ? Surprised! The fact that they didn’t have any 0 ,1 or 2s/10 helped I guess…Not a 10/10 either.Averageness rewarded again?
    11)FIK : 5.77 ( all FIN 2013 songs included , not only the ones in Final )
    12)Belarus : 5.7
    13)Melodifestivalen : 5.56 ( Average of all 32 songs )
    14)Spain : 5.5 ( average of 4 songs in the procedure )
    15)A Dal : 5.4 ( average of all songs in 3 shows )
    16)Malta : 5.38 ( Again all songs included, not only the ones in Final )
    17)KDAM 2013 : 5.3 ( average of all songs in 3 semis-A lot of gems but a lot of horrors as well )
    18)Lithuania : 5.22 ( average of 18 songs that made it to 2 semis )
    19)Dziesma ( Latvia ) : 5.04 ( all 24 songs included )
    20)Finland – Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu : 5 ( all 12 songs included )
    21)Ukraine : 4.7
    22)Switzerland – Die grosse Entscheidungs : 4.67
    23)Moldova – O Melodie Pentru Europa : 4.54
    24)Ireland – Eurosong : 4.4
    25)ROMANIA – Selecția Națională : 4.15
    26)Belgium : 3.33 ( no wonder since all 3 songs were weak )
    27)Armenia : 3.25 ( Couldn’t believe my ears and eyes ! )

    Didn’t watch Azerbaijan this year , but judging by the comments I guess it would have scored bottom 5 of this eurovision period…

  22. Speaking of NFs, here is how an ideal (mostly diversity-wise) NF would look like for me (in case of Greece f.e.):
    10 songs, each from 10 different genres, competing in an one night show.
    Those 10 genres could be:
    -Rock/Punk/Heavy metal
    -Hip Hop/Rap

    But I know that sth like this would be very demanding and, most of all costly.

  23. The best one have to be the german final. I was almost pissing my pants in excitement!

  24. Germany or Greece for me. MF had amazing organization but the song quality was severely lacking. I’ll probably vote for Germany, which is probably the only competition MF will have in this poll.

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