Most Underrated Song in Last Ten Years is Kati Wolf!

kati-wolfUnderrated Songs – In a recent poll on The Eurovision Times, we asked you which was the most underrated song of Eurovision (2002-2012). It was close but in the end you decided that Kati WolfWhat About My Dreams‘ (Hungary, 2011) topped the poll, just beating Jonsi and Greta ‘Never Forget‘ (Iceland, 2012) with Vânia Fernandes ‘Senhora Do Mar‘ (Portugal, 2008) in third place.The full results were as follows:

Kati Wolf – What About My Life (Hungary, 2011)  19.17%
Jonsi and Greta – Never Forget (Iceland, 2012)  18.51%

Vânia Fernandes – Senhora Do Mar (Portugal, 2008)  15.51%
Tooji – Stay (Norway, 2012)  9.91%
Harel Skaat – Milim (Israel, 2010)  9.52%
Flor De Lis – Todas As Ruas Do Amor (Portugal, 2009)  7
Malene – Tell Me Who You Are (Denmark, 2002)  6.39%
Amaury Vassili – Sognu (France, 2011)  5.87%
Andy Abraham – Even If (UK, 2008)  4.3%
Dervish – They Can’t Stop the Spring (Ireland, 2007)  3%
We couldn’t list all the songs people may have thought were underrated and the post generated lots of discussions and ideas! Check out some of the comments here to see which other songs readers thought were underrated. We’ll be doing a similar poll for another ten years too, so get thinking about songs that should be in that list!

33 comments on “Most Underrated Song in Last Ten Years is Kati Wolf!

  1. I voted for Flor De Lis, but there are soooo many other underrated songs I think were better than most of the other songs in this list. I mean, how could Andy Abraham even be ON this list??? I’d say it got exactly what it deserved. *shudders*

  2. LOL … ROFL … Welcome to the very special universe of ESC fandom. :)

  3. Flor de Lis is once again underrated here as well… I was expecting senhora du mar would win this poll

  4. I thought Kati Wolf deserved top 10 in 2011. It was such a bad year and her song was one of the best ones!! I’m pleased to see Portugal 2008 here!

  5. What?! (OMG, Hungary 11 won!!!! Screams ensue, people faint, ambulances are called in…) LOL

  6. Hungary 2011 was not bad, but IMO there are a lot songs that have been underrated and were much better than Kati Wolf and unfortunatelly were not into the list.

  7. Emmm,No!I quite liked the studio version of Hungary 11 but noway it was underrated.It made it to the final after all.Iceland 12,Portugal 08&09 are the underrated entries IMO.

  8. Oh yes it is ! Congrats Kati ! She gave such a great performance in the final and ended up 22nd for god’s sake..Of course she is the most underrated of the previous decade..A great song, very demanding to perform live and she stil did a great job in the final performing it. She deserved a top 10 result to say the least. I hope Kati returns to esc with a song as good as “What about my dreams” and gets her revenge someday. I hope Hungary comes back on track in 2014 in general after taking a small break in 2013 from the great entries.

  9. What a surprise ;)

    “What About My Dreams?” is by no means a terrible song, but it was performed badly – weak vocals, bad styling and poor staging. She deserved the result she got in the final. Was Hungary 2011 underrated? No.

  10. I think it’s very complicated to say which song that is the most underrated. Is it the song that got the worst position in comparison to what it deserved? I voted for “Senhora do mar”, which finished 13th while I wanted it to finish 2nd.

    • Whick song was your 2008 winner?

      • *which

      • Oro with Jelena. Zeljko Joksimovic’s songs were my favourites in 2004 and 2006 as well. :)

        • I see! ;)

        • Serbia 1st and Portugal 2nd is my top 2 for 2008 as well..The most underrated is a complex concept as well I agree..I like Portugal 08 more than Hungary 11 but I consider Kati’s result much less deserved compared to what Vania got (also underrated but not as much as Hungary’s imo).

          • But Vânia was beaten by those Latvian pirates, who are last on my list of all songs 1956 to 2012. :(

            • Oh I do not hate Latvia 08 really..I dislike it strongly but it was better than Ireland 08 and Spain 08 (both are in my all time esc nightmares..) and that’ what has changed about esc imo in the last years : The level of the latvian entries has not changed much till 2008 imo but Latvia 08 would receive a much worse result (if it was in the final that is) in 2012 or 2013. The contest has changed and Latvia remained the same (in a trend they follow since 2006 and I do not approve of..They provided one excellent entry – Latvia 05 which is in my top 3 for the previous decade – and then nothing.

              I think I was off topic above but anyway..

              For me it is simple mathematics here :
              Portugal 08 : Place in personal rankings : 2 – Place in the contest : 13. 13 – 2 = 11.
              Hungary 11 : Place in personal rankings : 7 – Place in the contest : 22. 22 – 7 = 15.

              Thus my opinion on the poll ;)

            • Latvia 2005 is a nice song but it was terribly tacky and vocally just above abysmal live imo. Best Latvian entries:

              1. 2000
              2. 2002
              3. 2009

              Goodnight everyone! :)

            • I completely detest everything you listed above regarding latvian entries, especially 2000 and 2009 really lol !
              Latvia 05 is one of the very few songs that makes me so emotional and touches me deeply..I loved the live performance..I did not see the vocals as bad, they had a fitting fragility imo..But we won’t agree anyway.

              Goodnight !

          • The most underrated Eurovision song ever should therefore be a song that finished in the bottom while it in fact deserved to win more or less. That would make these three songs my all-time choice:

            Finland 1965
            Portugal 1997
            Monaco 2005

            • Songs that came last that deserved to win..hmmm..

              Netherlands 62 for me..Sorry but I love me some “Katinka” ;)

              In the more recent esc history that would be Getter Gaani in 2011..My number 1 ended 24th :(
              But it was not an available choice at the poll..

            • “Katinka” is one of those merry and old Dutch songs I talked about yesterday. But De Spelbrekers were just scary. Watching them singing “kleine kokette Katinka” with those smiles feels very unpleasant nowadays.

            • “Watching them singing “kleine kokette Katinka” with those smiles feels very unpleasant nowadays.”

              Exactly. A big fat 0/12 from me!

            • Everything is wrong with “Katinka”. It has the most questionable lyrics ever. I am pretty sure Katinka isn’t older then 14 or 15 years. And the last thing she needs is two older men looking at her. And then to think that this song lost the national final that year.

            • According to the great book “A Song for Europe: Popular Music and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest”, the song “Katinka” was supposed from the beginning to be performed by two much younger lads; The Padre Twins. But for some reason, they turned it down.


              P. S. I fully agree with you that “Zachtjes” should have been the Dutch entry of 1962.

            • I really like the weirdness in this one..It is weird in a “quiet-jolly-village-with-residents-performing-pagan-rituals-with-human-sacrifices-during-the-night” way imo.

            • That would be Sweden 1963 for me.

            • Yugoslavia 1976. Finished second from last. On the night itself last, but those results were corrected later.

            • Same here. My most favourite song in the history of eurovision, Yugoslavia 1976 (as my avatar pic and my username indicates), is the most underrated song in esc ever, at the same time, imho.

  11. Hungary 2011 is not among my favourites as I fail to hear the interesting things in it.

    The whole harmonic structure is build on one of the most over-used chord progressions in modern pop: I – VI – III – VII (if the main key is in minor, VI – IV – I – V in major). There is nothing wrong with that itself, as long as it is used along with some outstanding musical elements, or if there is a special feeling or intensity in the song or in the performance. Maybe there is, but I just haven’t found it yet.

  12. Mew…Don’t agree.Actually , it ended exactly where it belonged…Vocals were NOT good ( are you serious? ) and stage presentation was irrelevant at least…Outfit was bad as well.Song-wise it is just ok I guess…
    In my books the most underrated entry is Finland 96 (Niin kaunis on taivas).Was my 3rd of the year behind Ireland(The voice) and Estonia(Kaelakee hääl) and finished last(23rd)?WTF?!!
    That means : 3 – 23 = minus 20 places down out of 22!

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