Eurovision 2013: SVT Confirms Lynda Woodruff Appearance

lyndawoodruffEurovision 2013 – Comedienne and singer, Sarah Dawn Finer, will be making an appearance at Eurovision 2013 after the success of her previous sketches. Playing the part of English EBU official, Lynda Woodruff, she struggles to pronounce many places, especially Azerbaijan, and her grasp of European geography is questionable! Her video sketches have had Eurovision and Melodifestivalen fans chuckling for the last two years. She made her European debut at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest as the Swedish vote announcer. She returned again this year during Melodifestivalen to introduce Malmö to the public.

According to Eurovision.tv ‘Lynda’ will be going around Sweden to present the country to Europe, so expect some fun views on Sweden!

Check out her previous Eurovision clips.

8 comments on “Eurovision 2013: SVT Confirms Lynda Woodruff Appearance

  1. Nice! Looking forward to this already!

  2. Nice ! :) I love Sarah, I love Linda and I cannot wait to see her presenting Sweden to the public from her point of view.

  3. She is funny and understands humour, which is always a good sign (depth, intelligence, for instance).

  4. Yay!

    I look forward to seeing the British commentators reactions to this ;)

  5. Lovely !

  6. haha Graham Norton will have a field day on this. Ive seen those clips of her before and shes hilarious, especially when she cant say Azerbaijan. and the woman presenting eurovison 2012 gets a right face on when Lynda cant say Azerbaijan. haha i’m looking forward to this

  7. Im in a minority of 1 here :) -dont find her funny-good luck to her though.
    What was the controversy over Lynda in melodifest-plagarism? Didnt know about that..

  8. Shes better than Wogan anyway-he was just awful.

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