Eurovision 2013: Latest Betting Odds

esc2013.5Eurovision 2013 – Now that all 39 acts and songs have been confirmed for Malmö, the bookies’ odds show that Denmark is currently favourite to win on May 18th. Norway, The Netherlands and Sweden are close behind, then a showing from the former Soviet bloc, with Russia and Ukraine in 5th and 6th place. Will the new voting rules affect results the bookies’ predictions year? Check out all the current odds and let us know if you think the bookies have got it right this year.

1. Denmark 5/2

2. Norway 11/2

3. The Netherlands 9/1

4. Sweden 10/1

5. Russia 14/1

6. Ukraine 14/1

7. Italy 16/1

8. Germany 16/1

9. Belarus 16/1

10.San Marino 16/1

11. Azerbaijan 20/1

12. United Kingdom 25/1

13. Georgia 28/1

14. Ireland 33/1

15. Armenia 33/1

16. Greece 40/1

17. Serbia 40/1

18. Estonia 40/1

19. Romania 40/1

20. Finland 50/1

21. Austria 50/1

22. Israel 50/1

23. Hungary 66/1

24. France 66/1

25. Moldova 66/1

26. Malta 80/1

27. Lithuania 80/1

28. Switzerland 80/1

29. Slovenia 80/1

30. Croatia 80/1

31. Spain 80/1

32. Albania 80/1

33. Montenegro 100/1

34. Latvia 100/1

35. Cyprus 100/1

36. Iceland 100/1

37. FYR Macedonia 100/1

38. Bulgaria 100/1

39. Belgium 150/1

Odds as of 22nd March 2013, 19.30hr, from William Hill

Which are the shock odds for you? Which do think are over-rated or will do much better than expected, and how might the new voting skew these predictions?

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75 comments on “Eurovision 2013: Latest Betting Odds

  1. the winner is Denmark!

  2. By the way, I’ve always wondered why the bookies use fractions instead of decimal numbers. Do they think everyone is a mental arithmetic genius?

  3. It’s pretty obvious Denmark has the best song and performance, it’s easy to see the quality difference between all the other songs, it’s like someone suddenly turned on the light. The only thing that’s missing IMO is a power note adlib towards the end of the song.

  4. CC.fractions are the traditional british way of betting-brits LOVE fractions-its william hill-a british company.Americans use a decinal method which I noticed here in Scandinavia-I still cannot understand the decimals though :)
    Is Denmark over-rated? only time will tell :)

  5. I am sure, denmark will not win!

  6. Bookmakers got it AMAZINGLY wrong in 2006.Lordi was 200\1.before the semi finals! (last favourite)
    2007-Serbia were 2nd favourites.
    2008- Russia was favourite and won.
    2009 Norway was favourite and won.
    2010 Germany was 2nd favourite and won
    .2011 Azerbaijan were 3rd favourite and won.
    2012 Sweden was favourite and won.
    I think its fair to say the winner will probably come from the top 3 or 4.Denmark,Norway,Sweden and Holland.

  7. I never vote on Eurovision, if i would vote it will be for Ukraine. The song is awesome.

  8. Just came across a site that lets you bet on Eurovision with bitcoin. I’d like to see what this space will look like in 6 months time. The guys laughing at Bitcoin now will probably be the same people lining up at exchanges to trade their USD in.

  9. 39. Belgium 150/1 , But they are in final :P

  10. Gianluca Bezzina, the Maltese representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, being held in Malmo, speaks with zuntier.com about his passion for music, his beliefs and his experience touring Europe in preparation for the semi-final in Malmo, this Thursday.

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