Eurovision Stage Design Revealed!

eurovision 2013Eurovision 2013 – The stage design that will be used in Malmö Arena in May has been revealed today on the official Eurovision website. It demonstrates how the standing audience will be close to the stage. Check out the images so you can see what it will be like. The designers are Viktor Brattström and Frida Arvidsson and the stage design is based on the butterfly/moth theme. They had the following to say about the stage:

The stage elements have taken the form of everything from the style of butterfly wings and images of moths photographed with a slow shutter speed. We are working with no moving parts, but a solid traditional set design in general is the base of the stage.
stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

10 comments on “Eurovision Stage Design Revealed!

  1. Nothing to complain about. It looks ok, but it wil be easier to judge as soon as we see the actual show. It reminds me somehow og the 1997 stage. Or perhaps a high tech edition of 1977 (?)

  2. Looks better than the last two years imo. :)

  3. Can’t say anything at this stage. I shall wait for the finished product. Good luck. :)

  4. No Viking ship as in 1992? ;)

    Well, honestly, this looks good. Nice that they seem to keep the LED screens. Even if I don’t want them to be monumental as in Moscow, I still think they have their proper place here.

  5. It looks really nice but i’ll wait till May to be 100% sure i like it.I hope this backdrop will be a LED screen.

  6. It looks odd, but nice and cool.

  7. Looks different but good different, don’t think it will beat my favourite (Serbia – 2008)

  8. Looks like a cocoon or a cave. Let’s see how it will work out. i’m sure it will be good.

  9. After a terrible logo and motto,this is better!

  10. Huge step up from last year, the stage was so empty last year I really love it

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