Moldova: Last National Final of 2013 Tonight!

moldovaMoldova – Fourteen acts will battle it out tonight in the last national final of the season; the Moldovan national final O Melodie Pentru Europa 2013. It will be broadcast live on Eurovision.tv’s WebTV Player here, starting at 19:00 (CET). Check out the fourteen finalists and see who is favourite to win the last space left in Malmö.

The finalists are (televoting+jury points scored in the semi-finals in brackets):

Cristina V & Glam Girls Celebrate (8+0=8)
Doiniţa GhermanPlaneta e un rai (12+6=18)
Vitalie Negruţa You’ll Be Mine (3+8=11)
Aliona MoonA Million (7+12=19)
Boris CovaliRunaways (10+10=20)
Felicia DunafCodename Felice (6+4=10)
Svetlana BogdanovaConquer My Heart (0+7=7)
Tatiana HegheaA Brighter Day (12+4=16 points)
Aurel Chirtoacă
Iartă-Mă (3+6=9 points)
Anna Gulko Somebody Else (5+5=10 points)
Nicoleta GavriliţăFreaky Thong (6+7=13 points)
Irina Kitoroagă L.o.v.e. Love (2+8=10 points)
Cristina ScarlatI Pray (8+12=20 points)
Cristina Croitoru & KarizmaNever Fall Again (10+10=20 points)

The winners of the the two semi-finals were Boris Covali , Cristina Scarlat, and  Cristina Croitoru & Karizma (a tie for first place) who all scored 20 points each.

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267 comments on “Moldova: Last National Final of 2013 Tonight!

  1. Aliona Moon won.

  2. As I predicted , jury put Aliona Moon 1st , Cristina Scarlat 2nd and Boris 3rd… LOL !
    They owed it to Pasha for being a great Moldovan representative last year !

    • Yes they prepaid their debt last year.He won the final again because of the jury back then,if you remember…

      • Actually I do ! but again for a way better song than the one that televoting selected…
        Fishy yes , but at least we got a better song to Malmo this year !
        Now I have an 8/10 instead of a 3…

  3. Moon for Moldova…

    Very bad voting. Couldn’t they at least have shown us the scoreboard? :(

  4. La Luna to Malmö! Good luck and please work on your English pronunciation. In a Balkan turbo fun song like Pasha’s the pronunciation is not important but in a serious song like ‘A Million’ it is.

  5. Aliona won :) And Pasha Parfeny again in esc ;) !

    Anna Gulko did not get a single point :(

  6. Great choice. The song I thought was the best vocally won!

  7. Horrible news

  8. Why do they all have those shopping bags? Do they countain information material on the lovely city of Malmö?

  9. A perfect way to close the esc season…One of my favourites won…That would at least compensate for the NF choices that have gone wrong ( Nuteki , Hersi Matmuja , Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir , Mikael Saari , Antra Stafecka etc )

  10. Now about that staging. Needs changing right now.

  11. I lover her voice! Although with all the emotion she is feeling this is not as good as the first performance.

  12. “The Maya were not so wrong, it’s the end of the world of the world, it’s done” ! I love this line seriously..! Moldova is VERY competent if she learns some proper english.

  13. Just woke up and I am delighted to read that my favourite won!!

    What a fitting way to end this NF season… ;)

  14. 7/12 and 14th

  15. All in all a 5 star show.

  16. Interesting song. If Miss Moon just gets rid of that silly haircut and shape up her singing, it can be very good in the end.

    Good luck!

  17. 8/10 and staight into my top 7.
    Another competent ballad for 1st semi…Cyprus is so doomed :(

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