France: Official Video Presented

FranceFrance – The official video of Amandine Bourgeois‘ ‘L’enfer et moi‘ is now online to watch. She was the winner of the sixth edition of the French version of the Pop Idol series Nouvelle Star in 2008 and chosen internally to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest Final on May 18th. Watch the video of her entry and also a live performance now.
Official video:

Live performance:

What do you think of Amandine’s chances in Malmö?

54 comments on “France: Official Video Presented

  1. Great live vocals! Would imagine juries may like it. I wonder if performance ss a bit serious and angsty for some esc viewers though?

  2. I love this song!

  3. As I said on another thread this song comes by as much more likable and impressive live. With a tasteful stage presentation it can do very well imo, especially with the juries. Still as a song it does little to me. I do not like the way it builds up and the chorus seems to me that it ends very abruptly, I can’t really understand or like it’s structure nor Amandine’s voice during it (while I enjoy her during the verses). I am kind of dissapointed with France..It may grow on me when I see it on the big esc stage. One thing is sure : Amandine is a great live singer and that will help her. Good luck !

    P.S. THe video is weird with all the witchcraft going on but it is interesting and artistic although Amandine may exaggerate a bit with her reactions at points. Please do not act quite like that on stage.

  4. One of my favorites this year. :)

    Bonne chance!

  5. On France 13 – the lady knows what she is doing.

    This is not a very ESC user friendly song. It is not instant pudding material and one knows how much too many fans love the plastic macdonald’s approach to music. Bonne chance!

    P.S.: I love the way ‘Je vais te faire l’ enfer’ shows what may happen to the bride of ‘Marry me’ after a few years. LOL All in all, the two songs work well together. Two sides of the same coin, so to speak. :)

  6. I’ve been a bit way from everything lately. Has Azerbaijan chosen its entry?

  7. Cool song, cool video … and this lady can really sing. Good luck France and Amandine Bourgeois.

  8. “L’enfer et moi” is among my favorite songs this year.The live performace is very strong and the song stands out in this year’s rather weak edition.I know,it won’t be loved by televoters though.The only thing i don’t like is the fact i believe the song should build up faster;right after the first chorus,it should become stronger.Anyway!Good luck Amandine and France!

  9. I like the video. Indeed! Marry me, ten years after! xD
    In other news, it seems Macedonia is going to change songs, again…No, I’m not kidding.

  10. She sounds as good live as in studio version…
    FRA 13 , is a decent effort and that’s all. Better than 2010 and 2012 , but song-wise I find it just ok even though too simple , structure-wise.
    What saves it from averageness , is Amandine’s stage character and its intiguing musical arrangement !
    Good luck !

  11. Pick the disgustingly offensive remark in this thread and you win a ticket to next year’s MF final..Not that difficult is it ;) ? lol !

  12. I love this song,don’t know what she is saying but the video looks cool
    ps:I wish I had a voodoo doll ;)

  13. It would have been one of the best if it hadn’t been for the weak refrains with the falsetto parts. I don’t like the refrains much, but the rest was cool. It won’t be France winning Eurovision this year, but they could get a decent placing. The live performance didn’t do it for me though, it didn’t lift the song. I hope it’ll be better in May.

  14. It’s my second place after The Netherlands. 10/12.

  15. It could be great:

    Good vocal,
    Good lyrics,
    Good genre.

    But unfortunately it doesn’t work for me 8,5-9/12. Judging from the odds and the recent history of Netherlands in ESC wish them victory! This year I have downloaded only 2 songs into my mobile Albania and Netherlands!

    Off topic:
    Since in Armenia interest towards ESC and Dorians’ entry is very low Sirusho has decided to help them and they will have concert in April 6 in Karen Demirchyan’s sport complex where JESC was held. And Final version of Lonely Planet and its video will be available on Monday, March 18 at 11:00 AM (Yerevan time) at this new channel (older one was blocked by their former producer I guess):

    On Monday, March 18 an ESC legend Julio Iglesias will have a concert in Karen Demirchyan’s sport complex aswell and 10,000 tickets are already sold:

  16. Nice song, merci France.. good luck to Amandine :)

    • Hello sweet roselil :)

      You have been missed! I’m glad you like Amandine’s song; it’s one of my favourites too, this year.

      • Hello dear oxi, thanks.. just came to check all revealed songs and dates.. I have been really busy recently with my own life :)
        How are you doing?

        • Busy is good ;)
          Been sort of busy myself too, thank you :)

          • heheh yeah!!! btw I think am idiot and cant find a list of countries that revealed their songs.. Greece did with alcohol is free one??

            • Yes, this year’s greek entry is “Alcohol is Free”; personally I love it :)

              I hope these links can help you:


            • thanks Oxi.. I will check it out tonight :)

              The Greek entry is cool and fresh, but where the hell is that alcohol free I wonder :)

            • In the place where these guys hang around, I guess ;) :D
              According to the lyrics, at least :)

              Have a good night, sweet roselil, hope to see you around again soon :)

            • nice lyrics.. thanks. I have to listen all songs twice before judge them finally.. Good night Oxi, I may not be around here for long time i guess..life!

            • Hello sweet Roselil. Good to hear that you are doing fine. You’ve been terribly missed here.

            • hello dear Toggie, thanks I have also missed you and to be off from my real world, stressy.. just had an engagement and going to marry in May and move next month.. so I ll be a bit busy.. But God I missed my other “world” and to share the feelings with you :)

              How have you been.. everything is fine??

            • I have been terribly busy for the last 9 months. Atm, I am stuck at my desk for 16 hours every day, trying to handle 3 projects simultaneously. I couldn’t survive without taking a break and coming here once in a while. On Wednesday, I will be off to Munich on business. :(

              Wow, you are getting married! :) Congratulations! Shall we all come along and sing an ESC medley for this occasion or would that scare your fiancé off? :) ;)

            • waow you are such a hard working man!! hope it makes you travel a lot, thats the best I know :) hahaha of course you are more than welcome to sing all esc songs to my wedding, the stage will be yours :) my fiancé already scared me with his football…so maybe that good way to pay back..

              am listening to the revealed songs.. austria, belgium, croatia, cypern.. none of them my taste.. The danish entry seems best so far for me (maybe I got used to it by listening to it many time)

            • “my fiancé already scared me with his football…so maybe that good way to pay back..”

              Sounds like a recipe for everlasting bliss. :)

              Check Malta. Everything about it (song, lyrics, video, singer) is extra cute. :)

            • am listening to Malta now.. there is always something with Malta and their guys :) sweet happy song, makes me in good mood! and well made video

            • Morgan asked me to congratulate in his name too. :)

              He left this site because we had a lot of bad manners and foul language in the last months. :(

            • thank you a lot. Say hello to him many times :) pity such a real good fan to stay away!

              I think my ESC taste changed a bit.. I like Montenegro, Russia, Netherlands.. who are your faves this year?

            • I have songs I really like: France, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Malta, Hungary, Greece and Norway. And I have a soft spot for the elegant ballad from Cyprus too. I like Montenegro as a song but I utterly detest the voyeuristic and misogynist video clip.

              Russia? You are in romantic mood for sure. :)

            • yes I confess I became a bit romantic lately.. it is in the air, not my fault :)

            • Congratulations on your engagement, sweet roselil, and my best wishes for your marriage in May! :)

            • thanks dear Oxi :) so nice of you!

              Is there anyone here going to Malmø???

            • And Roselil is back as well. :)

            • Hi Shevek.. yeah back for now but soon will be off again..for some reason:)

            • Enjoy that some reason! Congratulations. :)

            • Thanks.. so if you see me around here it because I ran away to get some fresh air :) Enjoy the ESC season..

            • A bit of fresh air is always healthy. ET will be here, I’m sure.

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