FYR Macedonia: ‘Pred da se razdeni’ is Revealed as New Entry!

20130228-091756.jpgFYR Macedonia – The new Macedonian song to be performed by Esma & Vlatko is confirmed as ‘Pred da se razdeni‘ (Before The Dawn). It was tonight aired on the country’s national news programme. It replaces the previously released song ‘Imperija‘. Check out the new entry here:

So is ‘Pred da se razdeni’ a better bet for 2013 or not? Let us know below!

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68 comments on “FYR Macedonia: ‘Pred da se razdeni’ is Revealed as New Entry!

  1. By the way,does anyone know if Svt will announce the running order for the semis during the delegations meeting on Monday?

  2. I want this 10 countries to make it for 1 semi and 2 semifinal ……of course my first semi list maybe will change when i hear Moldova song, if i like Moldavian song then Moldova will take Ireland place. Countries is on random order . :




    San Marino

  3. By ESC standards we will have many artists wearing glasses this year: Israel, Hungary, Macedonia … Melikes!

  4. As I said earlier , it is a HUGE disappointment compared to Imperija…
    Esma’s parts totally ruin what could have been a decent song afterall. The chorus is such an anti-climax…Imperija , was dreamy and cult. This one is irrelevant messy and soulless.
    Non qualifier , sorry…
    4/10 and my #29 out of 37.
    Only Bulgaria changed to a more likable song imo.

  5. Just got back home and listened to Ezma’s and Vlatko’s song; it sounds rather messy to me.
    It seems that the whole thing got all the way wrong from the very beggining for the F.Y.R. of Macedonia this season. I wanted so much to vote for them in semi 2 since I was not able to vote for kaliopi last year :(

    Anyway, good luck!

  6. Macedonians are deaf and, even, unprofessionals!! They’re deleting bad comments on the Youtube video!!

    • how immature, kind of reminds me of the main ESC site last year and Yout Tube last year for Azerbiajan, any bad comments about Azerbaijan and Turkey where deleted, yet negative ones about Armenia’s Withdrawal wouldnt be and their entry in 2011.

  7. OMG what is this? This is the king of irrelevant songs! They managed to scrap ”Imperija” when I started to grow on me and they came up with this? 1/10 and rock bottom!

  8. Interesting mixture. I’m not sure if it works well in Malmö. I have to listen more often to this song.
    One thing I know. I like Vlatko’s voice and the melody he’s delivering.

  9. AMAZING entry, at fist I was disappointed, but later I gave 10/10, very innovative and great mix (yeah one composer made a part for Esma and another one for Vlatko and I love that), she sings in Gypsy language and her part is AWESOME! :)

    This is HUGE quality! :-****

    10/10 and number 4 for me!

    @ Hulluna

    Please unblock me, I can’t be anymore at the site I’m atm..I’m already fed up with it after just 4 days, its’s flooded with OGAE members and they have horrible taste and discussions…please Hulluna, I beg you!!! :( :( :(

    • Not a cat in hell’s chance after how you behaved. This place has been pretty peaceful this week, with lots of new people now willing to post.

      You have no one to blame but yourself.

      I’m an OGAE member.

      So yet again you insult me and and many others here because YOU don’t like OUR taste?

      I have posted this so I can respond to you to tell you, yet again, to quit offending people, and also posted it to show everyone why there is NO way you will be taken off moderation.

      Any future posts I see from you for moderation that insult anyone, anyone’s personal taste, any country, politics etc will not be posted. I will just delete them.

      End of discussion.

      • Hulluna, while I’m fine with you not unblocking Marko, I have to say that the way you responded to Marko is very pointed against him, and it’s using something that many people on this website have said before and saying that it is his insult against you, while the other times have never been punished nor have they ever been attacked.

        Many of us insult the OGAE, as a whole, because we don’t agree with their taste and because to many of us, the OGAE club taste is a symbol of what we don’t like about the direction Eurovision is going. Marko was making a generalization that Toggie, Morgan, iydc, and I have made before and will in all likelihood make again.

        In other words, what I’m trying to say is that: “I’m an OGAE member. So yet again you insult me and and many others here because YOU don’t like OUR taste?” isn’t very fair to use as a criticism against Marko.

        One of the most noticeable things about this website is that the most-consistent commenters do not agree and oftentimes are completely opposite what will commonly be stated on OGAE boards or on websites that have commenters that tend to belong to the various OGAEs.

        While there is nothing wrong with agreeing with the OGAEs, and trust me, none of us think there is anything wrong with agreeing with the OGAEs, I don’t think Marko’s generalization was very offensive towards you or towards any other OGAE member as an individual. Marko was stating a stereotype of the OGAE that is commonplace amongst the commenters of this website, and using that comment as an example of Marko being offensive implies a lot more and implicates a lot more of us than you realize.

        • He was yet again slagging off someone. It doesn’t matter if its a named individual, a group of people, an organisation a nation, whatever. I am sick to death of the fact that there is absolutely no respect for other people’s feelings from him.

          • It doesn’t change the fact that the stereotype he stated is one that has been repeated by a multitude of other users that are free to say it without getting in trouble. While I understand that you are sick of Marko, and you have a right to be, the example you show seems more of an attack against him than a example of why he was banned, and if it is an example, it is a weak example with wide and dangerous implications for the rest of the community because it plays on a common stereotype that is stated throughout the comment section of this website.

            • It had nothing to do with OGAE!!!!!

              It was the fact that yet again, after a billion warnings, he was saying something that could yet again offend who knows how many people on here.

              If anyone else consistently does that and starts fights they’d be moderated too.

              I don’t give a shit if people are in OGAE or not, like them as an organisation or not. Everyone has their own view and is entitled to it. Some people are members cos of the cheap tickets and have nothing to do with the politics. But it is NOT fair to make sweeping generalisations about ALL members of a group cos he doesn’t like that group. That’s what he did. Again. It’s tedious.

              There’s a big difference between saying you don’t believe OGAE are going in the right direction for esc and ‘all members of OGAE have disgusting taste’.

              I’m obviously not explaining myself well, but it certainly was not an attack from me to anti-OGAE people on here, believe me, I ain’t their biggest fan either despite being a member! I’m sorry if it came across like that which is not what I intended.

            • I only have one more thing to say, to clarify:

              No, I do not think you were attacking anti-OGAE people. What I am saying is that I think you were reading too much into a statement that was made by Marko and that I felt more like you were using this as an opportunity to attack him more than expose his issues because the statement that he stated is oh-so commonly expressed on this forum that to be fair, you would have to moderate everybody that stated somebody similar in the future. It’s not like Marko was saying “OGAE members are all retards and shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard.” He said, “I don’t like the taste of OGAE members and cannot talk to them.”

            • Patrick I pity you for supporting a troublemaker like Marko….

            • And if people think that using such insults all the time goes without trouble please prove them wrong..Everything is civilized around here till someone dares to have a different taste and like a pop/dance song or a schlager song. Please be more strict (and I do not exclude myself from that). All these vulgar attacks towards people that do not even participate in the forum do have to stop if this forum is to be called civilized. Thanks again..!

          • I do hope you are more strict hulluna with all the insults towards the intelligence or taste of anyone around here and that includes OGAE members who are seen as the punching bag around here for many unfortunately for daring most of the times to have a different taste. Many people around here are lucky that :

            1) No obvious OGAE members or people with similar taste to most of them visit the site
            2) The web is an anonymous place where anyone can post anything no matter how ignorant and offensive.

            I do not know if you make a statement against the elitists that constantly attack not just the taste but the intelligence of people who share the taste many OGAE members do but I definately encourage you to do so. Do not cave in to such behaviour because the majority seems to condone it. It’s a terrible behaviour. Starting with putting the whole MF topics under moderation is a good start if possible..! Thanks !

            • And the oscar of best drama script goes to ….Guitar ! :P

            • Check some of the comments above in defense of a certain user and you migh rethink of that ;) I am just saying it would be a nice change to finally condemn that behaviour for what it is : personal,vulgar attacks.

            • He felt like deffending him , you didn’t , we can keep going on with our lives.
              I agree with the part where we should all co-exist without attacks , fights , messing around etc though…
              We all more or less have been part of a miserable fight in the past here and on other sites and we should all start by looking at our own merit of fault first!

      • Well..I didn’t mean taste particularly, I meant in that site I am atm…OGAE members have really horrible discussions..they only talk about Valentina Monetta and call her queen, they even invented new religion called Valentinaism..or about hot guys taking part in ESC…that is what I meant, out of all ESC they talk about these 2 things for the 90% of the time.. :/ I just want to be here cause there are normal discussions here…of course that I won’t insult OGAE organization in here…

        • gosh they’ve taken their obbession to far LOL! :D I don’t mind her (aha shoot me now lol) , but I don’t go around ecentrically worshiping the singer thats so weird.

      • Halluna, I didnt like one of Marko’s posts on the San Marino thread, I’m suprised they werent deleted, I thought they where irrelevant and unecessary, no offence to you Marko but I didnt like what you put.

  10. Not as good as “Imperija” (10/12 and would still be second my list of ESC songs).

    It feels extraordinarily cobbled together, and I’m no fan of the transitions in this song. I like the parts individually, but they don’t make an excellent whole! 7/12

  11. I knew this would be bad…Why on earth they changed the song :( Macedonia sent lovely songs in past years yet failed to qualify so this year with this song it would be too optimistic to think they will be in the final…Good Luck anyways I hope any bad result won’t prevent them participating next year.

  12. I am sorry to say that this song (!) is even worse than the previous 2013 one. Very bad entry that is lost in performance, style, melody, orchestration and just about everything else you can think of. Good luck.

  13. When I first saw it would be those two representing FYR Macedonia I was sure they would have something good, judging from their previous work. Now they presented two songs and I can’t decide which one is worse :s

  14. I think it’s much more interesting than “Imperija”, but perhaps it’s just a little too musically incoherent. The tempo change before the chorus doesn’t really make any good. I think I’ll go for either 5/12 or 6/12.

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