FYR Macedonia: ‘Pred da se razdeni’ to Premiere on Friday

macedoniaFYR Macedonia – Breaking news is that the new Macedonian song is entitled ‘Pred da se razdeni‘ (Before The Dawn). It is now expected that Esma & Vlatko will present the gypsy-music based song on Friday during the country’s evening news at 19.00 (CET). It will replace the previously released song ‘Imperija‘.

21 comments on “FYR Macedonia: ‘Pred da se razdeni’ to Premiere on Friday

  1. “Before the Dawn” definately sounds better than “Imperija” as a song title imho.
    Waiting for the song; pls don’t let me down again, neighbours.

    Good luck to Ezma and Vlatko!

  2. Waiting for this drama to end as well..Hopefully the ending will be more tasteful than what we got before..Good luck !

  3. I hope the new song is better than the one they change otherwise I’ll be very disappointed

  4. I actually liked Imperija! Why didn’t people like it? It was different for eurovision :)

  5. Very sad that they lost their “Imperija”…
    At least , I’ve gained my “Igranka” ;)

  6. Good luck! :)

  7. Sounds promising!

    Let’s hope we can keep up the pretty great quality of internal selections that have been announced over the past few days… :D

  8. isn’t it a bit late now, it’s 19:43?!

  9. What have they done?! It’s like they’ve just mashed 2 completely songs together. and thrown some other bits in too. :(

  10. They should have kept Imperija! They’re gonna get worse reception on this one!

  11. Ok.Now i listened to the song.I like their voices.The song sounds a bit weird.Like 2 songs in 1.Vlatko singing the mid tempo verses and Esma the up-tempo chorus.I don’t think i like the orchestration.Anyway,i;ll have to listen to it again.

  12. Here is the song.

  13. This is not a conclusive song. It sounds like sth cobbled together in a hurry … :(

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