Moldova: Second Semi-final Line-up

moldovaMoldova – The second Moldovan semi-final takes place this Thursday night at 19.00 (CET). Check out who is in the line-up fighting for a place in Saturday’s final. Seven acts have already qualified from Tuesday’s first semi-final…who will join them? Watch live on Thursday night on the web stream here to find out.

12 acts will compete in each semi-final and 7 will qualify for the final from each using a 50/50 combination of a jury vote and televoting.

You can check out the entrants here.

Second semi-final line-up (14th March):

Tatiana HegheaA Brighter Day
Aurel ChirtoacăIartă-Mă
InayaI Need You Now
Anna GulkoSomebody Else
Valeria PaşaShow Me Your Feelings
Nicoleta GavriliţăFreaky Thong
Irina TarasiukDancing Hearts
FireLoveJust Smile
Irina KitoroagăL.o.v.e. Love
Cristina ScarlatI Pray
Alexandru Sendrea In My Head
Cristina Croitoru & KarizmaNever Fall Again

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70 comments on “Moldova: Second Semi-final Line-up

  1. Valeria Paşa – Show Me Your Feelings : 6/10
    Nicoleta Gavriliţă – Freaky Thong : 5/10
    Irina Tarasiuk – Dancing Hearts : 5/10
    FireLove – Just Smile : 3/10

  2. FireLove – Just Smile : gosh such annoying vocals..They are all over performing on stage imo as well. The song itself is not bad again but her voice gives me a headache – 3.5/10

  3. FireLove – Just Smile: It’s a nice song.The live performance was ok.6/12.

  4. Tatiana is currently leading the televote

  5. Irina Kitoroagă – L.o.v.e. Love : 2/10

  6. Irina Kitoroagă – L.o.v.e. Love: That so lame and camp. 2/12.

  7. Irina Kitoroagă – L.o.v.e. Love : This is a bit 80s as a song and as a presentation and a tad naive but it’s cute and vibrant imo :) She is an interesting performer as well.. Guilty pleasure for me, same with Cristina V from the first semi..! – 6.5/10

  8. Off topic: Montenegro’s song sounds quite good and contemporary.

  9. Cristina Scarlat – I Pray : Me gusta a big dramatic ballad like that..! Interesting presentation..The dancers are amazing.She is a great singer. Definately one of my favourites in this selection – 9/10

  10. Cristina Scarlat – I Pray: I only listened half of the song but she was very strong vocally.

  11. Alexandru Sendrea – In My Head : Filler material for all I care. Dull and predictable – 2.5/10

  12. Cristina Scarlat – I Pray : 6/10
    Alexandru Sendrea – In My Head : 3/10

  13. Alexandru Sendrea – In My Head: A bit irrelevant.Quite good vocally. 4/12.

  14. Cristina Croitoru & Karizma – Never Fall Again : 6/10 , why the hype?

  15. Cristina Croitoru & Karizma – Never Fall Again : I think I can see why this is considered favourite, it has its distinctive moments..The vocals are good and the song is memorable and very dunamic. I don’t think it is the best song in the selection but I cannot ignore it’s a serious contender – 7.5/10

  16. Cristina Croitoru & Karizma – Never Fall Again: It definitely stands out.Their vocals are good.They only need to perfect their harmonies. 8/12.

  17. I am glad the girls did acceptable live! :D You could tell the brunette lifted Karizma, just compare when they both sing a solo “he-ey” and you’ll hear who has the stronger voice, lol. So it’s good she finally did a duet with someone. I hope they win with combined voting.
    I am scared of Tatiana now, but I don’t want them to send her or Boris with those average Michael James Down songs (= foreign). I want a Moldovan song from Moldova – they are the best! :D + I like how different the structure of “Never fall again” is.

    • But Tatiana’s song is written by a Portuguese duo.

      • Composed by Portuguese duo and written by MJD, yes, which is why I mentioned MJD ( foreign). I especially mention him because he has been extremely desperate this year with entries all over the place and all mediocre, in my opinion of course.

  18. Tatiana still leading with 22% of the votes now (she had 28% or something earlier). C/K now has over 8% which is a good climb from where they were before the performance.

  19. Oh god, when is this Geta Burlacu concert over? It lasts forever…

  20. Dina Garipova looks really classy on stage :)

  21. Tatiana got 12 p from televoting followed by Christina C and Karizma.

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