Azerbaijan: Final Tomorrow Night!

AzerbaijanAzerbaijan – Thursday night sees the climax of a selection process that has taken almost three months, as Azerbaijan holds its national final, Milli Seçim Turu. Ten acts have battled through a lengthy 8 week process and will battle it at the Buta Palace in Baku at 18:00 (CET). You can watch it online here. Check out the ten acts that are looking for the golden ticket to Malmö. According to ESCkaz the acts will sing the following songs in English, written by foreign composers. The song may well therefore change for Malmö.

Leyla QafariPride
Vuqar MuradovBaby baby
Valeria HuseynzadehIf this is love
Leyla AliyevaWelcome to the sun
Farah HadiyevaWe are one
Nigar Huseynova I still believe
Vlada AxundovaBig Time
Ravana Aliyeva Lovely King
Farid MammadovHold me
Aysel BabayevaSleazy Mo

Performances on the show will be given by the National Music Group, in a remix with Boro-Boro song (Arash’s song), Eldar Gasimov (Ell, winner of ESC 2011), Tunzala Agayeva and Chingiz Mustafayev. The presenters will be Leyla Aliyeva and Tural Asadov.

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109 comments on “Azerbaijan: Final Tomorrow Night!

  1. Farid – poor vocals, poor accent, but the least horrible song of the night so he should win. Azerbaijan will be one of the worst this year regardless. Good, then they won’t win again so soon at least. :P (Unless they change the song after he, or whoever else, wins)

  2. Farid for me, no question, best of a bad lot, he could work up a good entry for Malmö

  3. I’m betting 50$ final entry will be something else and the vocals won’t be that awful after a trip to Kiev !

  4. Aysel Babayeva – Sleazy Mo : And last but not least the 2009 singer meets the 2012 singer in name..!

    Ok whatever..Again awful diction, bad vocals and a quite ok – ish song..Good luck Farid to esc !

  5. So you all agree that the handsome guy should get the ticket to Malmö.

    Gosh, the conf call will never end. I’ll probably miss the beginning of Moldova too. :(

  6. Aysel wins the “Worst Vocals of the Night Award”

  7. Aysel Babayeva – Nope, not very good i’m sorry it’s Farid for me! (3/12)

  8. Aysel Babayeva – Sleazy Mo: It’s just bad.

  9. I’ve had enough, I’m off to Moldova for a bit!

  10. I think that’s probably the worst national final I have ever had to endure, …and only cause I’m on a train…I guess the guy will win but I really don’t care at all…what a load of crap ESC 13 is turning out to be :-(

  11. Arash’s Boro Boro sounds here!

  12. why is Sabina performing with playback/lip-synching, she has an amazing voice!

  13. That was quick!Farid won.

  14. Farid won, surpriiiiiiiiise

  15. Oh that’s a shocker..not ! :P

  16. I read that he will sing “Hold me” in Malmo.

  17. next!…….:-(

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