Sweden: Melodifestivalen Breaks Records

Melodifestivalen 2013Sweden – Broadcaster SVT must have been pretty happy with their viewing figures for this year’s Melodifestivalen as initial estimates put the figure at 4.1 million. That’s pretty impressive for a country of only 9.5 million people.  Initial figures show 4,130,000 people (20,000 more than last year’s final) watched last Saturday’s final, peaking with 4.3 million as the results were announced, a new record. The show was also watched online by 126,624 viewers. 1.6 million votes were cast and 7.4million SEK were raised for charity.

Meanwhile the full results for the heats were also revealed. The winners of the heats were: YOHIO (semifinal 1), Sean Banan (semifinal 2), Ravaillacz (semifinal 3) and Ulrik Munther (semifinal 4). The eventual overall winner, Robin Stjernberg was only 3rd in semifinal 4 and then 2nd in the Andra Chansen (second chance) round. Full figures can be found here. (a .pdf file from SVT)

Source: SVT

10 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Breaks Records

  1. Wow..Half the country’s population watched the final ? :O
    Well the swedes do love their national final and I am glad ;)

  2. Those are impressive ratings indeed. :)

    “The show was also watched online by 126,624 viewers.”

    Not including humble togravus who had a great time in Romania.

    Btw, the green room chap in the Romanian NF said the the Romanian NF had been extremely popular last year and that everyone expected online ratings to skyrocket this year because La Lanskaya was premiering her ESC song during the show. Didn’t he know that the MF final was on at the same time? I am pretty sure that 95 % of ESC fans chose Sweden last Saturday.

  3. I’m from Mexico and also saw Melodifestivalen on SVT online. I also knew of other Mexicans who saw it. Greetings from Mexico and good luck to Robin!!

  4. I am from Portugal and watched Selectia Nationala. I am so glad MF was a huge success. That does not make it a credible show when it comes to music. It is, however, the most credible show in the universe (and beyond, I am sure) when it comes to other stuff that I shall not say, (three gs and so on). Congratulations!

    P.S.: seriously, use a jury of some kind in the semis as well, because what happened this year was ridiculous. Ignoring ‘Porslin’ was ludicrous.

    • “Porslin” was a rather generic ballad imo. There was a complete mismatch with how it looked. I expected something more daring.

      • I disagree completely, but we did have the same disagreement on Mika Newton’s song, w s (you loved it and I though it was generic and bland). Do you go by stommie now? Whenever I see that avatar I think of w s. :)

  5. Must be said, the stream I had was high quality all the way through and it didn’t freeze once. Well done.

  6. The ratings are indeed very high this year since Sweden is the host country of the contest and they’ve been putting a lot of effort in their song choices for the last 2 years. Melodifestivalen is a very popular show as well. So the ratings boom this year came as no surprise to me.

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