Moldova: First Semi-final Tonight

moldovaMoldova – There’s only two national finals left this year, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Moldova are giving us two semi-finals first this week. The first semi-final takes place tonight at 19.00 (CET), and the second on Thursday. Check out who is in tonight’s line-up fighting for a place in Saturday’s final. Watch live tonight on the web stream here and check out the line-up…

12 acts will compete in each semi-final and 7 will qualify for the final using 50/50 combination of a jury vote and televoting.

You can check out the entrants here.

First semi-final (March 12th)

Diana StaverUnderestimated
Vitalie MaciunschiI Want You Back
Margarita CioriciComa
Cristina V & Glam GirlsCelebrate
Doiniţa Gherman Planeta e un rai
Stela Boţan Inima mea
Vitalie NegruţaYou’ll Be Mine
Aliona MoonA Million
Ruslan ŢaranuAmadeus
Boris CovaliRunaways
Felicia DunafCodename Felice
Svetlana BogdanovaConquer My Heart

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140 comments on “Moldova: First Semi-final Tonight

  1. Moldova are indeed the masters of the gratuitously long interval act…

  2. Gosh if the interval act is that long in the semi (and with something as torturing as this – muted a long time ago of course..) I am terrified how long the final will drag..

  3. Yup, as I thought the jury went for Aliona Moon

  4. The jurie saved things a bit..

    • Yes,.they preferred the middle of the road bland stuff.Nothing new…

      • Well it depends on the intepretation..they went for the well performed, well composed songs imo. But jury bias around here is nothing new…Yeah for biased televoters ! ;)

        • I’m not saying that i agree with televoters all the time.It’s just that the jury vote is usually so very predictable.

          • So is televoting..I wonder why I was surprised initially when I saw they voted for Doiniţa in first place..Oh I haven’t seen her stage presentation yet that’s why ;) The jury is there for a certain reason and that is to evaluate song + performance. Boris and Aliona were the only ones that had that package in my opinion (and in the juror’s opinion obviously..). Anyway, what’s done is done.As long as Doiniţa does not win I am happy..!

            • What surprised me was that Doiniţa Gherman got the twelve points from the televoting, when last year she could only get one point.

            • I think her act was more televoting friendly this year..I disliked her entry last year as well though..
              It’s on the artist sometimes I think..Anastasia Prikhodko may sing the best song in the world and I will dislike it most probably for instance since I cannot stand her as a singer..Same with Doiniţa most probably..

            • I just so the 5 pts juries gave to Ruslan Taranu!Indeed,that was not very predictable.Televoring gave him nothing,on the other hand.

  5. So these were the final results ? Thankfully the jury won’t allow Doiniţa Gherman to win in the final :)

    Boris won and Aliona 2nd then..!

    They are even holding a pick and choose way to form the final line up..Statement to EBU maybe ;) ?

  6. By the way,i think that Dina Garipova will be the guest act for the 2nd semi.

  7. Anybody understand what’s going on at this point?

  8. Off topic: This is a funny photo(photoshop,of course)from yesterday’s meeting between the Greek Pm and the new Cypriot president.The article suggests that among others,they agreed on the traditional exchange of 12 pts during esc. http://www.protagon.gr/?i=protagon.el.moyfanet&id=22752

  9. Off topic as well : The official videos are coming in constantly on the official eurovision channel : Sweden, Ireland, Ukraine, Croatia, Albania, Finland and Estonia were posted in the last 24 hours.

    • Thanks!I have to admit that i enjoyed Krista’s video.It’s really fun to watch.It’s just that every time i see her or listen to her song,i remember what could have been and i get upset. :(

      • That’s the story of this ESC season unfortunately :(

        So many great songs abandoned in favour of something… else

        • Yes,you are right.It wasn’t a weak esc season.I liked many songs.It’s just that most of them didn’t make it to esc.

      • I love the video as well..! And I am a minority here supporting the song, I think it is tasteful while being fun and witty :) Yes Mikael was good, he is in my top 15 of this national final season but I think with so many ballads Krista brings a nice change of pace – and she is a good performer imo.

  10. @guitaristbl

    Sorry, my reply function isn’t working :/

    Yep, I agree. Mikael Saari was great, but Krista will stand out more in Malmö for having something different.

  11. Off topic: The new song for FYROM will be presented on Wednesday.It will be gypsy style and Esma will sing be singing in Romani.

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