Moldova: First Semi-final Qualifiers

moldovaMoldova – In the first of three live shows aired by TRM this week, Moldova has just chosen its first 7 finalists for Saturday’s national selection.Tonight’s first semi-final also saw performances from Pasha Parfeny, last year’s Moldovan entrant, and Zdob si Zdub (2005 and 2011). Here are the results of tonight’s semi-final (televoting+jury points in brackets):

Diana Staver – Underestimated (5+0=5)
Vitalie Maciunschi – I Want You Back (2+3=5)
Margarita Ciorici – Coma (4+2=6)
Cristina V & Glam Girls – Celebrate (8+0=8)
Doiniţa Gherman – Planeta e un rai (12+6=18)
Stela Boţan – Inima mea (1+1=2)
Vitalie Negruţa – You’ll Be Mine (3+8=11)
Aliona Moon – A Million (7+12=19)
Ruslan Ţaranu – Amadeus (0+5=5)
Boris Covali – Runaways (10+10=20)
Felicia Dunaf – Codename Felice (6+4=10)
Svetlana Bogdanova – Conquer My Heart (0+7=7)

The 7 qualifiers were therefore:

Cristina V & Glam Girls
Doiniţa Gherman
Vitalie Negruţa
Aliona Moon
Boris Covali
Felicia Dunaf
Svetlana Bogdanova

Boris Covali  had the highest combined score:

10 comments on “Moldova: First Semi-final Qualifiers

  1. I am satisfied with the results..! Boris and Aliona deserved 1st and 2nd place tonight considering the very dissapointing level of tonight’s performances imo. The jury has showed that they won’t allows Doiniţa to win and that’s comforting..!

    Vitalie Negruţa is also a nice asset for the final..Waiting for the 2nd semi..!

  2. Not really keen on any of the 7 qualified songs.

    “You’ll be mine” sounds as the usual stuff that I would like generally but Vitaly tries desperately to imitate Pasha with even worse english accent.

    “Runaways” is too radio friendly for my taste. Still it’s a decent effort; I won’t comment on the lyrics.

    Any of the rest, just won’t do for me, sorry.

    I hope there’s better stuff in semi 2.

  3. Well, looking at the results, I don’t think that we will see a winning song coming from this semi-final. Whilst I think Aliona Moon has a good chance at getting twelve points from the jury in the final, she doesn’t appear to have the televoting support she will need to win.

    I think it will be Cristina Croitoru & Karizma who win now – they will most likely win the televote, although they don’t have a good record with the jury results…

  4. There wasn’t a single song I supported in this semi-final but at least the two songs that I sort of enjoy made it through, Doiniţa and Svetlana.

    Boris has a decent song too but his song sounds too much like sth Denmark would send to get my support. Zzzzzzz

  5. What did I miss? Much? Surely not (Cyprus 13’s video is out :) more on that later)

    Expectedly, Boris won this semi with a boring song. Next Thursday, Cristina Croitoru e Karizma will win the second and one of this act will be heading to Malmö. I have to catch the live renditions tomorrow, if I can. Congratulations to the finalists.

  6. I didn’t get to see the show tonight, but I see the results and it shows the effect of jury-televote merging = neither of their favorites finished first when combined. Instead their second place ends up #1. That’s what I don’t like since it means no one gets their #1. :( Also it’s sad that the jury always kill Doinita’s chances when she clearly has a lot of people voting for her. We can already count her out of the game thanks to juries.

    Then I hope Karizma can perform good live for the first time in the second heat so that they can win. They are the only chance left for a decent Moldovan entry this year. Boris’ LAME entry and all the other Swedish/foreign/MJD songs like his would be awfully boring and embarrassing for them. Please do not send crap like that to Eurovision! Don’t encourage them to send in even more entries next year (they are so desperate), I am already tired of them! :P

    • I’ll be rooting for the two ladies as well. Their song is much better than Covali’s. Karizma must not fail live, or else!

  7. Doinita won the televoting as I expected and I think she is gonna win the NF unless juries decide to kill her. My favorite song is in the second semi; ”Somebody elses”, it will be a miracle if it reaches the final.

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