Romania: It’s Cezar To Malmo

Romania – Tonight it was decided that Cezar is to represent Romania in Malmo with his song “It’s My Life”. In a two hour final against Casa Presei, FreeStay, Luminița Anghel, Electric Fence, Tudor Turcu, Narcis Iustin Ianău, Cârstea Muttart, Anton, Cristian Prăjescu, Al Mike feat. Renee Santana and Andrei Leonte. Cezar won the right to sing at Malmo where he will perform in the 2nd Semi on May 16th.

Cezar won the public vote but came 3rd in the Jury vote behind Electric Fence (who won the Jury vote) and Luminita Anghel.

With all points combined, he won the final to ticket to Malmo.

As always… Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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145 comments on “Romania: It’s Cezar To Malmo

  1. My Ranking so far:

    1 Hungary
    2 Germany
    3 Russia
    4 Ireland
    5 Croatia
    6 Sweden
    7 Austria
    8 Ukraine
    9 Georgia
    10 Belarus

    37 Denmark (90s Schlager-kitsch)

    85 Belgium (no voice, no song, no english)

    139 Albania (weird)

    52 768 Romania (simply embarrassing)

    • And you are from the UK? :)

    • Andy is new around here, I think. Welocome! :) We seem to have very different choices! Good!

      P.S.: we agree on Hungary at least.

      • thanks a lot. i have to admit that i often like the cheesy-stuff. at the moment i’m especially into that david guetta – taio cruz – jason derulo – stuff … so i’m always happy about a good dancefloor-tune like germany, ireland or slovenia

        • I can also go for cheese (quality cheese, I might add LOL). Interesting choices of music. I also like Slovenia 13 and it is growing on me. It’s the best uptempo song so far in 2013.

          • I trying to decide which the best club antheme/remix entry is between Sweden, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia (sort of). I know Ireland to me is the weakest in that genre.

            • maybe Serbia will be real club anthem soon, they will revamp it and it will be with stronger beats… :) We will see how it will sound like….vocals are great, I always like combination of club anthem with good vocals.. in ESC that was quite rare.. IMO.. :)

            • Bulgaria and Swedens entry was like that last year, strong Vocals with a club anthem, and Slovenia is kind of like that this year, and porbably stronger vocal wise, and more original in comparison to Sweden and Ireland.

            • Yeah I liked Bulgaria last year a lot, and I like Loreen but not so much..

            • i loved bulgaria last year. wonderful singer, but she was so lost on stage …
              i like our german entry this year. it’s nothing new, but a perfectly produced taio-cruzish club-anthem. i never liked the older cascada songs, they were too cheesy for me. but the projekt developed and now they sound like the good stuff from USA and Sweden. and natalie horler is what we call a stage horse … she’s a fabulous singer, who can rock the house. we had better songs in germany this year, but her performance made her win.

            • ell Andy i don’t agree tat you had better entries in German NF this year! :P :D She is my number 1 and probably will stay there…

          • my favourite quality cheese is still Agnes’ 2009 melodifestivalen entry “love love love”
            and sorry, but i also love listening to Mandinga’s “Zaleilah”

        • My type of tastes, but I wouldnt call Jason derulo, David Guetta or Taio Cruz cheesy.

    • Not a bad top in my opinion, tbh you could place many of the songs in good places this year, as its so open, as there’s very few excellent outliners so far, Denmark, Ireland and Georgia I dont agree with though, I love Belarus this year lol.

      • denmark reminds me so much of those 90s ethno-ambient-pop-songs that were used in shampoo-advertisements. i loved it then, but not nowadays. and lyrics like: “so if you see me now, here on this stage tonight” are a complete no-go for me.
        ireland and georgia only, because there’s nothing better!?!

  2. It’s Sunday morning. I am in the kitchen (it’s either in my kitchen or in my car when it comes to ESC) and I am feeling sad about what happened yesterday and in the last few months here. I am not a FB user nor do I use any social network. This is the only site where I comment on a regular basis (I also comment on ESC Portugal in Portuguese, but I have little to say there). I enjoy reading people’s comments very much and I think we can get along. Togravus and Marko were the very first people with whom I exchanged ideas and thoughts (in what is now known as the ESC Today era). They became my virtual friends, so to speak. Marko was out of line last night and so were a few other fans who should know better. Dino, I know you do not mince your words, but you were too aggressive and personal with Marko last night.

    On to the songs; these are the best songs of the season so far, imo:

    ‘Kush ta dha këtë emër’ – Hersi Matmuja
    ‘Ülle vee’ – Liisi Koikson
    ‘Porslin’ – Anna Järvinen
    ‘We should be through’ – Mikael Saari
    ‘Halo’ – Marija Mihajlović
    ‘Sad trumpet’ – PeR
    ‘An me thimase’ – Despina Olympiou (this is the only one who that will be in Malmö, unfortunately)
    ‘Det er du’ – Tom Hugo

    Thank you all.

    • *that will be… (I am mixing garbanzo beans with spinach and garlic atm and am boiling cod)

    • quite interesting couple of songs … you seem to like sophisticated balladfs …

      i think that the rude behaviour on this site over the last weeks only shows how frustrated esc-fans are this year. that shall be no excuse, but we had to swallow a lot of disappointments this season …

      • Definetly, I agree, 2013 seems to be a very odd ESC year this year, maybe the winner will be unpredicatble, I hope so, i’d want a suprise, dark horse to win this year.

    • I planted some roses outside an hour ago…

  3. Razvan, what are the Romanian media saying about Cezar’s win?

    • Well the media doesn’t say much here about ESC, they’re not that interested in Eurovision, they only announced the winner. However most people are dissapointed with this winner and there is a debate about the fairness of the jury members. The only jury that gave Cezar 12 pts is the one that recommended him to the composer of this song. There was another jury member that replaced another last night ..and he one was the only one to give Lumintia Anghel 0 pts. There are some strange things that happened and makes you wonder of the fairness of the way the winner was chosen.

      • I have noticed that very small amount of votes is received by televoting….I even think less than 50 000 in total, here in Serbia which is much smaller with population we received around 80 000 in final..

        • Yes, there was a small amount of votes in televoting. That’s because many here are not interested and don’t even watch Eurovision. I think that people didn’t even vote for the songs, most of those who voted are the fans of those artists and other friends ..so that’s why there weren’t many votes recieved and the voting looked so random. Normally, if all the voters would have voted for the songs, Cezar would have never won and Casa Presei would have never placed 2nd in televoting.

      • The Portuguese media used to do the same thing. Oh dear, those allegations you are referring to are not good news. I did find it strange that she was ignored by the first jurors.

  4. @ marcpanozzo and Shevek

    Thanks a lot for objectivity!

  5. I’m gonna write my voting 1-12 points for NF songs who didn’t win, both the best and the worst for me, but I’m gonna do that after all songs for Malmo are chosen, if I will be here then of course..

  6. I’m watching slalom skiing in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, and I have heard for a moment they play Charlotte Perelli – “Take me to your heaven”, but version with some male singing.. :)

  7. I do not know what happened yesterday, and I am about to leave for a twelve-hour drive, so I do not have the time to find out what happened right now. What I do know is that it sounds like some users (no, I do not have any idea who) should be put into moderated comments.

    What I came here to do was comment on the song. I am okay with Cezar getting the ticket to Malmo, and the jury top three were my top three in that exact order. However, I never imagined Cezar making it to Malmo, so I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to rank him yet.

  8. This is my prefered running order for the semi finals:

    Semi 1:

    01 Slovenia
    02 Ukraine
    03 Denmark
    04 Estonia
    05 Croatia
    06 Russia
    07 Austria
    08 The Netherlands
    09 Lithuania
    10 Serbia
    11 Ireland
    12 Belgium
    13 Moldova
    14 Montenegro
    15 Belarus
    16 Cyprus.

    Semi 2:
    01 Finland
    02 Malta
    03 Latvia
    04 Iceland
    05 Azerbiajan
    06 Bulgaria
    07 FYR Macedonia
    08 San Marino
    09 Greece
    10 Romania
    11 Georgia
    12 Hungary
    13 Albania
    14 Armena
    15 Norway
    16 Switzerland
    17 Isreal

    • or Romania 9, Greece 10, Albania 11, Hungary 12, Armenia 13, Georgia 14.

    • I’m waiting for all entries to be chosen.. :)

      • Montenegro, Netherlands and Azerbaijan sound very promising this year, not sure about Moldova, but I hope they send smth similar to last year and their 2009 and 2010 entries, something uptempo.

        • Moldova is one of my least favorite ESC countries, especially in few recent years..

        • For me Montenegro is VERY promising, but for ESC I don’t think so, especially being a country like Montenegro (never qualified for the final) and with that ESC unfriendly genre..

          • umm which is a real pitty, but the dubstep genre is very popular in the UK and Ireland so you never know, as they’re both in Montenegro’s semi, I dont think the other Balkan countries will be big fans of it though, will they, Serbia are probably likley to give their 12 to Croatia over Montenegro I think, but if Slovenia’s singer is American then Montenegro might get the Serbian 10, ?

            • No Scott, Serbia won’t give 12 to Croatia IMO, Serbia is continental country, Klapa representing Croatia is seaside friendly, its traditional genre from the seaside region in Croatia – Dalmatia.. :) And they are not known here…Esma Redzepova is very well known here, so if she qualifies 12 will receive probably Macedonia from Serbia, but Montenegrin group is not that poplar here but they are on MTV Adria a lot, that is MTV for our region – EX Yugoslavia.. :) Definitelly Montenegro will get 12 rather than Croatia from here..dear Scott.. :)

            • aw I see, I thought Serbia would favour traditional balkan entries other more western influenced ones thats all. Yeh I can see straight away Serbia’s 12 going to Macedonia in the Final :D and I hope it does, since our country is unlikley to give it any, even when it deserves points :) But whats your view on Croatia this year? I kinda like it, and its better than Albania for me this year, but I really do feel we’re missing Bosnia Hezergovina this year.

            • I of course love Croatia this year, I like klapa, they have to make it more ESC friendly, so it lost some charm..but still enough for 8,5/10 from me…

            • But we will see what Macedonia will send in the end, I liked ‘Imperija”, maybe their new entry I will dislike completely.. :(

          • aw and Sweden might like Dubstep, since they’ve got Basehunter, Swedish House Mafia and Loreen in that genre.

  9. @ Laila

    Have you seen your S.A.R.S. from Serbia featuring. Who See who will represent Montenegro in 2013:

  10. I have found this comment about Cascada:

    “Yes Germany, this song is already a big hit on all radio stations in Slovenia!
    Well done.”

    Great! :)

  11. It is not bad news IMO. I think it is fairer. It is more or less as the system used in MF where individual votes in televoting are transformed to points to reflect the real dynamic of each entry. For example had the rules were different thenm thet landslide victory of Yohio would not have been reflected in the outcome. However, I am afraid juries will use this new system in case they want to kill a certain entry. For example they might do it to Armenia so to balance the diaspora effect. The same will apply in the final; in case they wish to give the victory to a certain country. So in that case it is the human factor that manipulates things, maths and statistics are clever in this respect. it is up to the jurours iof they will use them for good or not. What do you thing?

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