San Marino: Song will be Revealed 15th March

SanMarinoSan Marino –  SMTV has revealed in a press release thsi evening that the song that Valentina Monetta will sing in Malmö will be premiered on March 15th. The song, written by Ralph Siegel and lyrics by Mauro Balestri, is called ‘Crisalide’ (Chrisalis). Valentina is hoping to do better than last year when she failed to qualify for the final with ‘The Social Network Song(oh-oh-uh-oh-oh)’.

16 comments on “San Marino: Song will be Revealed 15th March

  1. I have a very bad feeling for this; and I mean a …VERY bad one :(

    Pls, prove me wrong.

  2. Good luck. :)

    P.S.: at least we know Valentina is a good live singer.

  3. Good luck, sweet San Marino and sweet Valentina. Perhaps a miracle happens and Ralph Siegel comes up with a good song.

    P.S. I have a soft spot for San Marino because my mother went there on holiday when she carried me. :)

  4. Good night, everyone! :)

    I feel a bit gloomy tonight; maybe it has sth to do with Tenessee William’s, “The Glass Menagerie” I saw earlier tonight ;)

    • Great play. No need to feel gloomy. Just enjoy how well-made it is.

      Goodnight, oxi!

    • Oh, Tenessee William. My favourite American playwright, after Eugene O’Neill. Such great, complex stories he was able to create.

      OnT: Good luck, San Marino. I thought Ralph Siegel said that he would give up on Eurovision if Lys Assia didn’t make it this year. Maybe he’ll get her into Valentina’s song in some way so that he can keep his word.

  5. Can’t be worse than the social network song,can it? ;) Good Luck San Marino

  6. I think we will have something like “C’etait ma vie”, something bit classy and bit Ralph :)
    I doubt they will go to something fast, it must be ballad :D

  7. This entry already stinks so it can only surprise positively, lol. I hope so at least. Come on Siegel – redeem yourself!

  8. I think it’s not gonna be funny like the Social Network song.They will try to make it sound serious and classy IMO.Let’s see if the description “It starts off as a classy ballad and turns into an up-tempo pop song during the last minute” holds some truth.Good luck!

  9. “Complice” will remain my favourite San Marinese entry for one more year OBVIOUSLY !

  10. aw its a real pitty San Marino seems to be garnteed not to fail to qualify, before they’ve even released the entry, I would love them to qualify, now San Marino is the complete opposite to Russia and Azerbaijan, and that makes me sad, in 2008 and 2011 they should have qualifyed, I loved them in 2011, and it should have qualifyed over Russia. Please countries in Semi final 2 let a miracle happen, and bring a microstate into the final, which we’ve missed ever since Monaco was about, or Luxembourg may have been the last microstate to ever be in a eurovision final. Be great if San Marino could break all odds, but I’m sure countries in semi two will prevent that from happening.

    • I want San Marino and Montenegro in final instead of Greece and probably Romania, I want they to stay in the semis for the first time finally! And new countries in the final!

  11. Let’s hope that it will be more like this:

    A fun jazzy song that appeals to many people of all ages. Not the boring entry they sent in 2011 (no offense)

  12. According to the offcial cover the full title is “Crisalide (vola)”
    “Vola” means both “Fly!” (imperative) as “it/she/he flies”.
    I have the feeling it’s about a chrysalis becoming a flying butterfly or something cheesy like that

  13. I cannot wait ! As long as they got rid of the lyricist last year, Ralph Siegel is a good composer. Valentina is a bit weird as a person but she is not a bad singer..Let’s see, it should be interesting..

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