FYR Macedonia: Song Change!

macedoniaFYR Macedonia – More drama today as news broke in FYR Macedonia that it will be changing its song! The song ‘Imperija’ by Esma Redzepova and Vlatko Lozanoski was not well received by the media, and the local press have speculated that this has forced the change of heart. They also claim that the new song will be composed by Darko Dimitrov, and it will be ‘catchy and rhythmic’. It has to be revealed by 18th March.

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92 comments on “FYR Macedonia: Song Change!

  1. I’m sad because I like “Imperija”… But also I liked “Ninanajna” :D

  2. Rule changes according to “who rules” these days i guess, money in your pocket, thank you happens everywhere, Spain being a prime example, money rules not the song..

  3. Imperija was my 3rd this year.
    DON’T change it :P

  4. Well i liked the song a lot, and i don’t find any reason that the song should be changed, i can’t understand why people in FYROM reacted.

    • Many ppl in Macedonia are against Skopje 2014 project either, Macedonia is in political mess for quite a long time…

  5. Spain go to change the group and the song too , for Spain go to sing now Beyonce,lol

  6. I do not agree with the change either because they saw the bad public reaction. It’s definately not fair and I hope this trend finishes..I will rank their new effort anyway since it was an internal selection in first place. But please do not become another joke like Belarus and their “national finals” etc !

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