Poll: Most Underrated Eurovision Song of the Past Ten Years

pollPoll – Over the years, The Eurovision Song Contest has showcased music from all over Europe. Some good and some not so good and unfortunately, sometimes the good or the favourites don’t do so well. This is definitely the case throughout the past ten years with diaspora voting perhaps being at an all time high.

So we ask… Which Eurovision entry is the most underrated? Which one should have done so much better than it did? We have made a small poll for the last ten years but of course the list isn’t exhaustive so feel free to post yours in the comments below if we haven’t listed it!

You can vote on the left hand side of the site.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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94 comments on “Poll: Most Underrated Eurovision Song of the Past Ten Years

  1. why negative to my comment ? Beacuse i say which songs i found underrated? Pfffffff…… this site is full of democracy :s

  2. Malá Dáma
    Malá Dáma
    Malá Dáma
    barely any people remember it and it only got 1 point.
    it’s not a bad song, the lyrics are sweet and Corrida is an awesome album.

    From the poll, I voted Senhora do mar.

  3. Peter Nalitch – lost and forgotten!!!
    Zlindra – narodno zabavni rock (Slovenia)
    Joan Franka – you and I
    Zdob si Zdub’s last entry. They did OK, but were the best that year so they deserved better IMO. :D

  4. Izabo – time <3

  5. Kabat – mala dama
    Daniel Diges – algo pequenito

  6. Slightly underrated actually: Gipsy.cz – “Aven Romale”

    I don’t think it would be a worthy qualifier, but it’s not a Nul Point’er in my opinion. The music itself is actually ok, at there is something weird about it that I somehow like. But I don’t know if that Superman costume really fit the song.

    • Yes, them too! I prefer “Benga beating” they entered with the year Tereza won. They should have gone to Eurovision with that song instead of her…

  7. I loved the Bosnia song with the washing line-really great song that was.Cant remember who sung it or what year it was…

  8. Pokušaj, I think was the Bosnian song. It did fairly decently though.

  9. That’s a big topic..On the poll I struggled between Portugal 08 and Hungary 11 but in the end I voted for Kati Wolf at the end and her stunning performance in the final which was criminally underrated. Overall to list the underrated entries throughout the years I would need an empty pc hard drive so I wll mention some of the last few years :

    2012 : Slovenia, Switzerland, Ireland
    2011 : ESTONIA, HUNGARY, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia..
    2010 : IRELAND, Cyprus, Norway
    2009 : Based on the performances I would say this was a very fair year..If we talk about songs maybe France, Malta and Finland..And Spain.
    2008 : SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, Portugal, Hungary, Moldova, The Netherlands, Poland..
    2007 : FINLAND, IRELAND, Lithuania.

    And that’s as far as I will go..But I have to say : Biggest injustive of the previous decade : Netherlands 05. This song had to be in the top 5, not just the final.

  10. We’re talking about song right? not show.
    Horehronie – Slovakia… Complice – San Marino, oh right, Slovenia should have won 2011,
    Senhora do Mar – Portugal, Bulgaria 2012, Sense Tu – Andorra.

  11. It’s nice to have a set time frame for this kind of thing.

    The first entry that comes to my mind is San Marino 2008. It should’ve sailed into the final that year and it makes me SO glad that we have juries now.

    Also, I’d add Cyprus 2010, Iceland 2011, Slovakia 2009 (what an amazing song), Belgium 2004 (just discovered it and cannot get it out of my head), and Iceland 2008 (should’ve WALKED with it that year).

    In the poll, I voted for Portugal 2008, since it should’ve been second in its year. :)

    • it came 2nd so it was definitelly not underrated ;)

      • Oh, it was! The best song ever so should of won. No matter how the winning entry was.

        • You are right that it should have won!

        • well obviously Zeljko was the best… the thing I am saying is I can’t say ”underrated” for a song which came second receiving 263 points which is a few points less than the winner got…it was just not a year of ballad so he lost but people all over Europe appreciated his song

          • I see your point but to me the song is just so beautiful that it is hard to get over it did not win. Also in 2011 my favourite was close to victory but despite I hate the 2011 winner whilst liking Wild dances I do not label the latter as underrated.
            Lane moje is a masterpiece IMHO and the fact it did not win a true loss for ESC. :(

  12. I will give it a think and I will answer you. There are of course a handful of them.

    Also France will be revealing its entry on the 24th of March.

    • I don’t know if that’s possible since the meeting in Malmo is earlier.18 or 19 March if i’m not mistaken.Plus,i find inexplicable and quite annoying this prospect since their song is ready since January.Why publish it on March 24?

      • IT IS possible. France was granted an exception dome years ago. Plus Italy enter the contest in 2011 without even broadcasting it the year before; in other words it did noit met at all s crucial requirement. EBU clearly allows big5 to bridge regulations.

      • Maybe because the song had not been recorded yet. I don’t know.

        • It has been recorded and the Chabada show she will be guesting has already been taped that’s why i find it weird they want to wait until March 24 when the delegations meeting is on March 18th.I hope they will release it earlier.

          • When is the dateline?

            • On March 18th the day of the delegations’ meeting in Malmo.All the head of delegations will travel to Sweden so the final versions of the songs and the official videos should be ready by then…

            • So, France should present it beforehand or do they only need to show it to EBU?

              That’s the day the UK is releasing theirs too.

            • They usually release it on this day the latest.Last year UK again released their song on the day of the meeting.It’s because they have to bring the official video along so it gets published anyway.

            • Oh, alright. Thanks!

  13. ”You can vote on the left hand side of the site.”

    Where exactly I don’t see anything relevant.

    My clear answer is Sweden 2010, Israel 2004, Norway 2011 and the Netherlands 2012. Not only these songs should have been in the final, but they IMO deserved a top10 or top5 result.

    Other entries that could claim better fate are:

    2003: Iceland (top5 definitely).
    2004: the Netherlands (jusst outside top10).
    2005: Iceoland and Slovenia (at least be present in the final).
    2006: Belgium (to the final), and Germany (top10 or top5 result).
    2007: Iceland and Cyprus to the final; Germany top10 result.
    2008: UK, obviously no bottom5.
    2009: FYR Macedonia, Poland to the final. Israel and Portugal could claim a top10 result, while lithuania deserved smth around 11th-15th. Bosnia and Herzegovina and France should have been top5!
    2010: Cyprus, Spain and Israel (compared to some others) should have been in top10. Slovakia deserved to be at least in the final.
    2011: Turkey and Bulgaria deserved a spot in the final.
    2012: Switzerland, Finland and Slovenia compared to some other qualifiers should have gone through th final.

    Not surpisingly most of the time are countries with limited support tele-voting result :p

    That’s all!

    • *2011: Hungary and Estonia deserved smth around 10th place.

    • “Not surpisingly most of the time are countries with limited support tele-voting result :p”

      Actually most of your examples (from 2009 on) did better in the televotings rather than in the ‘jury’ score. E.g. FYR Macedonia 2009, Sweden 2010, Norway 2011, Holland 2012 or Switzerland 2012 qualified with the public vote but not with the braindead grannies. ;)

  14. Glad to see my pick, Jonsi and Greta, in 1st place so far. What a great song that is.

  15. I’d agree about Andorran songs being underrated since they joined ESC in 2004, well apart from the horror that was Gisela, especially “Sense tu” (at least it’s still played often in bars here in Barcelona, and apparently is a favourite song in karaoke ), poor Jenny, she deserved better, and so much expectation in 2004 with Marta Roure too, for me as a Catalan speaker it’s just a shame that we lost that minority language in ESC :-(

    • so much expectation as I remember in Catalan speaking community, how a decent (and here in the thread “underrated” song) can be ruined by such a terrible performance, I had forgotten just how bad it was until I just listened again to it, and such a shame it represented the first song in Catalan in ESC (if you don’t accept 1968 banned version :-(), so much disappointment I remember here..

      • Every time I listen to that song, I have it stuck in my head. Shame she ruined that performance.

        • You are right about that, that song was stuck in many heads here in Catalonia, even main Catalan channel TV3 was in collaboration with Andorran TV at that time to choose the Andorran song, I remember spending hours of my journalistic time between Andorra and TV3, and Andorra got that song, as I remember as a journalist, all the singers were really bad, but the song itself had possibilities, then we had to “promote” the song in Catalan as reporters, song was played everywhere in Catalonia, is remembered here as “1st song in Catalan…why did they choose her?” :-)

  16. I voted for Iceland 2012, the most underrated in last 10 years IMO
    2003: France – Monts et Merveilles
    2004: Estonia – Tii
    2005: Croatia – Vukovi umiru sami, Andorra – La miranda interior, Hungary – NOX
    2006: Norway – Alvedanse, Poland – Follow my heart
    2007: Cyprus – Comme ci comme ca, Czech Rep. – Mala Dama, Finland – Leave me alone
    2008: Sweden – Hero, Fyrom – Let me love you, Finland – Missa Miehet Ratsastaa
    2009: Serbia – Cipela, Slovenia – Love Symphony, Spain – La moche es para mi, Lithuania – Love
    2010: Slovakia – Horehronie, Spain – Algo pequenito, Croatia – Lako je sve,
    2011: Cyprus – San aggelos s’agapisa, Belgium – With love, Albania – Feel the passion, Turkey – Live it up, Bulgaria – Na inat
    2012: Iceland Don’t forget sWITZERLAND

  17. I voted for Portugal 2008. Here’s my most underrated entry of the last ten years:

    2003: Slovenia – Karmec Stavec – “Nanana”
    2004: Belarus – Aleksandra & Konstantin – “My Galileo”
    2005: Monaco – Lise Darly – “Tout de moi”
    2006: Andorra – Jenny – “Sense tu”
    2007: Lithuania – 4Fun – “Love or Leave”
    2008: San Marino – Miodio – “Complice”
    2009: Cyprus – Christina Metaxas – “Firefly”
    2010: Estonia – Malcolm Lincoln – “Siren”
    2011: Tie! Albania – Aurela Gace – “Feel the Passion” & Bulgaria – Poli Genova – “Na Inat”
    2012: Bulgaria – Sofi Marinova – “Love Unlimited”

    • I would agree with you on those songs too from those I remember, especially of course Jenny and Andorra, if you ask eurofans re 2006 she came out first in their top 5, but hey who will vote for Andorra!, no wonder they finally said enough is enough

  18. If there was write in option, I would pick silvia night. Not only for the over the top performance of the song itself but the way her act fooled people into believing it was real, and the real anger she elicited. I mean it was so awesome they booed her as soon as her name was announced.

    So great!

  19. […] underrated and the post generated lots of discussions and ideas! Check out some of the comments here to see which other songs readers thought were underrated. We’ll be doing a similar poll for […]

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