Sweden: Anton and Robin for Melodifestivalen Final

Melodifestivalen 2013Sweden – In last night’s Andra Chansen second chance heat, the last two acts to make it through to next week’s Melodifestivalen final were Anton Ewald and Robin Stjernberg. Anton Ewald won the first duel against Bahrang Miri, and Robin Stjernberg won out over Martin Rolinski. Check out the two qualifier’s songs here…

27 comments on “Sweden: Anton and Robin for Melodifestivalen Final

  1. Pretty boys prancing around on stage galore! Gather round, take your pick! Oh well, it’s MF after all. Louise FTW! Good luck!

    P.S.: Geez, do we have to sing 100% live in Malmö? Bummer!

  2. One word. Yuck. Two Words. Why Bother? Enough said.

  3. Anton Ewald is really embarrassing. So obvious that we can’t see the person doing the actual singing. It is Belle and the Devotions all over again.

  4. Inger Berggren sang in 1962 that all girls should be locked inside. After the results in AC, I wonder if she maybe had a point. Or at least their mobile phones should be locked somewhere faaar away from them.

    The Burning Bed FTW!

  5. I’m pleased with the results, i liked both acts. But I noticed that Anton Ewald dance routine was MUCH weaker than in the semifinal! Really I liked him much more in the semifinal….
    But i really don’t know Yohio to win… his song is really lame, weak act in my opinion… annoying voice and song, nothing against the singer but definitely not my winner!
    I want “Skyline” or “Begging” or “Bed on fire” to win now

  6. 1) Begging : This has grown on me a lot . I find the musical arrangement very powerful and the stage presentation very effective ( It is better than “Popular” in my books ).
    However , I find the singer pretty much ANNOYING as a persona and it is a real SHAME that he doesn’t sing most of his song… 6/10 !
    2)You : Decent and well staged ! 7 /10 !

    • I would have preferred “Burning flags” ( 9/10 ) instead of “Begging” through the Final , though…

      Now for the MF Final :
      1)Bed on fire : 10/10
      2)Heartbreak Hotel : 9/10
      3)Only the dead fish follow the stream : 7/10 ( weak verses , great chorus )
      4)Falling : 7/10
      5)You : 7/10
      6)Begging : 6/10
      7)Skyline : 5/10
      8)Tell the world I’m here : Pretentious boredom. 4/10 .
      9)En riktig jävla schlager : Awkward and embarrasing. 1/10.
      10)Copacabanana : DISGRACE . 1/10 !

  7. Officially my number one of MF is out of the MF final. Quite usual anyway this year…. Anyway tonight Bulgaria will possibly save the year! I would say it is partly saved by Greece but ”Alcohol is free” has never been my clear favorite in the Greek final.

  8. Another great MF final line up is on ! I am happy that Robin is in the final and I have no problem with Anton although I would prefer Cookies n’ Beans probably. The level of the songs is once again very high. MF is again showing the way imo with the overall level.
    The FiK lovers once again can’t stand a national final as contemporary and proffesional as that I am sure and the vitriol is on ;)

    Ulrik or Yohio FTW :) !

    • The constant urge you feel to bash Fik etc simply because some certain users bash MF all the time , couldn’t be more childish , really !
      It seems as if your opinion is not strong whatsoever , and you need to fight back in order to enhance it.
      Love what you want ! No need to be deffensive…

      • First adress the people who feel the need to constantly degrade in an ironic way MF all the time, every time an article appears and then criticize me please. I do not try to enhance my opinion, i have a very solid one, I am just pointing out the immaturity. I am loving what I love and do not bother about anything else I do not. Thus I skipped FiK for instance. But some people are living on constantly bashing what many people enjoy. And now that’s childish. So as long as I see degrading comments on MF and its musical credibility (writing the same things ALL THE TIME) I wiil answer with my opinion on FiK, FdC,San Remo and others and what I think on their musical credibility. Sounds democratic to me Deal ? Thanks !

        • I’m sorry, but Melodifestivalen is in no way contemporary. It offers the same re-hashed 90s dance-pop each and every year. Not to mention the fact that performers can make it to the final without actually singing, LOL. I’ll take boring old musical credibility over that any day…

          • IMO MF is the most up to date festival on offer from the national finals around (the success its songs have in the swedish music scene show that – you can argue that he whole swedish music scene is dated of course..le’t try that as well !) and offers diversity (very important), maybe with a slight preference to the dance pop side but still almost every genre can be found in every MF edition. Most of the songs of MF are songs that can be heard anywhere in this world currently, especially the more pop – ish ones. The performers are singing fine mostly. Especially in this edition I think there were some fine vocalists, it is just the obsession of some with some vocals recorded in the background music that gives away that opinion. Pre recorded minor vocal elements to do not save anyone who cannot sing really as many imply around here. As for “boring old musical credibility” : There is none of that in the festivals I criticize. In FiK it’s like listening to the same 70s tune again and again as artists parade on stage, on San Remo I have said my opinion and for FdC it’s pretty much the same as FiK…Every contemporary or even slightly different effort is being butchered..I’ll take the competent and more interesting musically bunch of MF any day over drivels of the past sorry..The difference is that if I do not like it – I do not bother. Something some people find very hard to do with MF. It just annoys me that it is the succesful festival it is I am afraid and that so many people follow it. I don’t know why. Let you and them stick with your “good old festivals” and let us enjoy some MF awesomeness without the vitriol and rudeness please !

        • At least those who criticise MF are on topic. This thread is not on FiK. :) Btw, we are very civilised when criticising MF here. I have just seen someone calling MF ‘Mierdofestivalen’ on the eurovision.tv feed …

          • We have a very different perspective on civilized…Your friends top comment goes straight to my list of most offensive comments I have read on an esc thread all this time really (and the competition is tough up there really !). I try as I said to avoid festivals others may enjoy and do not ruin it with saying (much less constantly repeating) the same and the same vitriolic stuff again and again out of decency and because I do respect the fact that some people enjoy that, in order not to spoil it for them with rudeness, negativity and disagrement. Obviously you lack that and are obsessed with a music festival that makes the crime to future music outside your musical spectrum. So as long as people feel the need to repeat themselves so awfully often on how bad MF is because it is not a boring dated drivel I can in a democratic way say my opinion on MF compared to other musical festivals. For sure we know who will be watching what next saturday. I hope though none of you will ruin the MF final thread on Saturday (as I did not do so in the FiK final thread) and let the numerous fans of this final (probably the most popular one in the esc community) enjoy the great songs. I know I expect too much though…

  9. It’s ludicrous that someone who is so heavily (i.e. totally) reliant on the backing vocals was able to make it through to the final, especially over as fantastic a singer as Caroline. Anton Ewald irks me in every way possible – his only talent is his good looks, which I suppose is all that matters in MF. His song is pure dross.

    • Caroline is irrelevant imo and way too overhyped. She lacks singing charisma and her eccentricity is the only reason she went dangerously far in 2009, nothing more.Her song this year was even more mediocre compared to her 2009 entry and I am surprised she even reached Andra Chansen..I definately prefer Anton, the song is very competent and he is doing a good job on his part for the genre he is called to serve and the song he has to perform (which has a demanding and elaborate presentation). Were there better choices in AC ? Probably yes but there were worse as well.

    • “his only talent is his good looks, which I suppose is all that matters in MF. ”

      Of course that’s why Louise is there or even Yohio etc etc..Oh please..We do not like a song -> looks voted it in..It’s such a biased generalisation it’s almost hilarious..Some people just need to finally realise that we do not all have the same taste in music..! Anton did his part very well especially if one considers his demanding stage performance and people might have appreciated that..just a different opinion !

      It’s hilarious to read that from people who praise festivals where all that matters is how much back in time one has to travel to find a song similar to what is presented on an nf stage in 2013..

      • Now you will go on forever and jump on every single person’s back that happens to dislike Melodi Festivalen and its tendencies…
        You seem to be doing exactly the same thing that you accused other people of…

        Why can’t people JUST respect other peoples’ opinion ( obviously YOU included ! And I am not referring to “You” as the MF finalist :P )

        • Honestly : I am over the top with all the MF bashing and I let it all out. I don’t care one bit.I expected when I decided to leave FiK alone some minor reciprocaction out of pure decency..Oh I was such a fool to think it was going to happen..!

  10. All I see is hatred – recycled ! :(

    At least we have Estonia 2013 to sleep in peace!
    Goodnight all ( troublemakers and not :P )

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