Hungary: ByeAlex Goes to Malmö!

HungaryHungary – In Hungary last night, ByeAlex won A Dal and the ticket to Malmö. After all 8 acts had perfomred, the jury chose four acts for the superfinal: András Kállay-Saunders (46 points), Gigi Radics (44 points), Tamás Vastag (22 points) and ByeAlex (16 points). The viewers then voted massively for ByeAlex, where he will sing ‘Kedvesem’. Check the video…http://youtu.be/65q4sUq6XOk

12 comments on “Hungary: ByeAlex Goes to Malmö!

  1. The televoters had to get it right once in a while. Gone are Gigi (good vocals, boring song) and András (bad vocals, nice song) :). Good luck.

    This is my current top 10:

    1. Cyprus
    2. Malta
    3. Norway
    4. Greece
    5. Hungary
    6. Latvia
    7. Estonia
    8. Iceland
    9. Albania
    10. Spain

  2. I really like this simple little number. It’s unpretentious and sweet. Well done Hungary.

  3. I’m loving this song! Great choice Hungary!

  4. If only his voice would be pleasant to listen at. It really destroys the song imo.

  5. I really like the song and it’s in my top-5 for now!It was a nice surprise .However,i do love the original version while i only like very much this one.Bring the original “Kedvesem” back!

  6. It seems Im the only one who hates this song LOL :P Last place in my list! :D :(

    Good luck, Hungary!

  7. Very likable song , underwhelming LIVE performance. Loving the background animation !
    For the moment 8/10 and # 8 on my 2013 list !
    Good luck Hungary ! Song -wise , it’s their most interesting song since 2005 !

  8. Very likable indeed…Even though I have different favorites,I’m happy with Hungarian choice…it’s definitely a grower

  9. I was used to top quality from Hungary recently (the last 2 years Hungary provided two excellent entries) so this comes by as a minor dissapointment. Although it has potential it is terribly unpolished and needs a lot of work to reach a good level. His voice needs a lot of improvement. Gigi and Andras were way ahead las night. The jurie got it right yet again but televoters were not that wise. I hope they won’t come to feel sorry for the choice in May. 11th place on my current list, hoping for vast improvements here both vocally and on the stage presentation. Good luck !

  10. Didn’t want to spoil the party! Avarage song!

  11. I think we could send better songs in the last 2 years, and there were better songs too this year.

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