Estonia: Birgit Õigemeel Wins Eesti Laul!

EstoniaEstonia – Birgit Õigemeel last night was selected to represent Estonia in Malmö after wining their national Eesti Laul final. She will sing the ballad  ‘Et Uus Saaks Alguse’ (To give it a new start). Grete Paia came second in last night’s show, and Winny Puhh third. Watch her perform the song below and let us know what you think to Estonia’s chances in the Eurovision final this year. Birgit will sing in the first semi-final on the 14th of May.

22 comments on “Estonia: Birgit Õigemeel Wins Eesti Laul!

  1. Estonia has made a wise and safe choice, given the alternatives they had in the super final. Birgit sing her agreeable song very well live. Good luck and do not go for an English version.

    P.S.: Liisi did well by her excellent song.

  2. Another nice ballad from Estonia this year. Good chance of qualifying I think.

  3. This is a very well-crafted conventional ballad sung by a fine vocalist. It is certainly not a song I would pick to win the innovative music festival Eesti Laul is but considering the choices the Estonian televoters were left with in the super final, I am over the moon that Birgit got the ticket to Malmö.

    I expect this song to be very popular with both the juries and my parents.

  4. It has potential to grow on me.
    Best of luck!

  5. That was an anti-climax!They chose a sweet yet anonymous ballad in the end.Birgit is a nice singer but that’s about it.Grete would have been a much better option.

    • No offence, but “sweet and anonymous” is the perfect way to describe Grete’s song and performance.

      • Well,we can always have a different point of view.Grete’s song is anything but anonymous IMO.It’s a song with character and would stand out in esc.I have already realized your relief this was chosen over Grete,you have realized i’m not happy with the result.

  6. LOVE IT !
    10/10 and #1 on my list !
    Could go either BiH 12 or Estonia 12 , but Birgit is a more credible singer than both Maya Sar and Ott Lepland imo !

  7. I hoped this would win, and I am glad it did. The best one.

  8. Like the song but not as much as Cyrus 2013 ;)

  9. Estonia joined Denmark yesterday to save the season. A beautiful ballad, well performed. Much better than Estonia 12. 9.1/10 and 2nd place on my list, good luck !

  10. Well, even though they went for a decent song, I am somewhat disappointed by this Estonian choice. In a national final that prides itself on innovation, it was somewhat of a let-down to see the most conventional song on offer (bar Rolf) take the victory. Whilst “Et uus saaks alguse” is certainly a pleasant and professionally performed ballad, there were better songs on offer.

    My favourite act in the final was Winny Puhh, although I preferred their semi-final performance to their final one, which pushed the envelope perhaps a bit too far visually, and make them look like a mere “joke act” *shudders*. Facelift Deer had a great song, perhaps even the best in Eesti Laul this year, but their performance did it no favours. Liisi Koikson & Korsikud both had really good songs, but unfortunately weaker performances than in the semi-finals. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly disappointed by this edition of Eesti Laul. Whilst there were an array of good songs, there weren’t any truly great songs – first Eesti Laul without a single 12/12 :(. Hopefully next year the competition will be back to its usual standard!

    In Malmö, I think Estonia might have a tough time qualifying. Whilst we all know that the juries love a ballad, and Birgit’s is certainly among the most competent so far, semi-final one, and particularly the first half of semi-final one (where Estonia is due to perform) is packed full of similar sounding songs. Whilst the juries may go for Estonia, I fear that the public could go for countries like Russia and Ukraine instead.

    Anyway, good luck to Estonia :D

  11. What a good day yesterday was for the 2013 season. First Hungary picked a great song and then Estonia delivered magnificently. The first time I head Birgit’s song, I sort of wrote it off as boring, but when I saw the live performance, it totally changed my view. To me, “Et Uus Saaks Alguse” is almost like a slower version of Elin Petersson’s “Island,” my favorite song of MF. It’s warm and endearing, but also has enough of a chorus to be memorable. So naturally, it shot up to third place on my 2013 list (can’t remember the score), displacing Denmark. Well done Birgit and Estonia! :)

  12. I hope that Õigemeel means Snoozefest, however i’m gonna call her Birgit Snoozefest from now on! :P

    Seriously this is too boring…I thought that last year Iceland was definition of cliche, BUT this, this is for small kids who need definition of cliche, cause they don’t understand Iceland 2012, this will explain them even better, UNBELIAVABLE, but that’s it! :D

    In other words if Iceland 2012 can be definition of cliche for children in primary school, this one should be thought to children in kindergarden to learn what cliche is.. :D

    Maybe in the end I will start to love it how cliched it is…It’s so EXTREMELY cliched that you can’t dislike it! ROFL

  13. This is a great song! Very traditional-I understand some of the younger people on this might hate it.I dont think it has much of a chance-The way Eurovision has gone in the last 10-15 years-voting for mostly forgettable europop.I just hope she sings it in Estonian..

  14. In this weak year Estonian song is amazing !! I like it !!! Did she sing live ? Beacuse its sounds play back…

  15. it’s hard for me to believe that Lenna Kuurma couldn’t win with really AWESOME and modern ballad “Mina jaan” and this old fashioned one can win a NF easily, maybe in Estonia older audience is majority in televoting..

  16. Marko i m sure you click negative to my comment beacuse i like Birgit Õigemeel song :P :P

    • Hahahahaha YES! hahahah :D But you wrote wrong her surname, it’s Birgit Snoozefest, not Birgit Õigemeel! :P :D

      I prefer Cypriot ballad to this one by far, I will vote for Despina Olympiou 100%! :D

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