Estonia: Eesti Laul Climaxes Tonight!

EstoniaEstonia – In tonight’s Super Saturday, we will also find out the Estonian representative for Malmö as the national Eesti Laul competition draws to an exciting climax in Tallinn. You can watch online at Eurovision.tv here at 20.35(CET).

The finalists of Eesti Laul are as follows:

Rolf Roosalu – “With U
Liisi Koikson & Söörömöö – “Üle vee
Rasmus Randvee and Facelift Deer – “Dance
Elina Born – “Enough
Põhja-Tallinn – “Meil on aega veel
Kõrsikud – “Suuda öelda ei
Birgit Õigemeel – “Et uus saaks alguse
Teele & Tuuli & Ula – “Ring the Alarm
Winny Puhh – “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti
Grete Paia – “Päästke noored hinged

Various online polls have different winners, although Winny Puuh do seem to be getting a lot of attention. Can they win tonight? Let us know what you think.

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285 comments on “Estonia: Eesti Laul Climaxes Tonight!

  1. You can always rely on Estonia to save the year !
    Despite being a weak Eesti Laul edition , they still managed to select a quality song. Simply presented , straight forward with flawless vocals and instant melody.
    Dark horse in May ! ( at least with juries methinks )
    9/10 and straight at #1 on my 2013 list !

    PS : I am glad that my lovely Estonia didn’t make the mistake to send Grete Paia. That would have been another Rockefeller Street !
    Good luck !

    • Dark horse in May?I doubt that!It will most probably qualify and get lost in the final.

      • I dont think it will qualify somehow, I’m thinking Belarus just might creep into the final with the help of Russia, Moldova and Ukraine. They where with Russia and Moldova too in Oslo when they qualifyed that time.

    • That song dark horse? :/ Well even in this horrible year that song can’t be a dark horse tbh..

      • Malta or Slovenia could be dark horses this year

        • I want Macedonia to be the dark horses, Vlatko & Esma – “Imperija”!! They are uptempo and fun! :D I can dance to their song in a strange way! :P lol :D

          • aw I really hope so too, I hope they come at least into top 3, becuase thats what they deserve, so far this is the only uptempo entry I’ve not got bored of, and I’ve been able to press replay all the time on YT lol :D

  2. They had nice,distinctive songs within their top-3,Grete and Winny Puhh and they decide to send this sweet yet anonymous ballad.I can’t really understand them.Plus,Greta won the televoting among 10 songs while Birgit was only 3rd and during the superfinal,Birgit won.I don’t know.Maybe,people supporting other songs decided to vote for the ballad.
    Grete is such a nice girl by the way!The way she reacted when Birgit was announced as the Eesti Laul winner is commendable!

  3. A ballad to be memorable on ESC, it has to have a little bit of:

    Albania 2012
    Estonia 2012
    Serbia 2007
    Iceland 2010

    I don’t see this Estonia has them.

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