FYR Macedonia: ‘Imperija’ Released

20130228-091756.jpgFYR Macedonia – The Macedonian national broadcaster yesterday premiered their entry for Eurovision 2013. The song ‘Imperija’ by Esma Redzepova and Vlatko Lozanoski also has an official video that was released at the same time. Check out the song and video and let us know your thoughts. http://youtu.be/ofB4nvQvZPI

128 comments on “FYR Macedonia: ‘Imperija’ Released

  1. Thank you for your positive thoughts on this Europe, Macedonian clearly don’t like it, but as long as you like it, it’s good.

  2. I really like this, and I think the bookies are crazy to still be offering 66/1 for it to win esc, it could do well

  3. I hope you enjoy your stay in Malmo, hulluna.

    I do not like this song. It tries to be too many things at the same time and it ends up being an empty vessel. No can do, as far as I am concerned. Good luck.

    Why has the most recent comments thing on the left disappeared?

  4. I had huge expectations from them; I cannot even find words to express my let down…

    Anyway, среќа, соседите!

  5. After last night first disappointment, later I have listened many times, and I find it better now….it’s still a let down, cause everybody expected different, it’s euro pop mostly, but it’s catchy and fun, and don’t have these ugly fake ethno elements…Esma is GREAT singer, so I expect great live performance..it could be better, but how many songs wee disappointments..and could be better..HEY HO…I really dislike video and promotion of “Skopje 2014” project..
    I HOPE and PRAY Moran Mazor to qualify from this evening Kdam semi, and to save that festival..
    I also hope for Meital De Razon& Asi Tal – “Toda La Noche”! lol :D

  6. Well it’s a good ethno-pop song, but to be honest i was expecting something better from them. Personally, i think Fyrom will qualify easily to the final an probably they will be ranked between 9th-15th place.
    My ranking:
    1) Greece
    2) Albania
    3) Switzerland
    4) Croatia
    5) Denmark
    6) Fyrom
    7) Norway
    8) Spain
    9) Austria
    10) Germany
    11) Lithuania
    12) Georgia
    13) Iceland
    14) Ukraine
    15) Cyprus
    16) Russia
    17) Slovenia
    18) Latvia
    19) Ireland
    20) Belarus
    21) Belgium
    22) Malta
    23) Finland

  7. Btw, we have already enough of blacan sound in the 2nd semifinal. Greece, Fyrom, Bulgaria, Albania a little bit. Now Romania has to send Electric Fence to complete it :P

  8. I like it. I think this should make the final. Am loving Esma and think she will be great fun in Malmo.

  9. The song starts promising, but then it becomes so many other things as if they want to please everyone. And judging from the clip there is zero chemistry between the performers.

    • And they should do what exactly to show chemistry, hold their hands for the whole performance like Georgian singers this year? LOOL :D :D

  10. I have mix feelings for FYROM song. Also i will prefer Vlatko Lozanoski to sing alone. Esma Redzepova have good voise but the duo betwwen her and Vlatko dont fix …….

  11. I was expecting something more outstanding; agreeing with the majority that the chorus is too flat. This being said, it still one of the better (least bad) entries chosen so far,

  12. LOVE IT !
    I would have given 10 if it wasn’t for the title and some bland lyrics.
    For the moment 9/10 and straight into my top 2! Easily one of their most interesting songs to date!


    • You can also write positive comment on YT about it if you have YT account,m because I really feel sorry and ashamed what some Macedonians do to Esma and Vlatko, they didn’t deserve that, and now also Greeks appeared, those pathetic Greeks who only attack… :( :(

      • Unfortunately , I don’t have a YT account.
        I’ve posted my positive comment both here and both at OGAE Greece.
        Music should ONLY connect people !
        It’s not only Greeks who attack ( that’s totally wrong , unfair and biased ).
        As Laila said , on the Croatian thread it’s always like this on Greek , FYR o Macedonian , Turkish , Cypriot videos etc where people from these countries are constantly fighting , swearing , talking political stuff and spamming.

        • But Greeks here really attack the most, video is deleted now, I’m afraid Vlatko and Esma can withdraw..they received VERY negative from Macedonians too… :(

          • I just checked and indeed it got deleted !
            Greeks probably attack because they feel offended? As it was mentioned by other users here earlier , there is a a hint of nationalistic propaganda , you can tell by the title and only…Escnation.com already has commented on it in a humurous way !

            • And it’s filmed in monuments which show Alexander The Great…but still I don’t know what Greeks want any more…I hate their offence towards Macedonia! :(
              Those Greeks really show anti Slavic thing that I really start to dislike that!! :(

              Esma as a young girl singing:


            • Anti Slavic behaviour?
              Don’t make me laugh…We only have “issues” with our Northern neighbours simply because they are trying to claim something that is not theirs at the offence of others…
              Everyone should be free to call oneself/nation whatever one likes but not if you insult other peoples’ history.
              There’s a moto saying : One’s freedom ends there where one other’s start.
              Don’t drag me down to this political path please.
              btw , some Fyromacedonians have just appeared , writing their stuff in slavomacedonian on OgaeGreece…

              This will be MY LAST comment regarding “Imperija” in any political level !

              I want to conclude by saying that I LOVE it ( song-wise) !
              I also liked the song you posted !Thanks

            • But they call Macedonians – Slavic Gypsies, and when I asked some of them if I from Serbia, Belgrade also Slavic Gypsy they said: YES!

              I’m tired of Greeks attacking Macedonia! :(

              Now I stop…sorry! :(

            • Well Donnie I saw the videoclip once and I spotted a huge statue/building which seems to be a copy of ”a tethrippon”. They have gone too far. They went even southern to claim classical antiquities,…lol

          • Marko
            A song with title “empire” and a videoclip with the statue of Alexander the Great, from Fyrom it’s for the Greeks like a red flag for a bull. Unfortunatelly nationalism is a really bad thing for both sides.

            • @Marko try to be more open mind with Greeks and undertand how they feeling in some sensitive for them issues. Last December Bulgaria also claim that FYROM stold a part of Bulgarian history and add veto ( together with Greece ) for FYROM – EU negotiations. That show that FYROM is a problematic Nation in balcans area.

            • Lina, but Macedonians also have “sensitive for them issues” like you have said, i’m not against Greeks, but IMO they can’t react like that!

            • You simplify things too much!

              Let’s stop about that issue now..

            • Eurovision is always about politics, just admite it all!!! Votes are polictical to, always was and always will be at eurovision, wish it was more about the music!

            • Well, as a Macedonian, I think that most of those problems with these nations are false.

              Macedonia is in the center of the Balkan and was divided through the history between any of its neighbors. It’s pretty dumb now every each of them to claim that “Macedonia is theirs”. It’s like watching a sitcom and the humor in it is dumb!

            • Very well said about the division of Macedonia through time but allow me to tell you that FYR Macedonia demands more than historically deserves to. You can of course take the land you have and name it as you like but you can not nationalize whatever comes with this land and beyond it.

            • No, as we agreed in one of our below or above comments (at the moment I don’t know where it is :) ), politicians and their way of seeing the history, on both sides is the thing that is wrong.

              It’s actually ironic, if Greece doesn’t want Macedonia to nationalize what ever Greece thinks that Macedonia will nationalize BUT in the contrary, makes everything to nationalize it as their own (Greece), why to blame Macedonia?

              Macedonia clearly stated that it doesn’t want to nationalize anything.

              While in Macedonia, we do know every inch of your policy towards Macedonia and we discuss it, in Greece that is not the case. Greeks only know what the medias tell you (a large percentage of it) and don’t even want to communicate nor negotiate. It’s kind of one sided.

              I do think that nothing of this would ever happened if some politicians on both sides wanted to win their elections without offering solutions to its people.

              Consequently to that, Greece its in deep financial crisis, while Macedonia never actually escaped from that crisis, decades on…

            • ”Macedonia clearly stated that it doesn’t want to nationalize anything. ”

              Emr it does so. What the gell then :p Alexander the Great and Filip the second are considered as ancestros of every single FYR Macedonian? This view was expressed by many of view in several blogs. Also both figures are part of your ambitious Skopje 2014 project. Also apart from nationalizing ancient Mmacedonia for your self I recently informed again by some FYR Macedonians that part of the nationalist agend of the country is the view that the Macedonia province of Greece is an occupied land of FYR Macedonia. Allow me to tell you that this is an utterly crazy and far-fetched idea that prevails only in FYR Macedonai and not in Greece or Bulgaria which you portray as your enemy. In my point of view it is all the way around. Not to mention how far you have gone to exclude ethnic Albanians from the new national idea of FYR Macedonia…why don’t you accept that your country is multi-ethnic it is a blend of Slaves (Serbs and Bulgarians included), Albanians, Aromanians and Gypsies. How this ppl fit with ancient Macedonia? It is awkward. Try take up from medieval times not from antiquity which clearly does not have any common with the Slavic groups.

              Have a good day!

            • It’s not even nearly common sense to fight with the Macedonians because they investigate their own roots and demand they to not do that while in the same time Greece does that.

              Oh, so much politics. I need to stop about it. This IS a song portal.

            • We do not fight at all, we are just expressing our views on the same topic. Now the fact that some Greeks fought you with regards the ”Imperija” video clip was part of your provoking policy, it did not start from thin air. Also I agree (but by now you should have known) that you have the right to investigate your roots, but at least do it fairly and do not provoke or claim unfounded historical truths etc etc.

            • “”Imperija” video clip was part of your provoking policy”

              Are you kidding me?

              Damn those Greek medias.

              I will shut up just because, as I previously said, will not talk politics anymore here.

              But, for the record, your opinion is biased just because you don’t seek information but rely on your medias. That said, I’m out.

            • I have talked with FYR Macedonians in some blogs.

            • metzenberg please don’t go from this site cause of Dino or somebody else if tell you smth bad, I want you here…
              In future we will all avoid these topics..

            • I will now stop for once and for all with politics on this site!

            • George Axeman in this case the nationalism in one way…and you know which I mean.

            • I have found this comment about Macedonian song from Greek:

              “serbian monkeys all you speak a language made from greeks..
              what you want to tell us..The history is written in GREEK’

              Now you convince me it’s not generally ant Slavic, and not only anti Macedonian behviour…

              You defend Greeks too much! It’s clear!

            • Myself I have never insulted FYR Macedonians. Of course as Greek Cypriot I will defend only the views of my nation with regards the naming dispute. My comments have not been provoking I was just explaining my views on the topic. Either you take them or not. You chose. Also before you come here to play the peacekeeper turn ot yourself first. Last year you landed a wholesale war againsr Rona only because she was Kosovan. Myself in contrary I havew never attacked any FYR Macedonian for his origins. I judged them only with regards their musical offer to ESC. No please stop trying to tolerate the Greeks it is unappealing knowing even that yourself last year tunr every Albanian theread into fire. Go back to the Israeli theread and answer my comment with regards the up coming ESC events.

            • hahah Dino Mil i didn’t attack her coz where is from, but It was evident that she won coz she is from Kosovo, and this year of 25 singers in Albanian Nf won singer from Montenegrin town of Ulcinj, where 90% Albanians live! LOOL Dino Mil Jovani, i know what is accident and what isn’t it’s obvious for 5 years old child what they are doing, how that happens now 2 years in a row, accidentally, plus you can check this year Albanian song has more thumbs down than thumbs up from Albanian ppl , so it’;s clear ppl dislike song, but he won cause of origin! LOOL Dino Mil Jovani “peacekeeper” is funny as hell…

            • Marko you know my views about the Kosovo issue. Isn’t it? I do respect the Serbian views and because I know it is a sensitive issue for you I have laways abstained from any discussion. Please do so for the ”Macedonian issue” especially if it happens not know many about the debate. Allow us to feel provoked by the ”Imperija” videoclip as you have been in an analoguous position last year with the pro-Kosovo agenda of FiK.

            • I just feel sad, when i see Anti Slavic comments from Greeks, and very rude and ugly things they say to Macedonians…that’s all…

            • I have never been part of these insults. And also Greeks are not anti-Slaves. They just attack FYR Macedonians, Slaves are not only them. And by now you knwo how Greeks appreaciate Serbs, also in recen year Greeks started appreciating Bulgarians, Romanians and Moldovans. Many of them live in Greece and Cyprus and most of the timed get along with the local population, among them me.

            • And I have been to Vergina tombs in excursion in 4rth grade of high school and i have heard story of museum guide and I know about that issue…so I don’t need Macedonian government to teach me about history, but i also don’t want Greeks to insult Macedonian ppl and state all the time.. now I stop…

            • Refer ot those that insult. Myself I have never insulted any FYR Macedonian so don’r direct this issue to me. And thank you for planning to stop commenting on this issue and more importantly mis-understanding my comments.

            • And you defended your Slavic neghbours too much. It is more than clear. A fair result don’t you think? I am ”pro-Greek” (in the naming dispute of course) you are pro-FYR Macedonia. Being Serb yourself you should have established a more neutral approach I would say. Thank you!

            • Just read the comments on the Facebook’s eurovision.tv post about Esma & Lozano. It’s basically anti-Macedonian all the way, with all of the Greek comments bashing Macedonia, not the song or similar.

              And someone will say that when the Macedonians defend themselves from that, we are the ones to blame. It’s ridiculous.

              I’ll stop now. And thanks, by the way.

          • Yes, the feedback is the most negative feedback ever received for a song which Macedonia ever sent to an ESC.

        • “Music should ONLY connect people !”

          If only a bigger percentage of people who think like this lives on the Balkans, it sure would have been a better place for living. :/

  13. A disappointing act!I should have known better.The initial idea of putting those 2 totally different singers together was too risky.As a result we got an ethnopop entry that is not even really catchy.In fact,it sounds cheap at parts.A fusion of dance pop,techno etc…Esma alone singing something more traditional and meaningful would have been much better.Good luck!

  14. Judging the quality of the other songs that have been announced,I can put Macedonia in” good songs of the year”category…the intro is amazing and I love Esma’s singing style ( typical romani way),the song is very catchy and pleasant to the ears…it is a safe choice and I’m glad it is not too ethnic so they will reach wider audiences making them qualify easily

    Good luck Macedonia :)

    My top 5
    1- Denmark- Cyprus
    4- Macedonia

  15. As I said in Georgian thread, I dont like this song at all, FOR ME it’s one of the worst entry of Eurovision 2013! :( But I dont get those ppl who’s saying that this song has political message! They’re singing about the MUSIC, there’s NO something about politics in this song!

    So srekja, Makedonija! :)

    My uptated Top (excluding Belarus)
    1. Iceland
    2. Austria
    3. Germany
    4. Ukraine
    5. Denmark
    6. Greece
    7. Russia
    8. Spain
    9. Slovenia
    10. Malta
    11. Finland
    12. Croatia
    13. Georgia
    14. Norway
    15. Ireland
    16. Latvia
    17. Switzerland
    18. Macedonia
    19. Cyprus
    20. Belgium
    21. Lithuania
    22. Albania

    I expect good songs from Sweden, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Armenia, Romania, Moldova, Estonia, UK! :)

    • You like Icelandic entry! :)

      Would you like thiur singer to translate into English for ESC, or to keep in Icelandic language?

      • Of course I want them to keep it in Icelandic language, their language is so beautiful, but I think that they will translate it! :( Last year they did the same! I liked a lot “Mundu Eftir Mer” (was in my Top 5), but I didn’t like last version of that song, just typical ballad in English! :(

  16. I really hope I won’t be disappointed on March 2 aswell!! Spain and Macedonia don’t shine for sure! I have huge hopes from Italy and Armenia right now! And some hopes from Swe… ups wanted to say from A.. well you know! :P

        • You dislike Croatian klapa?

          Now you think still Macedonia will be liked by Armenians? I do think that…

          • Now I’m not sure since that is much more popish then folk. Croatian entry sounds okish 7.5-8/12 but not wow!So far I like Albanian entry a lot but dissapointed that I smell there plagiariz a little! Most funny is that After tomorow we have a final and we have no chance to listen to the songs till now!

            • It’s not funny at all, we also can’t listen to the songs from Beosong before smifinal on Saturday, if you ask me i will make all NFs like that, I know it’s bad for fans (me included), but it makes NF more fair, and even more interesting and exciting for us in the end..

            • In case that is a pop song I’m ok with it but if it is a Rock or Bluse then you need some time to analyze! Well! They even don’t say the names of the authors whose songs have qualifyed, how many songs will be in the final…

            • Most probably 26. 10 from first semi, 10 from second semi, Big-5 and Sweden

            • I think that Avat speaks about the Serbian final, 5 songs qualify to the final i think. And i’ll agree with Avat, it would be good the songs to be realised before the final, because you have to listen to a song 2 or 3 times to decide if you like it or not.

            • he spoke about Armenian NF, but the same things happen in both Serbian and Armenian NF, we can’t hear songs before NF!

  17. Μarko
    I don’t think that there is any problem with the song (i’ve read the lyrics, i didn’t see any political propaganda), if there is any reaction from Greece, it will be about the videoclip i guess.

  18. Let me update you now:

    Video of the song is removed from YouTube (officially, but you can find it), because of the thing that MKRTV didn’t made it and because of all negative comments.

    MKRTV officially stated that “it’s not a video made for Europe and within their standards”.

    Maybe, in following weeks, they’ll release another video.

    • And one more update – they will change the lyrics of the song, the video of the song and the arrangement of the song. So, keep that in mind. :)

      • No more imperija?

        • Dino I would beg you not to mention Albanians to metzenberg in that way you have already did in this article, cause metzenberg definitely knows, understands and supports coexistence with Albanians, being from town of Struga! i beg you not to do that any more Dino Mil Jovani…

          • I was not directing towards him, instead I was talking about the agenda of their politicians. I can tell from his comments that he is a good person for dialogues.

          • Struga? This city as I can tell from wikipedia sources is sistered with the occupied city of Famagusta of Cyprus. Well no surprise here.

            • I suppose coz of Albanian population…

            • Well no Marko, the problem is not the Albanians I would say. It is political issue. FYR Macedonia does not have any diplomatic relationship with Cyprus. Politically they have been helped a lot by Turkey (in the naming issue) and I suppose they have turned them the favor by avoiding having any bilateral relationship with the Republic of Cyprus. Sistering also their cities with the occupied areas of Cyprus help them keep the Turkish political help keep flowing. But never mind lets do not open this subject, which is even more complex.

            • I don’t like when you mixing up the things and think “oh, that’s how everything connects”.

              We have strong ties with Turkey not because of the naming issue. If you think of that like that, how can I think that your not thinking shallow? Our connections are much deeper than just that.

              I do like to continue our dialogue, but lets have some mercy, for the others here. :)

            • “If you think of that like that, how can I think that your not thinking shallow?”

              I’ve messed up here. But you will understand. :)

            • I have just pointed out only one aspect of this relatiosnhip not the whole. You generalized it I didn’t.

            • You are Macedonian Turk? :)

            • Nope, just Macedonian. :)

            • And exactly who gives emphasis on its sister-brother relations with other cities? In Macedonia, none.

            • Since you sister your cities, it seems that some do care ;)

            • Oh, c’mon, you know that that it is a piece of worthless paper… :)

            • I am not over-emphasizing the subject Marko. I am just delivering an information. And I provided an explanation which makes sense by the way.

          • “definitely knows, understands and supports coexistence with Albanians”

            Most definitely yes. And not just with the Albanians, I do support coexistence with all ethnic groups in my home town or Macedonia as a whole. I don’t believe in nationalism. I hate it, actually. I think that I’m born on the wrong end of Europe concerning that fact (the nationalism). :)

            Never mind, I respect every opinion and every each of you here. More talks about future, less talks about history, please.

            Like, who will enter the Grand Final in Sweden? :)

            I like “You” and “Begging” to go through.

            • I don’t care for Andra Chansen that much coz it’s quite useless, actually it’s good for earning money, but songs from AC can win with 0,0000001 % of chance…

              I’d like Martin Rolinski and Robin Stjernberg…

            • Yes, they (SVТ) earns BIG money on it. :)

              Martin has such a copycat song… I can’t remember from who was the original…it’s really uninspiring. But, it IS a G:son song, so its rather expected to be a copycat. :D :D :D

            • I like the duet.

      • Hmm I hope I will like new arrangement, usually new disappoint me… :(

      • I have just remembered what connects Struga and Belgrade! Hotel! :D

    • “within their standards” – MKRTV-wise.

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