Netherlands: Anouk Gives Teaser of ‘Birds’

AnoukNetherlands – A YouTube clip of Anouk, performing live, shows her singing just under a minute of her Eurovision entry ‘Birds’ a cappella. Anouk will represent the Netherlands in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The clip was filmed at Utrecht’s Tivoli De Helling last night. Check out the clip…  http://youtu.be/of0Yx1KK700

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595 comments on “Netherlands: Anouk Gives Teaser of ‘Birds’

  1. Thanks for the radio link Mermaid and Patrick P haven’t a clue what’s going on lol, hopefully the song will be worth it.

  2. Ohh I think Kaliopi is on the stage and I can’t watch it :(

  3. Kaliopi, live yay! :)

  4. MRT Radio 2: Kaliopi’s currently performing Crno i Belo. I started out really liking the song, but then, Kaliopi’s performance in the ESC raised the song to a perfect 12/12 and 2nd place in my personal rankings last year.

    The orchestration they’re using for this performance is softer than the ESC version, and while it’s still interesting, I definitely prefer the original orchestration in this case. This one doesn’t have quite the same power.

  5. Great to hear her again, nice one. :)

  6. Horrible results..I don’t like anything what qualified, Soulky, Sarit Avitan, The Ultras, ALL are out? :S :(

    And where is that Vladi song? I haven’t heard that entry, it wasn’t on the list at all.. :/

  7. And I want to watch Ezma live. She sounds interesting.

  8. Is Esma is singing now..sounds like her

  9. Oh I know who is that, that’s one with a beard, with similar voice to martin Rolinski….but they have deleted his song from YT, strange. :/

    Moran Mazor must qualify tomorrow, I hope Kathleen or Moran Mazor win now…all fun entries and modern are ditched… :( :(

  10. What I am listening now it is smth I expected Greece or Turkey to send to ESC all these years. Trans-balkanian traditional music. I hope ”Mizerija” is similar to this.

  11. *I meant ”Imperija”.

  12. Whatever that last song was, it was absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Fantastic start :)

  14. I’m a bit disappointed but at least it’s up-tempo!

  15. I am gutted sorry but this is s… 1/10! It is just salad of different sounds and the result is obviously smth tasteless. Pffffff!

  16. Well done Macedonia..another great song comes into my top 5
    Please do not mess with the language…it is beautiful as it is!

    • I don’t like it. Where is Ezma’s traditional elements in this song? Well the up-tempo element is not bad, but it is repetitive and generic. They could do a lot better.

      • Obviously they avoided taking a risk..if it had been too ethnic,they would have stayed in the semi..now they have a chance to do well

        • Why I think a traditional could still work better? At least it would be more original. Now, I think it is very generic. A pop-dance beat with techno elements infused with a traditional music (trumpet). Now I am curious enough to see how Ezma fits visually in this when her music is barely represented in ”Imperija”. I don’t know everything sounds awkward to me for now.

  17. I’m really liking “Imperija.” If they feel they need to use modern pop sounds, which I will admit that I would prefer if they didn’t, this should be how artists incorporate them. Probably not going to be a 12/12, and I don’t want to rank it until after I see the performance, but it’ll get in my top.

  18. Imperija will do well..I have no doubts it will pass the semi :)

  19. Just got home, is this the song playing right now, an instrumental version? Just curious…

  20. I like it! It is definitely one of the better songs this year and deserves Macedonia’s best result yet. Especially in this weak year. It isn’t a 10/10 for me because it is a little too repetitive with too few lyrics, not very strong refrains and I would have liked more folk/gypsy TBH, but it’s still a good effort. They blend together nicely in this kind of song. Maybe an 8+ or a 9-/10.

    • can’t agree with you more..The best part is the start..chourus part could have been better but maybe they can revamp it..it is among good songs of this year…in a weak year like this it has to end up on the left side of the scoreboard

  21. 2 words: Let down…

  22. Well all this fusion of pop,dance,techno sounds make the song sound a bit cheap tbh!Plus,it doesn’t have a strong chorus,It’s rather monotonous and repetitive.Esma’s solo parts are better.But it’s up-tempo.

  23. 1-Denmark -Cyprus

  24. I like it ! Intro is haunting and I don’t mind the blending of different sounds in it !
    Best song chosen today.
    For the moment an 8/10 !
    It’s quite energetic and makes wanna dance !

    • 1.Greece
      ( 21.Belarus )

      If I like LIVE performance , I will upgrade Esma & Lozano to 9/10 and tied first with GREECE on my list ! It’s damn ADDICTIVE !

      • Repetitive rhythms are always effective in this respect. I still say ”imperija imperija” even if I don’t like it in overall.

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