Russia: Song Revealed Today!

RussiaRussia – We now know another song as the Russian broadcaster Channel One revealed the song ‘What if‘. This is the song that Dina Garipova will sing in Malmö. Dina will give an interview after the formal presentation at 18.00 (CET) tonight here. Insiders revealed the song “starts like Adele, and the end is similar to Celine Dion”. It leaked early, as it was presented in parts of Russia at 11.00 (CET). Listen now!Here’s the link:


What do you think? Do Russia have good chance this year?

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90 comments on “Russia: Song Revealed Today!

  1. I thought that presentation of her song at 18:00 will be Dina Garipova singing it live on TV… :D

  2. A dull, safe and woefully generic choice of song from Russia. They will almost undoubtedly reach the final, but I don’t think that they will make that much of an impact there – perhaps 10th to 15th place? Still, this is undoubtedly much, much better than the Babushkis’s… ;)

  3. Until 2010, Russia was one of my favorite ESC countries but because of the bland-hateful-tacky-generic mix they have sent since 2011, they have lost a lot of ground on my list.

    Russia in ESC

    love: 1994, 2001, 2009, 2010
    like a lot: 2006
    like in studio version: 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008

    Please, Russia, get back on track!

    • You have listed all my favourite Russian ESC entries in your “love” category :D, although I would also add 2007.

      • 2007 would be there if the girls had had better live vocals.

        • Yes, the live vocals weren’t quite up to scratch, but I thought the overall performance was great :D.

          I also really like Russia 2003 in studio version, but the live performance was awful – one of the worst ESC performances of the last decade surely…

          • Russia 2007 got -2 for live vocals and +3 for presentation from me. The performance was very dynamic and sexy (in a classy way) imo.

    • Agree with your “love list” except the Mumiy Trolls, which I can’t force myself to like. Their debut song in 1994 was my favourite from that marvellous year. So powerful! But apart from those three songs, there are not many Russian songs I’ve liked. 2003 and 2008 were good too but both , as you said, sank because of bad performances.

  4. I’ve liked many Russian entries. 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2012 were all enjoyable for me.
    I’m quite liking this one, and am sure it will do well. Probably around no.6 on my list.
    Hi Guys

  5. I would LOVE for Russia to sing in Russian-It is such a beautiful language.12 points to Iceland for being brave enough to enter a song in Icelandic…

  6. 2003? oh yes! Tatu! what a bad performance-They could have won it if they had made an effort…

  7. As for my personal favourites for the titel..

    I think Iceland is a country to watch, they never won, but their song is strong composed and it’s thrilling when you hear it’s live performance. If they the song goes in english it might even win.

    Then I agree on others that Cyprus is awesome.

    Also others I like are Denmark, though her voice is the only thing I fear for.

    Norway is interesting, though I wonder if every country will understand the music and appreciate her style. I do see her ending up high but winning no.

    Sweden makes me curious, since it happened before that a organizing country won again, they are yet to choose their song but they have alot of quality I must say.

    Russia will most likely hit top 10.

    Austria to my opinion should have chosen Falco, simply because I loved his song and his vocals. But that’s life…

    Slovenia will reach finals, her song is powerful and goes with the present musical taste of many youths.

    I love to see malta in the finals.

    Belgium has a interesting song though also here I fear the vocals.

    Then last but not least… Germany! I would not be surprised of they win this year, I know mayn may call Cascasa’s song plagiat and accus them of copying the winner of last year, but in the end we gotta face the truth and know that many young voters will by televoting vote for her especially since she is worldwide known.

    Though Uk, Netherlands, Italy also are yet to come with their songs and I suspect UK to surprise us all!


    My idea is:

    1. Germany
    2. Iceland
    3. Norway
    4. Cyprus
    5. Denmark
    6. Russia

    • Hi, Henk. :) I do not see Germany winning with Euphoria II (I am alluding to the style of both songs; I do not really agree with all the commotion going on in Germany atm). Sweden 12 had Loreen, a talented and charismatic singer that made the Swedish entry look and sound much better than it really was. Natalia is a good live singer, but she is no Loreen.

      I have no idea as to who will win.

    • Cyprus 13 is my nº1 songs atm; it’s an elegant ballad that flows smoothly.

  8. There’s one simple reason why she is, currently, my topfavourite: televoting

  9. NDR has just officially announced that ‘Glorious’ is no plagiarism:


  10. Well Dina has a very good voice, but we’ve heard this kind of song in eurovision 1000 times, (maybe more :P). But since we speak about Russia, Dina won’t have problem to qualify in final, “what if’ probably will have have the support of juries and the countries of east block. Another problem for Russia is that Ukraine has a strong ballad too (according to polls, i don’t like it either), and both of them are the hard core of the eastern block,

  11. I dont think Cascadas “worldewide” popularity will make much difference.She has had 3 top 10 hits in UK.1 in Ireland and 1 in Sweden-thats about it really! The UK traditionally doesnt give Germany high marks anyway.Im glad someone agrees about Loreen-I never thought the song was brilliant either..

    • Actually, she has had 5 top 10 hits both here in Ireland and the UK but whether that will count for anything remains to be seen as the last one was back in 2009.

  12. First of all I would like to point out the hypocrisy of having RUSSIA represented by a song with an inclusive for all people message this year. The audacity is outrageous.
    If I skip that then this song is good. It’s very good actually. And she has a great voice. It’s an interesting ballad, great lyrics and well performed as well. Probably enters my top 3 of favourite Russian entries after 2000 and 2006. Give me a good ballad like this anytime instead of gimmicks like Latvia or Greece. Right now it’s an 7.7/10 for Russia this year and 5th place on my list (if I get around the aforementioned controversy of the country + message it may get a little bit more..). Russia will be well in the top 10 this year. Good luck !

    • Oh by the way : Denmark is still IMO the most likely winner this year thus far. And by a landslide that is if something good does not come up soon enough..

    • I wouldn’t call neither Latvia nor Greece a gimmick actually , but of course you are entitled to your opinion !

      • They are both (Greece 13 and Latvia 13) an improvement compared to their recent entries imo but that says little since everything both these countries have recently sent entries ranged from abysmal to bad imo..IMO both qualify as acts based on some novelty factor.

        • Where exactly do you spot the novelty factor in Greece 2013 ?
          Unless you think older people are not supposed to sing in eurovision or you just find them funny?
          Or is it the title?

          I don’t consider Latvia 2013 a novelty act EITHER ! Just 2 young boys performing in their shiny costumes like Jedward did ( oops ! ) :P

          • Actually there is more novelty in Greece 13 than Latvia 13..I do not find older people funny, I was never an aegeist I just think that in the whole happy go lucky concept Koza Mostra have he is presented as a novelty by the concept. Then we have the skirts, the title (and I have read everything about the symbolism etc – I am not impressed especially since only the people who skeap the language may get this one..), the trumpets etc etc..It’s a Moldova 11 + Moldova 05 + the mix of Greece 11 IMO in a more jolly spirit.If you strip Greece 13 of all these you are left with very little in terms of music IMO. It’s the perfect stereotypical esc recipe, it treats esc as a tv show mostly… And really I have no problem with it, it’s a harmless, well performed and instant entry :)

            Latvia 13 is just tacky and a bit gimmicky imo, maybe I did use the wrong term for this one. But also in terms of music in my opinion it is terribly uninteresting imo..

            • So since you have read comments from Greek users here and being an esc fan meaning you will not be listening to the Greek entry for the 1st time in May you already get how the title is not used as a gimmick/novelty factor !
              2nd : I don’t see how using a trumpet as an instrument , or fusing two genres = collaborating with other artists is considered as a novelty factor either…In this case half of the current music scene ( which blends pop with rap ) is nothing ELSE THAN NOVELTY?
              3rd : Regarding the skirts : Jedward appeared with EXTRA silly costume extravaganza , they even brought a fountain on stage and you were raging against people who were tagging the twins as a FUN/NOVELTY ACT…In addition , we have witnessed way more serious OUTFIT extravaganza during the years , like DEN 07 , UKR 07 , SLOVE 08 , and you find far-stretched the idea of men wearing skirts ?
              You lost me now !

            • Oh it’s terribly predictable how you went to Jedward ;) But it is quite simple : You have your reasons (you mentioned them in your last comment) not to consider Greece 13 a novelty act. I have my reasons (the intelligent, witty irony I see in the whole Jedward act) not to consider Ireland 11 or 12 a novelty act. You are blaming me for raging against everyone who did not see the witty factor in Jedward (which is your right of course..) but you are doing exactly the same about Greece 13 right now ;) (jumping on me for not seeing some musical genius behind something I consider a little more than an instant catcher happy-go-lucky irrelevant mix with an extravagant presentation that is made for the sole purpose of fitting a stereotypical esc recipe that is..) All the things you mention for Greece 13 (and I listed before) consist novelty and nothing more I am afraid for my personal perspective (btw you never asked me if I consider Denmark 07 or Ukraine 07 novelty acts – I kind of do but they were both what they were – drag shows essentially..That’s the aesthetics of a drag performance and it is based on a level of novelty by definition). I am sure the same way Jedward are nothing more but a novelty act to you. So we do have different standards for novelty and let’s leave it there.

              P.S. I wouldn’t think that I have said about Greece 13 half the things that have been said about the last 2 Irish entries really..Hate galore when it came these entries and personal attacks against the twins on a daily basis was the norm..

            • For me it is simple; if you speak Greek its a good song, if you do not then it is a gimmick act.

              As a Greek speaker myself, the song is real good but the sight of 5 clowns in kilts hopping around ruins everything. Just awful, amateur hour stuff, a complete parody of a band.

              And yes, I admit that I was outraged at the slander, propaganda, and hate directed at Iliadi and her song. I was even more outraged when she had the best vocal performance and stage presence of all the Greek entries and still finished last, instead of winning like she deserved.

              On the bright side, at least us Greek speakers have the wonderful Despina Olympiou, that is going to lay waste to any and all ballads she comes up against!

            • I couldn’t agree less but it’s your opinion , and I respect you both !
              IMO ,GRE 13 is a genuine song , loyal to their style and the fact that the track was already produced before they got proposed to do eurovision , proves it all !

              PS : I agree regarding ILIADI being the most complete ACT in the Greek NF. Pity she didn’t go for a more genuine song ( a laiko ballad f.e )
              PS 2 : I am not raging against nobody. I’m totally cool with your opinion but I will stand my ground for the Greek song which I like very much this year ( except from the title )

            • No problem, this is a forum where we exchange ideas, I do not take anything personally, and I do not expect everyone to agree with my opinions. Plus, I’m from New York, we have thick skin lol.

              As for Iliadi, if she won I would have turned the stage in malmo into a big bouzouki, brought out a table filled with glasses and plates, have Aggeliki sing her heart out and have dancers just destroy everything for 3 minutes, I mean just break everything in sight, plates, tables, the stage, even the arena itself! Now that’s would have made an impact!

  13. Georgia will present the song on Wednesday !
    That makes it 3 songs revealed the same day !

    • Apart from Georgia, what are the other two countries presenting their songs tomorrow?

      • It’s okay, I see on another thread it will be Croatia, Macedonia and Georgia tomorrow.

        • That’s right ! ;)

          • So, by next Sunday we’ll get to know another 9 entries, right?: Spain, the F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Armenia, Serbia and Bulgaria! :)

            Btw, I wouldn’t call Greece 13 a gimmick act either; no way!!! Otherwise we have to re-define the term: gimmick ;) :)

  14. Talking about the song, “What if”, I can say that it is a rather generic ballad in its genre, but it’s still pretty enjoyable listening to imo. But doesn’t it sound very much like “Carried away” by HearSays? The plagiarism police will have to work hard this year.

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