Romania: Second Semi-final Today!

romaniaRomania – The second semi-final of the Romanian selection Selecţia Naţională takes place tonight. Six more acts will go into the final on 9th March. You can watch live on TVR 1 here at 20:00 (CET). Check out the running order and let us know who your favourite is. Last night saw Casa Presei, FreeStay, Luminița Anghel, Cezar, Electric Fence, and Tudor Turcu qualify. Who will join them?

Hosts for the show include previous Romanian entrants Paula Seling and Ovi, and Andreea Bănică (singer) and Marius Rizea (actor/comedian). A split jury/televote will decide the six qualifiers tonight.

The running order for tonight

Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
Leticia – We are one
Mosquito – Feel the same
Alin Văduva – Storyline
Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – What is love
Diana Matei – Ma ma he
9 Gardens – All for naught
The Zuralia Orchestra – Sukar Transylvania
ABCD – Final de război
Elena Cârstea Muttart – Spinning
Narcis Iustin Ianău – Seven
Claudiu Mirea – I feel so high
Andrei Leonte – Paralysed
Cristian Prăjescu – The best thing in life is to love
Jul – Wake me up
Phaser – Pour toi et pour moi

Romania will take part in the second half of the second Semi-Final on the 16th of May in Malmö.

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101 comments on “Romania: Second Semi-final Today!

  1. My favourite songs in the Romanian preselection got more or less eliminated :
    1.Mosquito – Feel the same
    2.Phaser – Pour toi et pour moi
    3.ABCD – Final de război
    4.9 Gardens – All for naught

    My ranking for the Romanian finalists :
    1.Luminita Anghel – Unique : 6/10
    2.Al Mike ft Renee Santana – What is love : 5/10
    3.Electric Fence – Emilia : 5/10
    4.Elena Cârstea Muttart – Spinning : 4/10
    5.Cristian Prăjescu – The best thing in life is to love : 4/10
    6.Cezar – It’s my life : 4/10
    7.Freestay – Criminal mind : 4/10
    8.Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me : 3/10
    9.Tudor Turcu – Hello : 3/10
    10.Andrei Leonte – Paralyzed : 2/10
    11.Casa Presei – Un refren : 2/10
    12.Narcis Iustin Ianău – Seven : 1/10

    Easily the weakest NF of the season for me ! Sorry Romania :(

  2. Running order for the final:

    Casa Presei – Un refren
    Narcis Iustin Ianău – Seven
    Freestay – Criminal mind
    Elena Cârstea Muttart – Spinning
    Luminita Anghel – Unique
    Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
    Cezar – It’s my life
    Cristian Prăjescu – The best thing in life is to love
    Electric Fence – Emilia
    Al Mike and Renee Santana – What is love
    Tudor Turcu – Hello
    Andrei Leonte – Paralysed

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