Armenia: Song Presentation on 2nd March

armeniaArmenia – Armenian Public Television has announced that it received over 70 applications for the song to be performed by Gor Sujyan at Eurovision 2013 from countries such as Spain, Belgium, Sweden, France, and Armenia. The songs from Armenia, according to the spokesperson, “are of higher quality.” Several songs have been shortlisted and will be presented on March 2nd. Gor Sujyan and his band, Dorians, will also present a song.

17 comments on “Armenia: Song Presentation on 2nd March

  1. It seems that I got the whole Armenia 2013 thing, all wrong all this time; I thought that Gor Sujyan will pen his own songs to be presented. Now, I read that there have been submitted several songs from foreign composers. It sounds sort of a let down to me :(

    Anyway, god luck, Hayastan! :)

  2. In addition some composers I know that have submitted their songs:

    Nick Egibyan – compose in general jazz music and pop music. In this case I suspect that it will be something jazzy like some of his own songs are:

    Armen Martirosyan – author of Apricot Stone but mainly composes jazz music and has own jazz orchestra

    And Lazzaro – No Idea what he can offer to Gor since he mainly works in Electro and Pop music like this:

    Anyways the words about the songs from abroud encourage me! Goodluck Gor!

  3. I still have very high hopes for Armenia this year. Good luck!

  4. Good luck!i hope this will be a good bunch of songs!We need them. :)

  5. Just hoping the song is in Armenian and is of similar style to “es gulam”.

  6. Choose wisely, Armenia. :)

  7. From Sweden? :D maybe G:Son or Jonas Gladnikoff submitted LOL :P :D

    the best would be if Christina Schiling has submitted for Armenian NF.. :D

  8. Maybe he can sing:

    “I was born 7 million years ago,
    In Armenia, Africa”

    :D :D

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