Romania: First Semi-final Today!

romaniaRomania – The first semi-final of the Romanian selection Selecţia Naţională takes place tonight. Six acts will win a place from tonight’s 16 entrants to go into the national final which will take place on 9th March. You can watch live on TVR 1 here at 20:00 (CET). Check out the running order and let us know who your favourite is. Hosts for the show include previous Romanian entrants Paula Seling and Ovi, and Andreea Bănică (singer) and Marius Rizea (actor/comedian). A split jury/televote will decide the six qualifiers tonight.

The running order for tonight:

Tudor Turcu – Hello
Casa Presei – Un refren
Electric Fence – Emilia
Diana Hetea – I believe in love
Station 4 – Your heart is telling e so
Edict – Buddy Buddy
FreeStay – Criminal mind
Maximilian Munteanu – Broken heart
Brigitta & Mihai (feat. TIPS) – One heart
Natalia Barbu – Confession
Spin & Cezar Dometi – Silver lining
Liviu Mititelu – La donna di nero
Cezar – It’s my life
Tammy – Firebird
Luminița Anghel – Unique
Anthony – Dream girl

Romania will take part in the second half of the second Semi-Final on the 16th of May in Malmö.

39 comments on “Romania: First Semi-final Today!

  1. Oh my , I’ve been through those Romanian hopefuls yesterday and it felt like I lost 1 hour of my life…
    I didn’t find anything I like a lot !

  2. I am listening to the songs for the 1st time and there are already two songs I adore among the 1st 4 (“Un refren” and “Emila”). Thanks, Romania!.

  3. I hope they have much better material in semi 2 because none of these make me go wow; maybe I’ll have to listen to them again and again. Those two guys, Cezar and Liviu, in particular… oh my!!!

    It’s really beyond me that a country with such huge musical heritage like Romania, lets me down almost every single year. I can’t even remember when was the last time I really liked their entry :(

  4. On Romania:

    (much better than Moldova in 2013)

    these are my favourite songs (I listened to them last Monday):

    ‘Seven’ by Narcis Iustin Ianău
    ‘Spinning’ by Elena Cârstea Muttart
    ‘Criminal Mind’ by FreeStay
    ‘La donna di nero´by Liviu Mititelu
    ‘Ma Ma He’ by Diana Matei
    ‘Emilia’ by Electric Fence
    ‘Un Refren’ by Casa Presei

    Good luck.

  5. 1. Electric Fence – Emilia 10/12
    2. Casa Presei – Un refren 9/12
    3. Elena Cârstea Muttart – Spinning 7/12

    Good luck!

  6. i like

    Un Refren
    Criminal Mind

    and i’d complete the top 6 with

    La donna di nero

  7. I was going to ask for my hour back too, but then I realize than most of the videos with the lyrics…can be useful for college. So, at least I found some use in watching those…
    Weak, unoriginal and uninteresting songs. The dance ones are pretty bad.
    The only one I could listen complete is on the other semi.
    I will still watch both semis, at least for my own amusement.

    Btw, I don’t believe an article should have so many videos. It lags too much.

  8. The only ones I like are “One Heart” and “Firebird”

  9. I have listened to Luminta’s song now and was pleasantly surprised. It is a very well crafted ballad in musical style. But oh my, her English is still very bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her heading towards Malmö in May.

    Electric Fence FTW!

  10. A rather weak semi!
    The only songs i like:

    Electric Fence-Emilia
    Liviu Mititelu- La Donna Di Nero
    Diana Hetea- I Believe in Love.

  11. I must say I’ve had high expectations from the semi-finals in Romania and I’m disappointed in the quality of the songs.

    This are my favorites for tonight:

    – Anthony – Dream girl
    – Cezar Florin Ouatu – It’s my life
    – Diana Hetea – I believe in love
    – Liviu Cătălin Mititelu – La donna di nero
    – Luminița Anghel – Unique (This is my ultimate favorite. What an amazing song and what an fantastic voice Luminița has. This just have to win!)
    – Natalia Barbu – Confession

    Good luck Romania!

  12. Such a week year for this country. Although, Electric Fence for the win. :)

  13. I have just opened the Romanian webcast but only see an empty stage. There is still audience present though and one person in the audience sneezed some time ago which was the only acoustic information I have got so far …

  14. Is Casa Presei well-known in Romania? They are completely dominating the televoting…

  15. FreeStay is in
    so is Luminița Anghel

  16. yes! Electric Fence

  17. ohh looks like i missed the first two
    Casa Presei and someone else, i think

  18. The Romanian voters seem to have been smart. I taped the show and will watch it when I can.

  19. I heard only the entries that qualified. None of them is bad but nothing too great either I am afraid.
    I liked : Luminita (great ballad), FreeStay (refreshing song) and a bit Electric Fence (a good song, she is overperforming a bit imo). From the rest three Cezar is also good, he has an interesting voice. The other two (Tudor Turcu and Casa Presei) are rather mediocre imo.The first is repetitive to an annoying point and the 2nd is just dull.

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