Hungary: Semi-final One Tonight!

HungaryHungary – Hungary’s national selection A Dal has chosen 18 acts from an original 30 to go through from the heats to the semi-final stage. There will be the first semi-final tonight and the second tomorrow night. Nine acts will compete in each semi-final. You can watch tonight at 20.15 (CET) here. Check out who is still in the competition. In each semi-final, the jury will first choose two finalists. The televoters will then select two more qualifiers out of the remaining seven acts. The jury includes Magdi Rúzsa (2007 Hungarian Eurovision representative), Philip Rákay (director of M1 and M2), Viktor Rakonczai (1997 Hungarian Eurovision representative as a member of the band V.I.P), Csaba Walkó (lead singer of Compact Disco, the 2012 Hungarian Eurovision representatives) and Jenő Csiszár (TV and radio host).

During the heats, previous favourites of the jury included Laura Cserpes, Lilla Polyák, Gergő Rácz, Laci Gáspár & Plastikhead, Odett and András Kállay Saunders. Tonight they must choose 2 only. Who do you think they will support in this semi-final?

Tonight’s line up for semi-final 1

Laura Cserpes – ‘Élj pont úgy
Lilla Polyák – ‘Valami más
Peter Puskás – ‘Amíg a tűz ég
Laci Gáspár & Plastikhead – ‘A szeretet él
Odett – ‘Ne engedj el
András Kállay Saunders – ‘My baby
Tibor Gyurcsik – ‘Örök harc
Ildikó Keresztes – ‘Nem akarok többé játszani
Gergő Rácz – ‘Csak állj mellém’

The final will be held next Saturday, on March 2nd, at 20:15 (CET).

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64 comments on “Hungary: Semi-final One Tonight!

  1. Gergő Rácz – ‘Csak állj mellém’ : I like his voice a lot and the song is one of the better ones in this semi final I think. It has something that makes it stand out imo – 7.5/10

  2. Isn’t this just proving once again that juries/judges vote tactically? The songs are the same, the judges are the same – so why the hell do they give different scores from day to day? It’s just silly and I can’t take them seriously.

  3. Hungary 2005!I realy liked that one even though the live performance wasn’t great!

  4. NOX ! In my top 10 of all the songs of the previous decade.. :)

  5. NOX … great performance, very bad singing.

  6. Laura made it?I didn’t expect that.

  7. Laura Cserpes
    Ildikó Keresztes

  8. And Ildikó Keresztes!I expected her to make it.

  9. Awful results again… Laura = boring and I don’t understand why so many like Ildiko’s song. It’s one of the worst IMO. Oh well, I knew from the beginning that no matter what Hungary selects in the end it will be some average, boring stuff so I am not surprised.

  10. Who qualified, please somebody make a list of qualifiers! :)

  11. Ildiko yess!

  12. So tonight qualified :

    Ildikó Keresztes – ‘Nem akarok többé játszani‘
    Gergő Rácz – ‘Csak állj mellém’
    Laura Cserpes – ‘Élj pont úgy‘
    András Kállay Saunders – ‘My baby

    Well the results are not that bad..But the semi was not that exciting in terms of music either..I did not expect Ildikó Keresztes but it’s a pleasant surprise..!

    Waiting for the 2nd semi tomorrow.

  13. Well, at least my top two made it, even if they were both by televote.

  14. OK, my favorites are out once more. Oh my, what a national final season … LOL

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