Germany: Plagiarism Claim Gathers Pace

GermanyGermany – Cascada’s ‘Glorious‘, the winning song of Unser Song für Malmö, is currently under the spotlight as claims of Plagiarism gather pace. Germany’s NDR  has now “commissioned a musical audit” to examine claims that the song sounds too like ‘Euphoria’ by last year’s winner Loreen. NDR spokeswoman Iris Bents said the station would publish the result of the investigation. She said the song had also been accused of being a copy of work by French DJ David Guetta and Barbadian pop star Rihanna.

The composers of Glorious have rejected all allegations.

Cascada’s lead singer Natalie Horler told local news agency DPA: “If you like, we can superimpose one song on the other. They are two different songs.”

The issue arose when a phonetics expert, Tina John, was quoted in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper last wek saying that the two songs were “absolutely identical” at the beginning.

“The chorus uses the same accentuation, the ending peaks with the same combinations. The singers even use the same breathing methods,”John said.

German newspaper the Bild asked composer Thomas G:son, who wrote both ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Glorious‘ about the allegations. He responded:

“When the German authorities indeed believe that it might be plagiarism of one of our songs, they can investigate that. It’s their right to do so. In general, pop songs are alike.

“We definitely feel honoured. It’s not plagiarism to us, however. When you would look at the composition in a wavetable, you would see that 10,000 pop songs have similar courses.”

Do you think the songs sound the same?

249 thoughts on “Germany: Plagiarism Claim Gathers Pace

  1. Really ? “Euphoria” ? The last thing that came in mind when I heard “Glorious” was “Euphoria” really..If they disqualify them this season will lose one of its biggest assets till now and a big chance for another great result for Germany will be gone.

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