Germany: It’s Cascada for Malmö!

GermanyGermany – After an unusually diverse Unser Song für Malmö this evening, Cascada won the ticket to Eurovision 2013! They will now go directly into the final on 18th May, singing ‘Glorious‘.  After the regional radio votes (which were a bit of a farce with every vote practically the same!) La Brass Banda were out in the lead. Cascada however, cleaned up in the televote. Check out the winning song.

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258 comments on “Germany: It’s Cascada for Malmö!

  1. My daily paper did not mince words today. They called ‘Glorious’ saccharine shit and Natalie a yokel that would fit a village disco much more than the ESC stage. They also wrote that our 2013 entry was extremely chavvy and catering to the lowest desires of those yearning for silly entertainment. They finally stated (and regretted) that we were back to 2009 because nobody with any interest in the arts or quality entertainment cared whether she comes 1st or 25th in Malmö. Unfortunately, at least the last point is true. The respectable media will either ignore or bash ESC again this year, and the contest is back in the clutches of the yellow press … but then their level fits Cascada best anyway. :(

    • I could not agree more. ‘Glorious’ will not bring anything good to ESC. I personally blame those very silly jurors who should have buried from the start. Anyway, it’s saturday, it’s Estonia’s turn. :)

      P.S.: WARNING, bride in need of a hero looming on the horizon, WARNING!!!

  2. WOW 528,825 views and 4,908 likes! :-***

    And comments are positive from all around Europe and World! :)

    Israel included, I expect points from Israel!

    • You forgot about the universe, Marko. :)

      • I saw at least 15 great comments from Portugal..

        • I know, Marko. The eurofans love this! It’s just so typical them. I alluded to ‘Glorious’ in not very positive terms (that’s me being nice) on ESC Portugal a few days ago. Some people went berserk. LOL You should see how they react when I say that MF is not about songs. LOL

          • But that is not true, I see comments from ppl who don’t know what ESC is at all, and not to mention MF..some of my friends detest ESC and they love Cascada..

            In our OGAE it’s half half, some like some dislike, but Croatian OGAE mostly love!

            And I say for the last time, she will change dress for ESC 100%! They will invest in ESC entry more..

            • Marko, you love ‘Glorious’, I do not. It’s just another of our disagreements. We are about to have another one when it comes to the bride from Latvia. That’s what makes this site interesting. People are different.

            • I prefer Cyprus to Samanta Tine..

              I have to study now, if i want to watch anything this evening..

            • So do I. Go study and we’ll see you later on. :)

            • What do you study?

            • Have fun! In general I enjoy studying and learning very much. In fact, studying is almost synonymous with having a great time imho. ;)

            • ahaha I need to get on with fixing my English Literature coursework, I hate comparing shakespear though with these other texts i’ve done.

            • I taught English and American literature at university for some years (mainly drama, the modern novel, Shakespeare, romanticism and elegies …) but then I realised that I wanted to earn money too and left my beloved literature behind … :(

            • I took it complement my art, its been very useful I think. I like the Romantics, Yeats, Gillian Clarke, Seamus Heaney and Carol Ann Duffy. At the minute i’m using the Romantics to compare with Shakespeare’s Machbeth (Colleridges Frost at Midnight and Rime of ancient Mariner) and I have to compare it to Graham Swifts Post modernist, novel Waterland.

            • Sounds like an interesting project. 3 fantastic texts! :)

              Good luck!

      • Obviously the people giving positive comments aren’t stuck in paralysis/ time machine. They are pro contemporary eurovision, eurovision needs to move on and adjust toi the current music industry of this era, aw the popularity will die, eurovision has changed in the past at reflect the music industry at the time, and this is just another one of those transitions its undergoing at the minute.

        • schi2295, there is nothing modern about ‘Glorious’. Even some of those eurofans that I mentioned see that. Anyway, I am concentrating on other finals today. :)

  3. That is very rude to wrote in newspapers and to agree with! Village disco? Why is village bad? One of the best ESC was in village, so why not a village disco! ;) :-***

    • That’s another way of saying música pimba, Marko. Many Portuguese love it. The singers who perform these songs make money. One of them routinely throws huge shows at Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon.

    • Village disco seems to actually reduce the entry, hello its a club anthem, its not cheesy pop which you’d find at a ‘village’ disco.

      • What do you know about German village discos? Have you ever been to one? ‘Glorious’ is exactly the kind of music you would hear there.

      • No self respecting club would ever play an eurodance song like “Glorious”. Village disco is exactly what it is. The kind of music that is polluting the charts since 1992. 2 Unlimited being the best example from that era. Eurodance didn’t evolve one single bit in 20 years. Which is an achievement in itself.

    • I agree that it is not very nice but then we have freedom of press and freedom of speech almost everywhere in Europe, and everyone presenting a work of art or entertainment to the public has to deal with all kinds of different reactions. On the other hand, the irritation and wrath of this article makes perfectly evident what a massive blow Cascada’s victory is to the credibility of ESC here in Germany. Even if Cascada win, they will get nothing but scorn and derision and everyone with some importance in German culture will only conceive of victory as another proof of how shitty ESC has always been and still is. Call this attitude arrogant but that’s how things are here in Germany. In fact, this is why I was so much against Cascada winning. I knew what the reactions would be like and I love ESC too much to see it maligned, scorned and looked down upon all the time. All the credibility built in the last three years destroyed in one night only. :(

      • I understand the feeling of frustration that paper is expressing.

      • I saw very modern young ppl in the Dome when Cascada performed…they don’t fit to village ppl they have mentioned…

      • I dont think it was right for the Media to use foul language such as “shit” to describe the entry, anything like that would be censored in Britsh Media, but I do agree for the freedom of speech, but more academic and negative diction should be used to scron the entry, which isn’t foul.

        • Here is a quote without foul language from the same article (and don’t forget that we are talking about one of the two biggest and most respected German daily papers here):

          “Cascada represent a parochial concept of entertainment and the disco fox culture of communal party tents in remote places.”

      • tbh I can’t believe why they didnt scron Lena’s entry in 2010, now that was a cheap entry :D I would have personally perfered if Turkey had won, dont think you can get a rock song any better than Manga’s “we could be the same”, and then they should have sent Roman Lobb with standing still in 2011 and have won with that entry.

    • I agree, Millstreet was a great contest in a small place. :)

  4. Anyway waht I wanted to post was the update on the UK, BBC have officialy said this morning on BBC Radio 2, that the artist representing us will be announced on March 18th, The song will be premired on Friday 22nd March at 23:00/22:00.

  5. Well by Germany selecting Cascada, they might have done BBC and the UK a favour in riasing viewing figures, people who hated the once ‘dated cheesy’ esc, who wouldnt often watch it, will tune in becuase Cascada will be performing, as she’s popular in our country, especially amoung young people like me. And Ireland may ring in some more younger viewers for the BBC this year, Nial from one direction is Irish, and is geting all their fans to back his friend Zoe Alexis, So 1d fans may watch ESC this year too. Things look as if they are moving forward into the right direction, we defiently have Sweden to thank for this, for their epic club anthem last year.

  6. If the general attitude towards Cascada in Germany is hatred, I don’t see how they could have received maximum points from the televote, even if you assume that most people there don’t care about Eurovision at all. Could someone please explain to me what is SO terrible about ‘Glorious’? For me it would be infinite times more shameful if Ben Ivory was chosen for the sake of ‘symbolism’, ‘deep lyrics’ and ‘originality’ when he obviously can’t sing and Natalie can.

    • Hello, wake up! I was talking about critics and not the general public. That is a difference, you know. And then we only had 800.000 televotes in the national final. If we include all those people who vote more than once, that is a pretty dismal number and hardly representative of what people in Germany think and like. Most academics f. e. simply shun everything even tenuously related to ESC.

  7. Germany had so much better stuff to offer but hopefully LaBrassBanda is not the winner :) LOL! This national final shows that the best way to chose an entry is internal selection! Goodluck Germany!

  8. mf semi 3’s 2:30 snippets
    best semi so far (not a huge feat)


  9. I think it’s a shameless “Euphoria” clone only with worse lyrics…

  10. togravus- I dont think Finland thinks much of this silly song :)
    85 mill people and the best Germany can come up with is this rubbish.There must have been another option? anyway goos luck to her anyway-at least she is in the final..

    • And Germans accused her for that, I personally think that is not because it’s plagiarism, but because somebody don’t want Cascada, if they exclude them, I hope ESC burn in HELL..if that happens then ESC is the BIGGEST SHIT WHICH EXISTED on this Planet!! BOOOOOOO!!

      • German tabloid BILD started to make a big story out of it but in the end I expect that nothing will happen. Of course parts of ‘Glorious’ sound a bit like a happy version of ‘Euphoria’ but then most dance tracks sound pretty much alike anyway, at least to people who are not into this music style. I even know some people who do not like jazz and think that all jazz pieces sound the same … and I even know some people who think that all Romanesque churches look alike. LOL

        • I saw one interview with one German woman, I dunno who she is who accuses and accuses, like a maniac, she explained how detection of plagiates works! :S

          • And she told that is how they detected it.. :/

          • Do you have a link? Perhaps I know if this woman is important or not.

            Btw, I did not really get into this story because, as I said, I expect it to be much ado about nothing. I accidentally stumbled across it this morning when I checked Jan Feddersen’s blog on NDR’s site. BILD had appoached him for an expert statement and of course qouted one sentence only out of context, which gave the impression that the blogger was in favor of disqualification when in fact he thinks the whole affair silly and sour. Man, he was furious …

            • I have found on Croatian ESC site, translated in Croatian, it’s not video, it’s written interview, I will find name now..

            • IMO there have been worse cases of plagiarism in the contest. But that is not how these things work. Should some algorithmic program find that this is a case of plagiarism, then I can imagine that the last hasn’t been said about this.

            • I don’t think that you can approach cultural artefacts that way. If you do, all Romanesque churches in Soria Province should be considered plagiats of San Miguel in San Esteban de Gormaz. Of course all thos porticoed churches from the 12th century use the same forms and imagery but they are nevertheless cultural achievments in their own right imo. And living in a post-post-modern world, the concept of originality seems pretty much a thing of the past to me anyway. I’d rather say that Cascada quote (used in the meaning of post-modern aesthetics) ‘Euphoria’ and then turns the material they quoted into sth else. Whether I personally like the outcome or not is a totally different matter of course.

            • “Phonetician Tina John confirmed the plagiarism claims. “‘Glorious’ is a copy of ‘Euphoria’ with subtle stylistic differences,” she said.”


            • By the way, I always find it very hard to take someone named Tina serious

            • I have always adored that spot. :)

            • “The following day, the song was described in Focus Online as stale and out of date.” – This sounds like a more accurate description of Germany 13.

            • Tina John from Kiel, a linguist! they translated that she was accusing from the beginning, and that she won’t stop untill they disqualify…that reminds me of inquisition and call for lynch!

            • So Tina enjoys her 5 minutes of fame now. I have never heard of her before.

              Honestly, if they ditch ‘Glorious’ based on that plagiarism thing, I will become Cascada’s biggest supporter … but only concerning their participation in Malmö of course.

          • Plagiates are very in vogue here in Germany atm. Only last weak, our minister of education and science had to resign because Düsseldorf University revoked her PhD for reasons of plagiarism. That hype started some time ago when our defence minister had to resign for exactly the same reason and has been going on ever since … So, plariarism generates circulation, and that’s probably the reason BILD tries to make a big story out of it.

        • Someone get La Merkel involved.

    • That’s a very unglorious unfair. Trying to prove that may create an welcome precedent (or open a pandora’s box).

  11. Who is that insane to make plagiarism of last year winner??? ;/

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