Ireland: Full Songs Online! Vote Now for Your Favourite!

IrelandIreland – The national broadcaster of Ireland, RTE, today premiered the 5 Eurosong finalist songs on Radio 1, and 4 of the artists have released their official videos. The songs will go head to head on 22nd January with the winning song being decided by a split jury / televote. Check out the songs and tell us which is your favourite in our poll.

This year’s entries are:

Kasey – “Kiss Me There” – Composer: Drax. Mentor: Mairéad Farrell.
Inchequin – “Son Kez/The Last Time” – Composed by Hugh O’Neill and Sinead Bradley (Arranged by Tevfik Kulak). Mentor: Shay Healy.
Aimée Fitzpatrick – “Crashing Down” – Composer: Robert Grace. Mentor: Mark McCabe.
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez – “Fire” – Composers: Lauren White, Niall Mooney and Willie Weeks. Mentor: Niall Mooney.
Ryan Dolan – “Only Love Survives” – Composers: Wez Devine and Ryan Dolan. Mentor: Stuart O’Connor.

Sadly at the time of going to press it appears Kasey has not uploaded a video.

Listen to the songs and watch the videos and then vote in the poll below for your favourite!

Did you spot the cameo appearances in Ryan Dolan’s video from former uroision winner Linda Martin, Kian from Westlife and Daniel O’Donne?

Now Vote!

34 comments on “Ireland: Full Songs Online! Vote Now for Your Favourite!

  1. My ranking:

    1.Aimée Fitzpatrick – “Crashing Down”: A well-crafted ballad.I expect strong vocals and Aimee would be the best choice for a good result in Malmo.

    2.Ryan Dolan – “Only Love Survives”: A nice up-beat pop song.I will wait for the live performance though.

    Zoe Alexis Bohorquez – “Fire”: Its rather generic but ok overall.Will she be able to deliver live?We’ll see.

    Inchequin – “Son Kez/The Last Time”: A mix of sounds that ends up being a rather messy song.Weak.

    Kasey – “Kiss Me There”: Extremely weak and generic!The chorus is even weaker.By the way,kiss me there?

  2. Don’t know, don’t know!! Inchequin’s song is not bad /and it can benefit from Diasporas/ the same goes for Aimée Fitzpatrick but that is bit too pink for me! I’m sure someon here will support Zoe Alexis!

    Goodluck Ireland!

  3. (copy – paste)

    Well, the good news is that nothing is outright terrible here but unfortunately this is as far as the good news go. :(

    Oh my, Ireland, you do know that this is 2013, don’t you? What a dated, generic and uninspired bunch of songs.

    1. Aimée 6/12
    2. Kasey 6/12
    3. Ryan 5/12
    4. Inchequin 5/12 – what a huge disappointment!
    5. Zoe 4/12

    I expect Ireland to struggle this year. Good luck!

  4. Aimée would bring better results, I think. It has an Iceland 2009 vibe and past years show that Europe rewards Ireland when they stick to character and send ballads (2006, 2010).

  5. 1. Zoe – average and boring song, but IMO the best entry they could send. It sounds normal and could get a decent result if she’s good live. It borrows the “e-e-e-ey-e-e-e-eh” from Malta 2012 though = no points from Malta perhaps?

    2. Ryan – also an average and boring song. It probably sounds the most modern in this line-up, but the long notes in these kind of songs tend to sound anti-climactic live. That’s why I have it second. It gets boring much faster than “Fire”, the song should last less than 2 minutes IMO.

    3. Aimee – boooooooooooring and so forgettable.

    4. Inchequin – crappy and an odd mix of celtic and Turkish?

    5. Kasey – cheap CRAP!

    No 8th win for Ireland this year.

  6. ‘son kez’ is definitely the only song with soul and character. ‘inchequin’ has my vote and heart !

  7. Thanks for the links, hulluna. :) I’ll listen to them later on.

  8. 75 million people cannot be wrong… Inchequin …. Son Kez …MASSIVE HIT on iTunes… twitter response is amazing!

  9. Another year, another dull and generic line-up for the Irish NF. All I can say is that if these were the best five songs RTE could come up with, the others must have absolutely terrible!

    1. Kasey – “Kiss Me” (3/12) – Lame, repetitive and poorly-produced pop. Her vocals sounds ok though…
    2. Inchequin – “Son Kez/The Last Time” (4/12) – However interesting the combination of Celtic and Turkish sounds is, the song itself is dull as dishwater.
    3. Aimée Fitzpatrick – “Crashing Down” (6/12) – The clear stand-out. A nice, albeit woefully conventional ballad in the Irish Eurovision mould.
    4. Zoe Alexis – “Fire” (3/12) – Lame dance-pop that pretends to be modern, but just sounds dated and uninspired.
    5. Ryan Dolan – “Only Love Survives” (3/12) – I hate this! Cheesy dance-pop with a “message” so saccharine and insincere it makes my head hurt.

    So, another year of Eurovision mediocrity from Ireland. Even their best bet, Aimée Fitzpatrick would only be a borderline qualifier to the final in my opinion. Hopefully Ireland soon realise that it’s not 2002 anymore, and take note from Germany and Estonia, and start showing off some of their more unique, upcoming talent instead of this inane dross.

  10. if you look at this poll’s result, you would see the power of turkish diaspora all over Europe. You may get so many point. Btw, song is not that much weak in my opinion.

  11. Lol!We have an inchequin spammers invasion in this poll. :S

  12. Sorry, don’t wanna sound weird here, but to be honest I think Ryan’s song may get many points in the songcontest among young votesrs since it is a very uptempo number that can do very well in clublife.

    Just a idea?

    • I completely agree with you – I am only going on the facts that Inchequin have a huge fanbase right across Europe and the far East – they have worked very hard on this over 20 years and even old people like us are entitled to vote for this Irish-Turkish band – because we actually love the music… that is all…..

  13. I’ve listened to the Irish hopefuls. There are no songs to write home about. This is my first ranking:

    1. ‘Crashing Down’ (it’s a grower; waiting for the live rendition)
    2. ‘Only Love Survives’
    3. ‘Son Kez/The Last Time’
    4. ‘Kiss me there’
    5. ‘Fire’ (I really dislike this one)

    Good luck! :)

  14. No Swedish compositions?? :O When I heard entries earlier today i thoought alla are by Swedish songwriters..

    I have voted for Ryan Dolan!

  15. If Ryan Dolan can pull that off live, that would be an amazing entry!! Better than the Turkish one by miles!

  16. I’ll be rooting for Ryan Dolan (7.5/10).

  17. Based on my understanding of What Irish people would actually vote for I think Aimee will get it. Apity the video dosen’t show her perform. Ireland will always prefer a ballad and because this is the only ballad, well i think it is bound to win. also its a good ballad, way better than niamh Kavanaghs by far.

    Inchequin are quirky but I don’t see an Irish audiance voting for a Turkish representative, no matter how much diaspora it would get. The video is obviously Turkish, trust me guys that aint Ireland!!!

    Ryan Dolan is ok and I like the words which is strange for a dance song.

    The other two are not at the races I believe. The people who like that kind of music wont be watching the Late Late Show and definitley not the a ESC oreintated one.

    My guess is that it will be between Aimeé and Ryan, and I’d be happy with both, though personally I’d prefer Aimeé.

    There yah are now!!

    I think this is a better sellection than in recent years because preformers believed they could never beat Jedward, and they were right. Now with no Jedward we can have a real contest again.
    Its a pity that RTE for financial reasons have to lump the N.F. into the Late Late Show as it destroys the contest as the set is too smal and lacks atmosphere. I know that I don’t believe that the ESC has to be a big over expensive production but really could RTE not at least give it it’s own show in a TV studio????

    By the way Jedward seem to have disapeared apart from children’s TV.

  18. Ι voted for son kez, really good song. The other songs are so generic.

  19. Son Kez is clearly the best song! It is wonderful to listen to on this,but imagine how it will sound live! Inchequin are going to blow everyone away! Also we will get all the Turkish votes and a good few German votes as I seen on their website that they have played in Germany many times! Vote Inchequin!

  20. The club songs are average same as the ballad.
    “Kiss me there” is horrible…
    I liked “Son Kez” very much !!! ( No surprise there :P )

  21. I voted for Son Kez not because it’s half Turkish but it’s clearly the best of all…Good luck

  22. I’m sorry but Son Kez is horrid

  23. Live performance by Ryan Dolan…

  24. […] Ireland: Full Songs Online! Vote Now for Your Favourite! (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

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