Serbia: Beosong Entrants Revealed!

SerbiaSerbia – The identities of the 15 artists that will compete in this year’s Serbian Beosong competition have finally been confirmed by national broadcaster RTS. All 15 participants will compete in a semi-final on March 2nd. The top 5 will go forward to the national final the next day on March 3rd. Televoters will choose the winner. Have a look at the 15 hopefuls…

All artists had to be Serbian. Here’s the 15 finalists, the song they will sing.

1. “Moja svetlosti” – Igor Terzija
2. “Što prolazim” Dušan Zrnić
3. “Za tebe živim” Kristina Savić
4. “Savršen kraj” Aleksandra Dabić
5. “Usne kadifa” Kal
6. “Tren” Žarko Stepanov
7. “Svetla pale se za nas” Ksenija Kočetova
8. “Blagoslov” Maja Nikolić
9. “Spas” Dušan Svilar
10. “Ruža od baruta” Nenad Milosavljević
11. “Anđeo s neba” Maja Odžaklijevska
12. “Halo” Marija Mihajlović
13. “Ljubav je svuda” Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović, Sara Jovanović
14. “Magija” – SKY’s (girl band – Ksenija Knežević, Dana Gašić Gavaja, Anđela Vujović)
15. “Duga u tvojim očima” Saška Janković

The 15 songs were internally chosen by a Serbian jury inclusing Biljana Krstić (music editor), Momčilo Bajagić (musician, composer), Vladimir Maričić (composer, pianist), Dragoslav Stanisavljević (music editor) and Dobroslav Predić (music editor).

Here’s a look at some of the artists. As in many countries this year there are many young contestants who have recently found fame in singing contests such as Idol, The Voice etc as well as some older and well established national acts.

Igor Terzija – There are several videos online of his time competing in Serbia’s Prvi glas Srbije (The Voice) singing contest last year

Dušan Zrnić – Made his name on Serbian Idol in 2008.

Kristina Savić

Aleksandra Dabić found fame on The Voice last year

Maja Nikolić has entered Beosong previously and courts some controversy with her love of showing off her body.

Dušan Svilar  is another who came to fave via Idol

Nenad Milosavljević  (of Galija) will be one of the most famous artists performing at Beosong this year. His very famous Yugoslav rock band was formed in the 1970s.

Maja Odžaklijevska was well known across the former Yugoslavian states in the 1980s.

Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović, Sara Jovanović – These are the three finalists of the 2012/2013 season of “The Voice”

SKY’s – This is Dana, a finalist from this year’s Serbia’s Got Talent show, with two of her high school friends.

Saška Janković – another one from The Voice

34 comments on “Serbia: Beosong Entrants Revealed!

  1. Good luck to my favourite ESC country! :)

  2. How much I love to see Serbia in Eurovision…I think I’ll have more than one favorite

  3. Actually Dusan Zrnic was in Idol 2003/2004. It was first of only two seasons of that show in Serbia.
    There will be a lot of quality singers and songs for sure!
    Here is my favorite song of Dusan Svilar

    • And a song of Kal i like very much…

      • Thanks for the video link :)

        • You welcome, here I have couple of more:
          Nevena Bozovic – Jutro (Part of The Voice trio, song of Jelena Tomasevic)

          Aleksandra Dabic – Born this way (Gaga)

          Saska Jankovic – Dance again (J.LO)

          Marija Mihajlovic – Kao stakleno (Singed for group Duck, song from 90’s)

          Kristina Savic – Meni Hvala Nijedno (Song of Tose proeski, I think)

          • (Kristina’s link)

          • “Jutro” is my dad’s favourite song. :)

            • It is awesome song, I was so sad when i heard she did not win Evropesma-Evropjesma…
              But it remained popular after many years (unlike song that won that year), and it will remain popular for long time more… :)

            • I agree, that song has all the ingredients of a classic. :)

            • I love “Jutro” too. Especially the lyrics are among the best ESC related lyrics ever imo. But the song is majestic, dramatic and intense too, and they are the main ingredients to make a good ESC song for me.

              It’s interesting to look back at Evropesma. It was such a ticking bomb that sooner or later would just explode.

      • This is great! :)

  4. The quality in this national final makes me really excited! And there are so many contenders. Serbia could have a big chance in 2013 I think.

  5. i don’t like serbian entries , i just loved molitva others were either bad or copy of other songs

  6. Maja Odzaklijevska’s song is arranged by Marko Kon (Serbia 2009)!

    I hope Nevena, Mirna & Sara will be good

    And I have high hopes for SKY’s and Saska Jankovic!

    And favorites to win Beosong before listening to the songs are, in this order:

    1. Nevena, Mirna & Sara
    2. Dusan Svilar
    3. Maja Nikolic
    4. Saska Jankovic

    • I just hope that Mare composed good song for the girls, because of all this PGS mania, they will be in top no matter of song, and maybe even win… Hope for something like he wrote for Beauty Queens (Voljena, Ne mogu te naci).

  7. I see too many people from the so called …talent shows in this line-up :(
    But on the other hand, Serbia never lets me down. In fact since 2007, they missed my top 10 only once: 2010.
    Best of luck!

    • But that doesn’t mean it’s not quality (coming from talent show)…please just check the last video Hulluna posted, and tell me isn’t that better than 70% of performances in ESC!

      And i think that 2011 Greek entry you loved A LOT is from talent show! ;)

      • No, certainly not; but usually the singers from those talent shows are at best average. There can be exceptions though.
        Re: Greece 11, I’ve noticed that for the last 2 years or so, you keep saying that I loved it. I repeadly said to you that “Watch my dance” is just #16 on my list for that year. Still, you keep saying that I loved it. I don’t really know why are doing this tbh. It’s more than obvious that for the last few hours you are in the mood for quarrell; well, guess what: I’m not.
        Good night to you.

        • No I’m not, I thought that you really love it!

          I’m sorry really!

          Please check that song and tell me was that bad or good?

  8. And also Aleksandra Dabic tweeted post from this site about announcing composers not from official RTS, or Eurovision.tv.

  9. Maja Odzaklijevska is GREAT vocalist, she is from Macedonia and she won Jugovizija, but she was unlucky that Yugoslavia didn’t take part that year in ESC!

    She also participated in Skopje Fest!

    Her performance from Skopje fest 1994, in Macedonian language..

  10. Good luck, Sérvia! :)

    • I suggest to you too, to check the last link Hulluna posted!

      And Saska Jankovic took part in 2009 Beovizija with this ballad, in GREEN DRESS :D :P, strong vocally and a bit of jazz in the end:

      She passed to the final then, and was totally anonymous, so I can hope this time she has some chance to win, because now she is more popular…

  11. I cannot wait to listen to the songs of the serbian national final..! Serbia has had its ups and downs in esc but from the country that provided the unique masterpiece “Oro” in the contest I can always have high expectations..The only name of this bunch that I seem to recognise for reasons I cannot remember right now is Maja Nikolić..Good luck !

  12. It looks like Serbia will disappoint after all.

  13. This is Great Can´t Wait To listen their songs !!! god luck Serbia !!

    http://xat.com/EUROVISIONPLACE join us here !!

  14. But I do have feeling that Toggie, Shevek, Laila, and others will be disappointed with this year entry because they expect too much from this festival…and this year there are many unknown both singers and songwriters…and I expect different than our entries in past to win…and MAYBE i can like it this time, but they will be disappointed..

  15. […] Serbia: Beosong Entrants Revealed! […]

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