Poll: Which Song Should the Spanish Choose?

spainSpain – This year’s Spanish representative, El Sueño De Morfeo, premiered their 4 eurovision songs earlier this week. Now you’ve had time to listen to them a few times, which one do you think should be the one to go to Malmo? Vote online here in our poll and let us know which you like best.
Vote here:

Here are the four songs as a reminder…

56 comments on “Poll: Which Song Should the Spanish Choose?

  1. I won’t vote since the full versions of the songs that are already in the final are not yet available.

  2. Dame tu voz..

  3. OMG tomorrow rehearsals from MF!

    But I wait more for the 3rd semi!

    Still I think Sean Banan – “Copacabanana” will be EXTRAA! :D

  4. Won’t vote either, but so far, from what I’ve heard, Contigo Hasta El Final.
    Seems that’s the most liked by the Spanish too.

  5. Another song from the Romanian pre-selection.
    A dramatic song by Luminita Anghel.The accent is a minus.

    • For the first min and half I was thinking “Well, this is good! I like i!” and then…the first part repeated itself and god…all the interest I had banished.
      This is the type of song that makes the listener wonder “What comes next?” and that’s what traps and makes one listen to it fully.
      This one becomes interesting, to transform into predictable and boring.
      What a wasted potential :(

  6. Croatia has problem to find a propper klapa to sing chosen song “Mizerja”, many good and quality klapas refused to perfrom because traditioanlly klapa consists of 8 male vocalas and ESC rules say it must be 6 persons on the stage maximum! It’s not good situation because if somebody sends smth traditioanl I want that to be REAL and klapa consists of 8, so I’d like 8! :(

  7. “Atrévete” sounds like their best bet. It has a stronger refrain, but weaker verses. “Contigo…” has stronger verses, but don’t seem to have a strong refrain. It also sounds more celtic, which I like, so “Atrévete” FTW!

  8. Atrevete gets my vote :)

  9. off topic: Tenfold Rabbit performing their song “Balance Of Water And Stone”.

    • I feel quite underwhelmed. Yes, it is a well crafted peice of music but not as good as the masterpiece ‘Oblivion’. Plus it probably won’t get anywhere because the song is neither instant nor memorable. It is one of those songs that get better and better the more you listen to it. All in all, too subtle, I am afraid.

      • I agree.I find it a bit all over the place tbh.So,i have no idea who will win Eesti Laul this year.Põhja tallinn are just average with this new version and my favorite Grete Paia didn’t deliver live.I hope,she improves! :( Maybe.,they’ll go for Facelift Deer.

        • I will listen to all Estonian hopefuls on the weekend and then come up with a pre-Eesti Laul ranking. I won’t work much anyway with both the alpine skiing and biathlon world championships taking place atm. :)

        • To my knowledge apart from Põhja-Tallinn (who are the runaway favourites at the moment :(), Grete Paia and Elina Born are also tipped to do very well.

          • If it’s between those 3,i hope Grete will win!It’s the most interesting song and she sings it with the right attitude.However,she really needs to improve her live performance.

            • To be honest, I think that’s a distinct possibility. Judging by the live videos we’ve seen so far, I don’t expect “Meil on aega veel” to come across that well live. Also there’s the chance that by March, the Estonian people will be starting to get sick of the song that has been so heavily exposed since early December. We can only hope ;)

            • Count me in on the ones who can only hope.

            • Liisi Koikson and “Üle vee” FTW! I am falling in love with Sara’s song.

            • I like Liisi Koikson very much also, but I fear she has a very slim chance indeed of making the final. My personal favourites are Tenfold Rabbit and Facelift Deer, although I like many others…

            • the slimest. :(

            • Et uus saks alguse and taevas valgeks laeb have grown on me. I do prefer facelift deer, tenfold rabbit or flank.

              Lune surnoise is another favorite of mine.

  10. Atreverte got my vote!

  11. I’m watching Anton Ewald’s rehearsal from 2nd MF semi atm, there are so much oh oh oh ohs :D :D I have a feeling whole snippet is in oh oh ohs..this is definitely for SHEVEK! hahahah :P :D

  12. Hahahahaha Swedish Housewives is even “better” for Shevek – “I’m on the top of the World Baby, dancing on the top of the World!” :D :D

    I also quite dislike this cheesy entry!

  13. Another Irish contestant official video.

    Part with E, e, e, e, is very similar to Kurt Calleja’s last year :)

  14. Ugh. Atrevete lyrics are nauseatingly saccarine self help crap. Luckily, Spaniards seem to be leaning towards Contigo hasta el final.

  15. Here you can listen to a 1 min snippet of the songs from 2nd semi in Melodifestivalen (on the right side of the page) http://www.svt.se/melodifestivalen/anton-ewald-blir-en-fjaril

    • Thanks!

      I like Felicia better but didn’t mind Erik&Tone, Joacim and Louise. Not a great bunch tbh. It’s a shame Rikard has a bigger chance of being crowned King of Sweden than making it.

      Anton is terrible but if Sean Banan wins MF Brazilians should stone the Swedish embassy.

    • Thanks!

      Based on the rehearsal snippets:

      Anton – just another Swedish ‘Man, I am so hot!’ dance clone …
      Felicia – nice and gentle
      Erik & Tone – generic
      Swedish House Wives – silly and lame schlager from the 90s
      Joacim – nice ditty
      Louise – nice retro vibes
      Rikard – nice nostalgic vibes
      Sean Banan – no comment!

      • Louise Hoffsten FTW!! the best in MF 2013 till now for me! But she will stay in semis! :(

        Sean Banan really NO COMMENT, I don’t know what lyrics say, because last year they had point, but this is ridiculous! :/ And a BIG LET DOWN for me..

      • And Felicia Olsson when sings chorus, i don’t hear her voice at all, only backing vocals! :(

    • Rikard Wolff FTW!

      His song is so much my cup of tea. Nostalgic and melancholic. But my money is on Anton and Joacim.

      Btw, I’m gonna watch the rehearsal in Gothenburg tomorrow (yay). It will be interesting to see if Danny will be able to make the show throughout without stumbling…

      • “Rikard Wolff FTW!”

        I agree … but “nicht in tausend kalten Wintern” (not in a thousand cold winters) as we say here in Stuttgart. :(

        • You are probably right. That German say made me think about another German say I like and which I think somewhat symbolize MF:

          “Die dümmsten Bauern haben die grössten Kartoffeln”: the most silly songs does often score the best… :(

      • What about Louise?I read she is quite popular in Sweden but it’s her first time entering M.F.

        • Yes, Louise is quite popular in her genre (blues rock) but I doubt they are the keenest MF watchers. She is a bit the same as Eric Gadd from last week, someone who had his/her best time about 15 years ago. I’m actually a bit uncertain how it will end, but if you ask me with a gun pointing at my head, I’d say she will not qualify.

          • Andra chansen, maybe? Like Erik.

            • It’s absolutely possible that she will make it to Andra chansen. But unlike Eric, she is not the most famous singer this week. Eric and David were the only well-known singers from the first semi, while this semi is full of familiar faces. And Swedes tend to vote for familiar faces, sadly.

          • I see!Thanks!I hope she will at least have a chance to make it to AC.

  16. I did not vote, because I do not know all the songs.

  17. On the Swedish snippets:
    Anton Ewald – Begging It sounds forgettable!I’ll wait for the full song.
    Felicia Olsson – Make me no 1: It’s a solid ballad.I read that their inspiration was Adele.You can tell that the composer is Maria Haukaas.It sounds like some of her other songs.
    Joacim Cans – Annelie: It sounds like a nice country song.
    Swedish House Wives – On top of the world: The queens of Schlager…lol!
    Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli – Hello goodbye: I can’t tell about this one.It can go either way.
    Louise Hoffsten – Only the dead fish follow the stream: My favorite form the snippets!
    Rikard Wolff – En förlorad sommar: Swedish may love him but his ballad left me cold tbh.
    Sean Banan – Copacabanana: His usual thing.A very catchy chorus and a wacky stage presentation.I think,he will qualify.

  18. On the snippets:
    Anton Ewald: Meh. Toggie said it best. It’s exactly what Sweden likes, and it’s awful. Will (undeservedly) make the second chance round, at least.
    Felicia Olsson: Could go either way right now, in my opinion. I can see it being one of my favorites of Melodifestivalen, or I can see it sounding incredibly fake and boring after the full song. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    Erik Segerstedt & Toni Damli: Generic but enjoyable. I can see myself rating this above average.
    Swedish Housewives: LOL. This is awful in every way.
    Joacim Cans: Meh. Underwhelming snippet.
    Louise Hoffsten: Awesome title that creates a vivid image. The song isn’t great, but the snippet makes it sound better than most (if not all) the others.
    Rikard Wolff: Pretty and lovely, but if Anna couldn’t make it through last semi, this one stands no chance.
    Sean Banan: I’m not going to lie. I tend to like the particular brand of silliness that is Sean Banan, but this year’s song doesn’t seem as interesting as last year’s song.

    • My opinions on the MF semi-final 2 snippets…

      Anton Ewald – “Begging” (4/12) – Didn’t David Lindgren perform this same song and choreography last week? ;)

      Felicia Olsson – “Make Me No. 1” (6/12) – A nice ballad, although it’s wrecked a little when Felicia is drowned out by the pre-recorded backing vocals in the chorus :/

      Erik Segerstedt & Toni Damli (6/12) – Nice, but unimpactful.

      Swedish Housewives (2/12) – This is awful – just awful.

      Joacim Cans (4/12) – Below average.

      Louise Hoffsten (6/12) – Like many here I love the title, but the song itself is underwhelming and predictable. A big disappointment :(

      Rikard Wolff (5/12) – I don’t personally like this ballad, although I can see it’s appeal.

      Sean Banan (2/12) – A throw-away comedy act “singing” a tacky dance-pop song.

      • Oops, hadn’t finished writing!

        My opinion…

        To the final: Felicia Olsson and Louise Hoffsten
        Andra Chansen: Erik Segerstedt & Toni Damli and Rikard Wolff.

        My prediction…

        To the final: Anton Ewald and Sean Banan
        Andra Chansen: Felicia Olsson and Louise Hoffsten.

        • I am afraid that the housewives will go to Andra Chansen instead of one of those two. I hope I am wrong. If I remember correctly, it’s 100% televoting.

  19. I’ve gone through the Swedish snippets. Some seem to be interesting:

    Felicia Olsson – “Male Me No 1”
    Joacim Cans – “Annelie” – AQUI
    Louise Hoffsten – “Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream ”
    Rikard Wolff – “En förlorad sommar” (this one is probably the best)

    Erik Segerstdt & Tone Damli – “Hello Goodbye” does nothing for me.

    The rest is the usual silly and pointless MF fare. The silly stuff will reach the final and perhaps one or two of the interesting songs have a second chance. I won’t be wasting much time on this semi tomorrow. Good luck.

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