Junior Eurovision 2013: It’s Kiev

jnr esc 2013Junior Eurovision – As expected after Ukraine’s win in Amsterdam in December, it was confirmed today by the EBU Reference Group that the next Junior Eurovision will be held in Kiev, at the”Ukraine” Palace on November 30th 2013. This holds an audience of 3,700. No format has been announced yet, this is under discussion and it is hoped to attract more participants this year. Source: EscKaz

7 comments on “Junior Eurovision 2013: It’s Kiev

  1. I don’t give a rat’s ass :)

  2. Brilliant news. I am sure Ukraine will put on a good show. Already we know Holland, Belgium and Ukraine are taking part. Hopefully Bulgaria and Serbia will return again in 2013 and maybe debut by San Marino who wanted to take part in 2012

  3. Actually I like this year’s winning song a lot more then most adult songs.

  4. I thought much it would end up being Ukraine, EBU would have been against Azerbaijan hosting it after how the Azeri goverment used ESC as a vehichle for propaganda and to paint a false idealist picture of Azerbaijan. Only thing is though having it hosted in Ukraine probably wont attract western countries back, either Russia or Sweden would have been my choice for JESC 2013. But one things for sure they need to scrap the old format and bring in some new rules, no proffesional singers should be allowed to compete, no English in the songs, where English isn’t the native langauge, so that all countries are on the same playing field, the competions age limit should be narrowed down to 13 – 17’s, but highered to 17 since it seems to be geting more common seeing young performers at this age, in the UK you’re more able to bounce yourself into the music industry round about 17, it also will make the contest more ethical and be of higher quality.

    But if the age was highered in JESC, that would also mean in the main ESC performers would have to be 18 and over.

  5. Well i do perfer some JESC entries compared to the ESC entries allready selected for this year, means I dont have to hear some european trying to make a futile attempt to sing in English, becuase theres no english hardly in JESC entries, they sing in their strongest language , their native one.

  6. I hope more countries will be back next year and that the entries will be stronger then. I don’t want JESC to die, it’s fun.

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