Iceland: Will Choose Tonight!

IcelandIceland – The Songvakeppnin Icelandic national final kicks off at 19.45 (CET) and we will know another act and song for Malmo by just after 23.00! Check out the live steam tonight here and let us know your thoughts on the performances as they happen! Check out the acts performing in tonight’s live final:

The finalists

Magni Ásgeirsson- “Ekki líta undan
Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm- “Lífið snýst
Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson- “Ég á líf
Birgitta Haukdal- “Meðal andanna
Jógvan Hansen & Stefanía Svavarsdóttir- “Til þín
Haraldur Reynisson- “Vinátta
Unnur Eggertsdóttir- “Ég syng!


The two songs which made it to the superfinal were:

Unnur Eggertsdóttir- “Ég syng!” and Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson- “Ég á líf

The overall winner, and Iceland’s representative in Malmo was chosen!

Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson– “Ég á líf


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168 comments on “Iceland: Will Choose Tonight!

  1. I dont get why people arent liking Switzerland 2013, its way better compared to some of the dismal entries selected so far, theres only that and Denmark I can press replay all the time becuase they sound so good, Albania I wont even touch as it just reminds me of their past JESC debut entry, too boring, and well Lithuania and Belgium sound a mess vocally and the diction is poor, shame Roberto can’t change his song into French, he sounded a lot more confident singing in French as a opposed to English, allthough Lithuania’s entry might sound better in Lithuanian or Russian than English, might make it slightly boring, I dont know.

  2. Aw and theres new rumours from the UK about this group called Loveable Rogues which might be sent to Malmo to represent UK, they’re classed as rap rock/acoustic rock/pop rock/hip hop, they were one of the contestants in last years Britians got tallent, didnt win, but they sounded fresh, and probably would be quite original for Eurovision.

  3. I did know what to say about the Icelandic choice. Somehow, Iceland managed to ditch the best available songs (the best one did not even reach the final) and ended up with two not so good options. The girl in red had the worst song on offer and the blond guy did try hard to follow in Kuula’s footsteps (I am alluding to parts of his performance when he raises his voice). It’s not a disaster, but I wonder how on earth did they dismiss so many better songs? Too much to drink? Too little? Too much bubble gum? It’s a conundrum. :)

  4. The best Icelandic options struggled to qualify and we have what we have. Actualy I don’t think this is horror. This is bold dated average, but some times during Christmas this could be could be good background melody for a Christmas tree . I like to listen to this much more then to watch this entry.. Hope they won’t decide to kill the main attractive thing this entry has: The language! Goodluck Iceland!

    • I am very much afraid that they will ditch the lovely Icelandic language, AvatArmenia. I am not at all optimistic about that.

      • I hope not either, its such a beautiful language, personally I think there should be a simialr language rule like there is in JESC, where only 25% of the song can be in English, it would definetly improve Belarus’s and possibly Netherlands and Belgiums results, I kinda perfer Dutch in songs.

  5. 2013:

    1. Ukraine 8/10
    2. Iceland 5,5/10
    3. Albania 5/10
    4. Denmark 2/10
    5. Switzerland 1/10
    6. Lithuania 0/10
    7. Malta 0/10
    8. Belgium 0/10

    • Judged on live performances:

      1. Malta 9/12 (will be my first 10/12 … or even 12/12 if polished and with better vocals)
      2. Albania 8/12 (waiting for the 3 minute version …)
      3. Ukraine 7/12 (waiting for the finished product because the song performed in the NF sounded like a demo version)
      4. Lithuania 6/12 (will climb significantly with less gimmicks and better English)
      5. Denmark 6/12 (average in every way)
      6. Iceland 6/12 (I like this one much more in studio version. But it is so dated that I don’t want it in ESC anyway.)
      7. Switzerland 5/12 (tacky and performed with very little charisma)
      8. Belgium 3/12 (a compositional and vocal trainwreck. I’ll give it 3/12 for now because I hope for a miracle. Unfortunately 3/12 is as good as this one can get considering what they have to work with.)

      • Malta 6= although its good and different compared to some of the cheese malta have sent in the past, it still needs some polishing up.

        Denmark 10= very emotional uptempo entry, full of meaning, its fresh and contemporary, but I realy hope its performed better live, I was realy disapointed when I watched the live version compared to the studio version, autotune has obviously been used :(

        Switzerland 6 or 7= It is a decent entry, but the live vocal performance is disapointing, but I do see it more of a qualifyer compared to tacky gimicy and poor English Lithuania and Belgium, andit does have more umpth compared to Malta and the rather dull Icelandic entry.

        Ukraine 7

        Iceland 5

        Lithuania 3, more or less similar to how I scored Lithuania last year, why can’t they bring back the quality of 2011, thats got to be my favourite Lithuanian entry by far.

        Belgium 2, theres some credit it there considering it isnt as bad as Belgium 2000, 2002, 2007, 2009 and 11, sorry but capella isnt my thing thats why I didnt like 2011, it was pretty naff and unprofessional.

        Albania 4 or 5, I’ve slightly changed my mind about this one, although its rather forgetful entry for me , and not one of my favourite Albanian entries, vocally it does sound decent. And I do perfer it to Lithuania and Belgium I’d say anyday.

  6. Although Iceland is one of my top 5 favory ESC countries i dont like the song :( Maybe i have to hear it many times until to say my final desicion. But will be better to like it from the first hear ( like last year ) :)

  7. Good song, although it doesn’t compare to the masterpieces Iceland sent in the 2011 and 2012.

  8. The song that Electric Fence submitted to the Romanian national selection this year. I really like it, and it’s about the same quality as last year’s entry.

  9. Yess! finaly changed my gavatar, think its better to display true indentity :)

  10. just boring boring boring, make me sleep this song , neeeeext, good luck

  11. Horrible choice Iceland

  12. Good luck Iceland-I wont put down any finalist! At least it is in Icelandic…

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