San Marino: Oh Oh-Uh-Oh Oh Valentina Returns!

SanMarinoSan MarinoValentina Monetta is back for more in Malmo! Today it was announced that Valentina would, for the second year running, be the representative of San Marino. The song will be Crisalide, (Chrysalis) and is composed once again by Ralph Siegel. Valentina was a bundle of fun last year and it will be interesting to see if she tries her more usual style of jazz/soul this year after last year’s novelty song fell flat.

20 comments on “San Marino: Oh Oh-Uh-Oh Oh Valentina Returns!

  1. t’s really great to see microstate like San Marino tries to do smth good in Eurovision! Valentina is amazing choice! She is a great singer, she just needs a good song for make it through the Final, I dont think that R. Siegel is a good choice as a composer of the song, but we’ll see! Good luck to them! :)

    • Bert kozlovskiy here, oh my gods i love valentina so much her song last year was my favourite. But the british german singer cascada will be my favourites this year. Germany you better pick cascada other wize i will hate you for ever oks germanys? I hope you hear me germany pick cascada other wize i hate you oks? Bbc i hope u hear me if germany dont pick cascada then you pick her oks as her mother and father from uk and cascada speak with a uk acent. Thank you good bye

      • LOL :D I cant imagine why someone would go for something dismal and dated over Cascada, realy hope the Germans dont go making the wrong decision like France and Belgium have done allready.

  2. I’ll keep an open mind just because I think that Valentina can deliver vocally. Anyway, it can’t get worse than their “song” last year.
    Best of luck!

  3. Ralph Siegel again…Poor Valentina :s

  4. Btw. You can hear snippets from third semi of MGP here http://nrk.no/multimedia/1.10869294

  5. Some may be dissapointed, but finally Valentima may have the chance to redeem serhelf after last year. She does have a pretty nice voice and the song sounds promising (and in Italian, that’s a plus). San Marino might be up there..

  6. sorry not posted much, not been well the last two days.

    I’m really happy Valentina is going back, she was sooooo much fun and so sweet and just so happy all the time last year. I also think she has a fantastic voice and I want her to get a great beautiful song to show people her vocal abilities and a real classy side to her this year.

  7. My beloved Valentina and my beloved Ralph Siegel again :). Is it Christmas right now?

  8. I hope their attempt will be serious this time. She is a decent singer, but the song is most likely to suck if it’s a Siegel-song.

  9. they have to be on drugs…no other explanation….

  10. Valentina and Siegel got my hopes up last year about this “fantastic” song they were gonna perform for Eurovision. So considering they’ve fooled me once, my expectations are very low. However, I do think IF the song is very strong and if Valentina is confident in her performance it could do well. Usually the case of returning ESC singers/bands is that their 2nd time is worse, but with Valentina it could only be a pleasant surprise.

  11. In a final where there’s 17 countires, all she has to do is get a 13th, 12th, or 11th place to better herself. But, I hope for a qualification, San Marino deserves it.

  12. I think he should write the song for Germany and not San Marino (connection??).

  13. Well. either there is not another singer in San Marino, or they simply troll us. Again with Ralph Siegel? Do they think that their last year entry was successfull and they want to repeat it? Ofcourse if their song this year is much much much much better than last year trash i won’t have problem on them. But i have to admit that the song title is nice.

  14. Well if she fails to qualify San Marino two years in a row, it’ll kinda look embarasing for her and, her country, so I think she’ll probably be deteremind to deliver a decent entry.

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