Norway: 3rd Heat Songs Online!

NorwayNorway – The next seven songs to take part in the Melodi Grand Prix selection have been revealed online. You can listen to them all on the official NRK website here. Let us know which is your favourite of the seven songs just revealed! The next heat will take place in Larvik on Saturday night.
The entrants are:

Gothminister  – Utopia
Adelén – Bombo
Lucky Lips- Sweet & Heavy
Gaute Ormåsen – Awake
Anina – The Young
Winta – Not Afraid
Sirkus Eliassen – I Love You Te Quiero

The top three songs will go through to the final at the Oslo Spektrum on 9th February.

Norway will take part in the second Semi-Final on the 16th of May.

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80 comments on “Norway: 3rd Heat Songs Online!

  1. Here are the full songs from semi 3:

    Anina Stang “The young”

    “The young” acoustic version (I like this more)

    Gaute Ormåsen “Awake”

    Adelen “Bombo” (this has grown on me)

    Lucky lips “Sweet & heavy”

    Winta (I dont have a link to this)

    Sirkus Eliassen “I love you te quiero”

    Gothminister “Utopia”

    • The 3rd semifinal looks weak to be honest. The song that i liked most is Utopia, but the style of Gothminister is really creepy, even Lordi look like children dolls compared to them :D.
      Sirkus Eliassen have a nice song too, but IMO norwegian language doesn’t fit with songs of this kind. “The Young” is too americanish for my taste, “bombo” is a bad song, and i think that i’ve heard its melody in other song (i don’t remember which one). “Sweet and heavy” is sweet but not heavy at all. And “awake” is just bad.

  2. I take it back :
    Actually , Gaute Ormåsen’s song is quite good ! “Utopia” and “Awake” to the Final definitely !
    My 3rd choice would be either one of the summerish songs or the country one !
    Still couldn’t listen to Winta’s full song !

  3. I will use this show as warming phase for the Maltese final tonight. I did not find Winta’s song. Out of the other 6, I’d send Gaute, Lucky Lips and Gothminster to the final …

    … and Gothminster to Malmö! GOOO Gothminster!!!

  4. […] Norway: 3rd Heat Songs Online! (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

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