Hungary: A Dal Draw Revealed

HungaryHungary – The line-ups for the three A Dal heats have been revealed by the Hungarian broadcaster MTVA. It is understood that rehearsals took place behind closed doors yesterday and it is hoped some filmed rehearsals will take place tomorrow. The heats begin on 2nd February. Check out the video of the songs…
Here’s the line-ups for the three heats:

Heat 1 – 2nd February

Agárdi Szilvi-Pál Dénes – Szíveddel láss
Background – Neonzöld
Baricz Gergő – Húz
Bogi – Tükörkép
Fehér Zoltán – Nincs baj
Gyurcsik Tibor – Örök harc
Keresztes Ildikó – Nem akarok többé játszani
Mrs Columbo – Játszd újra
Palcsó Tamás – Ezt látnod kell
Rácz Gergő – Csak állj mellém

Heat 2 – 9th February

Bye Alex – Kedvesem
Éliás Gyula – Mindhalálig várni rád
Janicsák Veca – Új generáció
Kállay Saunders András – My baby
Odett – Ne engedj el
Plastikhead feat Gáspár Laci – A szeretet él
Rami – Puzzle
Szabó Ádám – Hadd legyen más!
Vastag Tamás – Holnaptól
Völgyesi Gabi – Csak te légy

Heat 3 – 16th February

Brasch Bence – Túl egyszerű
Burai Krisztián – Született szívtörő
Cserpes Laura – Élj pont úgy
Flash Travel – Soha ne add fel az álmaidat
Hoffmann Mónika – Hullócsillag
Mohamed Fatima – Nem baj
Polyák Lilla – Valami más
Puskás Peti – Amíg a tűz ég
Radics Gigi – Úgy fáj
United – Tegnap még más voltál

Source: EscToday

93 comments on “Hungary: A Dal Draw Revealed

  1. Hi europes im bert kozlovskiy from ukraine. I wrote song for hungary for 2016 i cant make 2014 because im to sing for sweeden with the song ‘shake that sweedish ass’ 2015 is for azibaijhan and the song ‘gays and trannys’ my song for hungary in 2016 is called ‘hungary for turkey’ its about wanting turkey back in the eurovision i wrote it today and its fantastic but yous will have to wait until 2016 to hear it sorry europes.

  2. Good NF, some entries can save a year for me if win..

    I hope for many good live performances a s well, that is important, my favorite songs are (not in order):

    1. Keresztes Ildikó – “Nem akarok többé játszani”
    2. Janicsák Veca – “Új generáció”
    3. Kállay Saunders András – “My baby”
    4. Odett – “Ne engedj el”
    5. Plastikhead feat Gáspár Laci – “A szeretet él”
    6. Völgyesi Gabi – “Csak te légy”
    7. Hoffmann Mónika – “Hullócsillag”
    8. Mohamed Fatima – “Nem baj”
    9. Radics Gigi – “Úgy fáj”

  3. It’s really pity that almost nobody from this site is interested in 2013 A Dal, and at the same time in Hungary so many ppl are interested in it and ESC becomes more and more popular there despite results…and we want promotion of ESC and it to become more and more popular..plus ALL songs are in Hungarian language and there are many members here who moan for all songs in ESC being in English..shame.. :/ :(

    • I was actually thinking about watching adal out if the five saturday shows.

      I like from semi 1: background, racz gergo, bogi and feher zoltan. Still, my top two by farvare both in semi 2.

    • I haven’t planned my schedule for this weekend, but I am looking forward to A Dal this year. I thought they had a good nf last year as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this year will turn out.

    • I would be more excited if they actually had more variation and stronger songs. They were better last year, but picked one of the most underwhelming songs to win. :(
      It doesn’t really matter if all entries are in Hungarian in the NF because just like Iceland – whoever wins will change it to English. It’s nice to hear it though, but again, if the songs were better I’d be more excited.

  4. You know what is Moldovan NF this year for A Dal 2013?? PURE GARBAGE TBH!

  5. The 15 songs that will compete at the Beosong semi are out!

    • OMG yes these are songs, but they revealed only titles and songwriters…

      Marc Paelinck – “Blagoslov” is Maja Nikolic and Sasa Milosevic’s song is Mirna, Nevena & Sara 100%!

      Hmmm I’m so curious to see who will perform Sky Wiukluh’s entry! :D

      • I was WTF, who are they, and then realized they announced composers, not singers…
        Sky was collaborating with Tijana Bogicevic on Beovizija before (Pazi sta radis, 2009) if you remember… Or maybe Ana Stanic? It would be awesome, although his songs are good, they are not masterpieces…

        • But Neda ukraden is OUT again???? :O Neda Ukraden is going to kill RTS seriously, she is really big name, they can’t do that to her every time she submits entry!

          • I know… She definitely sent good song, I was so exited to see her competing…
            Nikola Burovac is here, probably as performer too, augh, that guy annoy me so much!!!

            • He is an ex boyfriend of Tamara Todevska (Macedonia 2008), he has boring songs.. ;/

            • Hey telegraf reported that all four songs that First Voice applied made it to the final, so probably we will see Saska Jankovic, Aleksandra Dabic and Igor Terzija!!! I love girls, but hates Terzija, he is also very boring…

            • And Zvezde Granda are not here… YAY
              Go juries!!!

            • I think that Grand quartet is IN, but Ivana & Vanja are OUT!

              I think that Saska Jankovic wrote her song herself so she is not in it seems! :(

            • Awwww… Grand quartet is potential threat, because there are 4 guys that girls love (more or less)
              they will have support from their record house, plus some of them are rich and will organise voting from them self (as they made it to win in the show)… I’m annoyed by all of them except of Dusan… I think he’s ok…

        • Hmmm and Maja Nikolic made first step, maybe she will really win! :/ :/ :/ maybe SNS fixed victory for her!

    • Dimitri I have just found that name of singers will be revealed on Monday because some names can be replaced till then…

    • Sucks, OT Band is not there then. :( I have a feeling this NF will disappoint me now. :P

  6. My top-3 songs(Kedvesem,Hadd legyen más! and A szeretet él)compete in the second semi!I doubt,they will all qualify. :(
    From semi 1 my top 3
    Background – Neonzöld
    Baricz Gergő – Húz
    Rácz Gergő – Csak állj mellém

    Semi 2 my top 3
    Bye Alex – Kedvesem
    Szabó Ádám – Hadd legyen más!
    Plastikhead feat Gáspár Laci – A szeretet él

    Semi 3 is weak,i only have 2 qualifiers
    Hoffmann Mónika – Hullócsillag
    Puskás Peti – Amíg a tűz ég

  7. Is there a site where we can listen to all songs or do I have to do a YT search for every song?

  8. Snippets from the first semi in Melodifestivalen

  9. Finally I found it. If you look at the right side of the page you see all the names behind the time pof their rehearsal. Click each name :) http://www.svt.se/melodifestivalen/yohio-gor-som-the-ark

  10. Elitsa and Stoyan for Bulgaria again?

  11. And Russia goes internally again!I’m quite disappointed!I usually like their national finals.

    • Agreed. They haven’t made good internal choices for my taste, but I always find something I like in their NFs.

    • Thanks for these!

      Good to see that Ben Ivory can deliver live vocally.

    • Thanks!

      LOL Ben Ivory doesn’t work unplugged on such a small stage because just like Loreen he aims at a Gesamtkunstwerk. I still remember that ‘Euphoria’ looked totally out of place when Loreen performed it on Germany’s football beach last summer.

      Gosh! I really look forward to the German NF … that has never happened before in all those years.

      • Yeah.I think he doesn’t feel very comfortable there.I have a clear top-5 in Germany and he is in it.On the other hand,”One Love” is the song i like the least in this final.In fact,i don’t like it at al!I find it incredibly boring and cliched and those lyrics are so generic….

  12. English version of “A szeretet él”

  13. Beosong entries are revealed. I guess all have Serbian lyrics :)) Can’t wait!

    Aleksandar Filipović – MOJA SVETLOSTI
    Ana Bojić – ŠTO PROLAZIM
    Vojkan Borisavljević – ZA TEBE ŽIVIM
    Dobrivoje Marić – SAVRŠEN KRAJ
    Dragan Ristić – USNE KADIFA
    Ivan Ilić – TREN
    Maksim Kočetov – SVETLA PALE SE ZA NAS
    Marc Paelinck – BLAGOSLOV
    Marko Đurašević – SPAS
    Nenad Milosavljević –RUŽA OD BARUTA
    Nikola Burovac – ANĐEO S NEBA
    Nikola Čuturilo – HALO !
    Saša Milošević – LjUBAV JE SVUDA
    Sky Wikluh – MAGIJA
    Slobodan Petrović – DUGA U TVOJIM OČIMA

  14. P.S. Goodluck Hungary! I’ll try not to miss national selection shows!

  15. International jury in Malta NS: Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Albania, Italy and Malta!!!

    2 things that I wonder:

    1, How Malta could forget about beloved Azerbaijan. And replace them with Armenia? It smells cheating here :)
    2, Will Belorussian juror demand to change the song chosen?

    Sorry for delivering news out of topic :)

    • “Will Belorussian juror demand to change the song chosen?”

      LOL :)

    • Very much eastern oriented this international jury.I admit i fear what the result of this final will be.There are some good songs on offer but we may get an irrelevant winner again.

  16. Last Panda: I had to check, I thought my stream had switched to Disney Channel.

  17. My list for Finland tonight:

    1. He’s not my man
    2. Ilmalaivalla
    3. Flags
    4. Last night
    5. Saturday night forever
    6. Dancing all around the universe

  18. Poor Elina!The jury hated her last week so i think she doesn’t stand a chance unless the televoters really love her.
    It will be 2 or 4 finalists tonight?

    • Looks like they like her now. She’s good.

      I think 4.

      • I find all those heats unnecessary.It started with 12 songs and after 2 auditions,2 live gigs and 1 semi we’ll end up with 8 finalists.
        We’ll know if they liked her when they’ll cast their votes.

  19. What a strange NF Hungary has this year, at least so far. The first 4 songs all got 7/12 from me …

  20. I listened to the Hungarian hopefuls yesterday ( way too many I should say ) ant the ones I liked mostly were :
    1)ByeAlex – Kedvesem
    2)Kállay-Saunders – My Baby
    3)Peti Puskás – Amíg a tűz ég
    4)Bence Brasch – Túl egyszerű
    5)Ádám Szabó – Hadd legyen más!
    6)Gergö Baricz – Húz
    7)Gyula Éliás – Mindhalálig várni rád
    8)Ildikó Keresztes – Nem akarok többé játszani
    9)Tamás Palcsó – Ezt látnod kell
    10)Gergő Rácz – Csak állj mellém
    11)Background – Neonzöld
    12)Burai Krisztián – Született szívtörő
    13)Völgyesi Gabi – Csak te légy
    14)Odett – Ne engedj el
    15)Hoffmann Mónika – Hullócsillag
    16)Tibor Gyurcsík – Örök harc
    17)Bogi – Tükörkép
    18)Mohamed Fatima – Nem baj
    19)Polyák Lilla – Valami más
    20)Janicsák Veca – Új generáció


  21. I have now heard more Hungarian hopefuls (almost all actually). These are the songs that made me pay some kind of attention in random order:

    Kállay Saunders András – My Baby
    Bye Alex – Kedvesem (this is my favourite atm)
    Bogi – Tükörkép (I quite like this one)
    Odett – Ne engedj
    Baricz Gergő – Húz
    Mrs. Columbo – Játszd újra! (I like this one very much, but I wonder how it will sound live)
    Éliás Gyula jr. – Mindhalálig várni rád
    Flash Travel: Soha ne add fel az álmaidat
    Agárdi Szilvi-Pál Dénes: Szíveddel lass
    United – Tegnap még más voltál
    Brasch Bence – Túl egyszerű
    Radics Gigi – Úgy fáj

    Tomorrow I’ll be rooting for:
    Agárdi Szilvi-Pál Dénes – Szíveddel láss
    Baricz Gergő – Húz
    Bogi – Tükörkép
    Mrs Columbo – Játszd újra!

    Good luck to all hopefuls. :)

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