Malmö: Host is Petra Mede

PetraEurovision 2013 – The Swedish comedian Petra Mede has been announced as the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö. In 2009 she was voted Sweden’s best female comedian and became the host of that year’s Melodifestivalen, causing some controversy with some of her jokes. Have Sweden made a good choice? Let us know what you think.

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186 comments on “Malmö: Host is Petra Mede

  1. Off topic: having to spend all of the afternoon in airports/flying I made myself a nice little playlist with nuteki, feed you my love and several Estonian hopefuls. I don’t think I’ll mind any delay too much.

    • Marko, do you know Simeon Atanasov? What can we expect?

      • I know that he’s a son of Esma Redzepova and he composed songs for her, i don’t know for others…and these songs were way too folk…he must compose different this time if they want success and also here is Vlatko Lozanovski and that style doesn’t fit him..

  2. I expect my favorite in 2013 MF to be Janet Leon – “Heartstrings” or Amanda Fondell – “Dumb”! :)

  3. The online rumor is that Lys Assia will be somehow involved in the Sammarinese entry.The announcement is tomorrow.
    A song from the possible Russian preselection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncMrklmIt08

  4. Btw, has anyone seen, Betty’s video? It’s deliciously nostalgic. Betty take those guys and stage presentation and hit the stage. Lalala…


    • There is no need for the second comer. I am falling asleep… Do see the video, please. Obrigadíssimo.

    • I like the way it’s done. Charming and nostalgic. I have started to like “Lalala” more and more but I’m still rooting for the “Meerstern”, of course.

      • Hi! :)

        Can you tell me just shortly what do they say here:

        And is Monika Hoffman from Sweden or what?

      • At svt’s official page I see that there are some words and percentages beside them like Udda: 50%,beat:95% etc.Is this how the press has rated the songs after their preview?

        • Hi Marko and Dimitris! :)

          They’re interviewing Monika about her participation in the Hungarian NF. She is a music teacher living in Malmö, but her mother is from Hungary and she had a short career in Hungary before, when she took part in Hungarian Pop Idol in 2005. She did also talk about how the interest in ESC is growing in Hungary at the moment.

          No, it’s the artists that have ranked their own songs considering their peculiarity, show, tempo and message

  5. Unser Song für Malmö jury: Tim Bendzko, Roman Lob, Anna Loos, Mary Roos and Peter Urban (German ESC commentator since 1997, has a PhD in music too). A very good jury imho. NDR seems to really take ESC seriously. We have certainly come a very long (and sometimes bumpy) way since our dismal national finals and abysmal ESC entries in the 90s. :)

    • I am glad to hear that. Germany should not ruin its great final by choosing one of the few uninteresting songs.

    • I think that jury is “uniformed”, no variety in jury, not good, everybody will vote the same way… :( :( :( :(

      • That is certainly not true … or do you know the members of the German jury better than I do?

        • That’s how much I checked them, I hope it’s not true, if you are right I’m more than happy, but.. :(

          And Roman Lob is too young musically to judge singers who are in he job for more than 10 years and have more than 5,6 albums..you have to agree with that.. :( Come on he won in a talent show last year!!

          • Roman is part of the variety this jury has. Mary Roos f. e. has been around for more than 40 years.

            • It’s not a question of variety in Roman’s case, it’s question of his credibility to judge much older musicians, how many albums he has? :/

              And nobody is suitable to vote for Cascada, that is not fair, not enough variety.. :(

              I finish now about this.. :(

          • Well, I agree with you. I don’t think Roman Lob is a suitable judge (yet) and I also think most of these jury members seem likely to vote a little too similarly. Two young pop guys and an old pop/schlager lady. Anna seems the odd one out here when it comes to genre, but that’s not much different. Peter is a commentator in Eurovision-world and I always doubt their taste because they seem to think too much in the veins of what “fits in” in Eurovision and what doesn’t. Nice to know he has a phd in music, but hopefully he will not vote too much with his head = overanalyzing songs.

            What’s scary for me, and probably good for you Marko, is that the internet voting will count for 1/3 of the results. I think they will go for Cascada more than anyone, especially if they get to vote based on STUDIO versions…

    • I’d like to see results without jury and with BIG 5 competing in semi each year….

  6. OMG…. Valentina Monetta again for San Marino :O.

    Talk about a surprise return!

  7. There are 13 Moldovan hopefuls available atm. I think ET is not allowing me to post the link. I’ve only heard Aurel Chirtoaca’s charming ballad in Moldovan. I quite like it.

  8. I hope Cascada wins that strange radio voting, and televoting, so they can compete further… jury will give them 0 points 100%, they are not style that jury likes…

    I can’t wait to see performance, I hope they prepared great choreography!

  9. I’m extraordinary disappointed and pissed off to see Valentina Monetta representing San Marino in ESC again!!!!! Year after year! BOOOO! :( :( :( And the same songwriter! Damn, what a nightmare of year! Anouk SAVE it and MF winner, but how things go on, I believe more and more that Caroline af Ugglas will win!! :( :(

  10. A good choice for a presenter.
    On San Marino : that’s a surprise I have to say..she is a persistent girl isn’t she ? And Ralph Siegel comes along as well ! As long as they’ve got rid of the lyricist Ralph can compose interesting songs, that’s well known. It can’t be much worse than last year’s entry anyway, the only possible way is up. I hope they learned their lesson. San Marino’s results are getting better and better anyway..

  11. I’m afraid that Germany doesn’t want to send winning material actually, they don’t want to host, not because of economy, but because EBU wants new winner and new host, I’m afraid Emmelie De Forest is who they want to see winning ESC..oh why that horror must be when I attend! :(
    Why I couldn’t be when winner was Lena Meyer-Landrut, Ell & Nikki or Loreen! Why I have to go when Emmelie Teardrop wins!! :( I’m so unlucky!!!

  12. Quite disappointed with the Sammarinese choice!Valentina may be ok vocally but she just looks awkward on stage.I don’t like her.And to top all that,they have Ralph Siegel composing the entry again.At least,it is said that it will be a song close to her music style.Anyway,i’ll wait for the soing first.Good luck!

  13. No idea if it was already commented, but..there is info on Bulgaria, the artist will be announced on 10/2. And later three songs will be revealed, the voting will be on march.
    Another country that went for internal too.

  14. Bulgaria will choose their singer internally and have a song selection on March 3rd.The 3 songs will be online in approximately 15 days from now.

  15. So that leaves only Russia left to give any info. Looks like they will have a full nf tho.

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