Poll: What Will YOU Watch?!

DenmarkTonight -It’s one of our first busy Saturdays of the 2013 Eurovision season tonight, with 2 semi-finals and 1 national final all taking place this evening. Semi-finals will be underway in Iceland and Norway later tonight, whilst the Danish national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix chooses its representative for Malmö. Which will you be watching and why?! Let us know in our poll! What makes a good semi-final or final for you? Or will you be multi-tasking and watching all three at once? Cast your vote here and tell us why below!

20 comments on “Poll: What Will YOU Watch?!

  1. I will probably watch Norway’s performances and then switch to the Icelandic semi. Once the 6 Icelandic hopefuls have performed their songs, on to Denmark until the show ends and we know the Danish song for Malmö. I will probably miss most of the Danish songs which unfortunately isn’t a great loss because (with 1,5 exceptions) they are all terribly dull and generic. I can check the semi results from Iceland and Norway while watching the 2nd half of DMGP.

    Good luck to all participants of all three shows!

  2. I will be probably multi-tasking but my main priority will be the Danish NF , HOWEVER not because of the high quality ( I can hardly find a song I like VERY MUCH there ) but mainly because it is a FINAL !

  3. Possibly I will not be here. But Iceland SF looks rather more promising. Denmark and Norway have nothing on offer.

  4. None of them since I’m flying to Bangkok in a few hours and won’t be around for 10 days…Enjoy your eurovision feast my friends!!!

  5. I’ll watch the Danisch preselection because of the great quality and since it is the only final tonight.

  6. Hi guys! I will follow all the live shows tonight simultaneously because I have 3 computers. ;-) Good luck to everyone and to everybody who’ll be watching: have fun and enjoy it! ;-)

    • Hello Nick! :)

      I never watch several shows simultaneously becaus when I do, I haven’t got a feeling for any of the shows (how do the songs relate to each other f. e.) at the end of the day … or night.

      • Hi Togravus! ;-)

        Well I understand your point of view, but I must say that I do this for a couple of years now and that I don’t have problems in doing so. I can perfectly multitask. ;-) BTW: Sorry for my bad English!

        Have fun tonight and may the best song(s) proceed and/or win! ;-)

  7. denmark
    i kinda like their bland crap and it’s not like the two semis are gonna be much better

  8. Probably i won’t be able to see any of them, but after midnight i’ll be here to comment the results. I’m concerning more about Denmark (because it’s their final) and Iceland (because it’s Erna’s time)

    P.S Good travel mermaid :)

  9. Can this flag be considered as an advertisement?

  10. I’ll probably try to catch the first minutes of the Norwegian semi, and then I’ll switch to Denmark. I’m curious how those dance songs will sound live! Meanwhile, I’ll be waving my little Dannebrog. :D

  11. I’ll be multitasking too!I’ll watch the Danish final mainly and parts of the other shows.

  12. I’ll try watching all of them!!

  13. Right now, none of the Danish streams is working for me. :( Can that be fixed…?

  14. Denmark final for me. However, it doesn’t look like eurovision.tv will broadcast the final and I can’t watch anything on Danish channel :( Let’s hope eventually eurovision.tv will show it, they showed Finnish semi, and now they are not going to show Danish national final? They have to.

  15. SPOILER: Emmelie de Forst, SImone and Mohamed Ali to Superfinal.

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