Norway: Three More Songs Qualify!

NorwayNorway – In the second of three heats in Melodi Grand Prix, Norway chose Margeret Berger, Fjellfolk and Annsofi to go through to their national final tonight. They join Gromth and Emil Solli-Tangen, Datarock, and Vidar Busk who were chosen last week. The third semi final will be in Larvik next Saturday, and the final in Oslo on the 9th of February. Check out tonight’s winning songs here.
The final result was as follows:

1st: Margeret Berger I feed you my love
2nd: Fjellfolk –  Ulvetuva
3rd – AnnsofiI’m with you

38 comments on “Norway: Three More Songs Qualify!

  1. What is Annsofi doing there? Shackles were much better imo. The other two are perfect for the final though. I still hope that the winning song will be performed in semi 3 though.

  2. Hm …my top3 songs for tonight qualified; that doesn’t happen very often :)

  3. My ideal top 3 from semi-final 2.
    Good job, Norway. You’ve done that for both semi-finals now. Don’t mess up the next semi either!

  4. first heat I liked 0/3, but this heat I liked all 3 qualifiers!!!! Only thing is I liked Shackles a little more than Annsofi.

  5. Well I knew my favorites can’t qualify, they never do LOL

    But Fjellfolk – “Ulvetuva” appealed to me after performance…of course not for 10/10..

    I hope “Alone” wins” or smth we still haven’t seen..

  6. Once again Norway has chosen their finalists fairly well!

    Annsofi (6/12)
    Fjellfolk (9/12)
    Margaret Berger (9/12)

  7. Pitty for Shackles…I can only get excited about Fjellfolk in this bunch..Margaret does nothing to me right now..”Alone” ftw after the 2nd semi as well !

    • Agreed, “Alone” should win! :) I gotta admit – so far, the Norse taste in music is rather different from mine. ;) Maybe there’ll be something interesting in semi Nr. 3…

  8. There is not much to say. The level of the songs is below average and so are the vocals. Haji was simply unbearable. After the lives, I like Ulvetuva a lot. Congratulations to the new finalists.

  9. Anasofi is so-so for me… Nice tune, but it gets boring as it goes… And vocally,
    she is just average (terrible ending of the song)… Other two, are below average…
    So far, I have no favorite in Norwegian final… I hope semi 3 will change it…
    Only song I liked so far was Catch me (although it’s a Euphoria-like)…

  10. The verses in “I Feed You My Love” remind me of this song by the always fantastic Björk

  11. I seriously think that “Alone” is a huge favorite to win NF till now..

  12. Yeah!My 3 favorites made it to the final!Thank God,because semi 1 was a huge disappointment.I’ll have to watch Margaret’s performance now.

  13. I am glad Fjellfolk made it, but I didn’t care enough about any other song tonight to find 3 favourites. I am hoping Margaret will just have a radio hit and NOT win MGP.

    Metal FTW this year! :D

    BTW, Anina’s song in the 3d semi is probably called “The Young”.

    • And Sirkus Eliassen will be in 3rd semi?

      • Yes. This is the line-up:

        Anina/Anine Stang – the young
        Gaute Ormåsen
        Lucky lips – sweet and heavy
        Sirkus Eliassen – I love you te quiero
        Winta – not afraid

        1 missing. There was a rumour about “Pale kids – the opposition”, but I don’t think it’s true. Another rumour is that Plumbo is back, but I strongly doubt that too since we know that there is going to be 4 entries in Norwegian this year and both Gaute & Sirkus Eliassen usually sing in Norwegian, meaning that only one of them will. My guess is Gaute will because it is his style + it is more logical than a trilingual entry by Sirkus Eliassen. Perhaps Gaute will try in English though since he failed with Norwegian last time. We’ll see. I think it will be someone we haven’t heard any rumours of yet, maybe someone not famous like Tom Hugo and Martin Blomvik. After all, they’re gonna need filler material too. ;)

        • MALIN!!!!! :D

        • Gothminster aside,is there any other in this semi that strikes to you as a potential winner ?
          PS: I love you,te quiero sounds already so underelming :(

          • *so underwhelming

          • Sirkus Eliassen of course, they will qualify 100%!

            And check Sirkus Eliassen, they are very contemporary for ESC actually, that title doesn’t mean anything!

            I expect to love Winta and Sirkus Eliassen the most..but I’m not going to blame anybody like you do, if they stay in semi..of course…because I have respect for everything.. :)

          • Sirkus Eliassen is the most relevant name on the list. They’ve had some hits recently and will probably be closing the semi. They will surely qualify. I don’t know if they could win, maybe if the song is up-tempo and catchy (it sounds like it will be), but I would consider them a candidate.

            Gothminister could have a surprising and fun performance + good song, I hope so. They could qualify easily if so.

            We do like our country, so maybe Lucky Lips will qualify. They are pretty unknown though, but so were Fjellfolk.

            Gaute is a name we know well and he could qualify too.

            I don’t have much faith in Anina. So far all the “pop babes” have not made it. I expect more poor vocals helped by pre-recorded backing vocals.

            Winta is not a big name and her style might be too urban to do really well. If Mira Craig couldn’t do it, then I don’t see Winta doing it.

            So far I don’t see a clear winner, but surely Margaret has the advantage of being the only “pop-thing” in the final so far.

            • I see!Thanks!I’m desperately trying to find something that could beat Gromth and Emil! :)
              Margaret would ne fine considering the alternative.

            • Laila my suggestion is not to waste a lot of time writing comments t Dimitris calling because he/she writes that countries SUCK if they don’t send what he likes, he.she did that tonight with Iceland, and i PUKED over his comment… :/

              I really tried again with that person, but he/she is …no comment.. ;/

  14. Well no surprises here, the best songs qualified. But personally i want “Alone” for Norway, i’m curious to see if a black metal song can score well in Eurovision.

  15. I don’t like anything here…i am looking forward to the 3rd semi now.

  16. The qualifying songs from the second semi-final in the Norwegian iTunes charts…

    #4 – Margaret Berger – “I Feed You My Love”
    #85 – Fjellfolk – “Ulvetuva”
    #102 – Annsofi – “I’m With You”

  17. I like “I Feed You My Love” /it just needs better staging and stylist/ and “Ulvetuva”! I think secund semi’s outcome is much better the the ones of the first semi! Goodluck!

    • I think contrary for Margaret, I liked clothes and performance in semi, just song is not so strong at all..

    • I agree with avatarmenia – Margaret needs a much more edgy presentation for her song – she was dressed like she was about to perform a ballad.

      • She is dressed like a cocoon ;)
        “A cocoon in a silent tree
        Through the dark night you listen to me
        When I whisper broken words in your ear.

  18. When it comes to Norway, there is song that stands out at the moment:


    I also like 3 other songs:

    I feed you my love ( this is a grower and, yes, I agree that she chose the wrong dress)
    The Underground
    Paid my way

    • Thanks Sara!I really like Margaret!She would be a good choice for Norway IMO.I also likeFjellfolk but i feel it gets repetitive after a while.Annsofi needs to work a lot on her performance.All in all,i enjoyed much more the second semi and the results.

  19. I saw a translation of Ulvetuva’s song and so sad how the story ends:

    Once upon a time, of old
    Two young people traveled across the mountains
    They wanted to see into the future
    For the girl was expecting little ones

    But late on the road home their fears came true
    “Go get help, mother earth is calling”

    Go now, quick as the wind
    And hide me in the depths of your heart
    In the raging of the storms I’ll be hoping
    For you to come and rest in my embrace once more

    Far away she lay alone
    Gave life to little ones on the wild moors
    He chased down the steep hillsides
    And by midnight made it to a farm

    But mother and children never saw another day
    Because out of the darkness grey wolves appeared

    Go now, quick as the wind
    And hide me in the depths of your heart
    In the raging of the storms I’ll be hoping
    For you to come and rest
    Go now, quick as the wind
    And hide me in the depths of your heart
    In the raging of the storms I’ll be hoping
    For you to come and rest in my embrace once more

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