Norway: Follow the Second Semi-final Online Tonight

melodimen mgp 2012 eurovision logo nrk norway music melodi grand prix song contest heart wingsNorway – It’s the second live heat in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix this evening in Florø. Seven more acts are battling it out to go through to the final to be held on the 9th of February. You can watch it online at 19:55 (CET)  using the link below. Join us here at Eurovision Times to tell us what you think of the qualifiers later!

Watch online here: NRK website

The entrants are:

Martin Blomvik – ‘Det vakje mi tid
Annsofi – ‘I’m with you
Shackles – ‘On hold
Hank – ‘No one
Fjellfolk – ‘Ulvetuva
Haji – ‘Shine with me
Margaret Berger – ‘I feed you my love’

The top three songs will go through to the final at the Oslo Spektrum on 9th February. Norway will take part in the second Semi-Final on the 16th of May.

The songs are available on the NRK website here.

Melodi Grand Prix dates::
19th Jan – Heat 1 – Steinkjer (watch online here)
26th Jan – Heat 2 – Florø
2nd Feb – Heat 3 – Larvik
9th Feb – Final – Oslo Spektrum

Margaret Berger has just released the promo video of ‘I feed you my love’. See that and some other videos below of tonight’s entrants and songs that are available.

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107 comments on “Norway: Follow the Second Semi-final Online Tonight

  1. I think: Margaret & Annsofi will qualify. The third one is more open, but I think it will be Hank. If not him then Shackles. If not them then Fjellfolk. In that order, lol. :P

  2. Good evening! :)

    Have been busy until now but I saw the recap and can only say: Fjellfolk all the way to Oslo!

    But I’m sure that Hank von Helvete will go through, since he is by far the most famous singer tonight. And that has unfortunately a very big impact on the result.

  3. Annsofi is through ? oh good for her…Shackles and Fjellfolk better be the other two..!

  4. I got distracted by Israel news, but thought Fjellfolk stood out performance wise tonight.

  5. Annsofi got third place tonight.

  6. YES! I am happy they did make it after all. Fjellfolk got second most votes tonight.

  7. Fjellfolk through..! That’s good..they are the only ones that could somehow provide some competition to Emil & Gromth (although I doubt it..)

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