Israel: Thirty Songs Chosen!

IsraelIsrael – An internal selection panel of music industry experts has chosen the 30 songs which will go forward in this year’s national final of Kdam-Eurovision 2013. Broadcaster IBA said that hundreds of songs had been received up until the closing date on 16th January. The thirty chosen will now be split into three heats next month. Check out the names of the 30 participants.

The 30 participants in Kdam-Eurovision 2013 are…

Hila Ben David – Beautiful
Julietta – Fantasia
Lihi Griner & DJ Omri Segal – Just like me
Vladi Blayberg – New day
Eric Forman – Livin’ one time
Kathleen Reiter – Ad elay
Hen Cohen – Halev mevakesh
Moran Mazuz – Give me a sign
Bezalel Raviv – No war
Ortal Ofek – Tagid li lama
Aderet – Victory
Alon Jan – Live my life
Ran Sandler – Find a way
Love Is One (Ron Weinreich, Yoad Fekete, Ido Sagir, Yigal Cohen, Yuval Yaron & Elad Kimchi) – Love is one
Liran Notik – Give me a sign
Jehoshua (Josh) Peretz – My baby
Shany Zamir – Forever
Hadar Ozeri – Ten ma’awal
The Ultras – Happy birthday
Yehuda Gavra – We’re beautiful
Michael Harpaz – Michtav le’ima
Sarit Avitan – Mon amour
Haia Samir – Am I happy or am I sad
Adi Cesare – Pagia ve’shavir
Meital de Razon – Toda la noche
Laila Malcos – Bo
Adir Getz – Ha’ikar she’ani shar
Yarden Tsur – Replace you
Niki Goldstein – We are one
Moran Mazor – Rak bishvilo

The heats are as follows:

Feb 26th – Kdam Eurovision Heat 1
Feb 27th – Kdam Eurovision Heat 2
Feb 28th – Kdam Eurovision Heat 3
Mar 3rd – Kdam Eurovision Second Chance Show
Mar 7th – Kdam Eurovision National Final

The final vote will be split 30% jury / 70% public vote.

Israel will compete in the second semi-final at Malmö on May 16th.

Hila Ben David is a name Eurovision fans may recognise. He entered Kdam-Eurovision previously in 2010 and was the overall Grand Prix winner of the Yerevan Is Calling music festival in Armenia in 2012. Liran Notik has returned after not being selected last year. Niki Goldstein also returns.

Check some of the hopefuls out:

Hen Cohen

Moran Mazuz

12 comments on “Israel: Thirty Songs Chosen!

  1. Quantity doesn’t necesarily equals quality, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Israel.

    Thanks for the update hulluna :)

  2. Lots of names, some quite well known, a few from last year are back too. I’ve had a scoot round YouTube to see who I can find quickly so you can check the ones out that you haven’t heard of (after all the finals tonight_. Enjoy! Looks like an intresting final to me! Hadar instantly stands out to me as pretty classy. Some nice mixed styles in the pot tho.

  3. I would really like an extended Israeli national final format and I got it :) ! I am waiting eagerly for the live shows..!

  4. I hope NF will be good..

  5. Oh dear, I can’t deal with so much information on a sunday morning. Choose wisely, Israel. Good luck!

  6. Haven’t Israel aready sent a song called “Happy birthday”?

    Choose wisely, Israel.

  7. Liran Notik – Give me a sign!!! I like him!

  8. The Yarden Tsur video = autotune hell.

    I don’t find much interesting on this list so I’ll wait for the songs. There are also very few bands on this list so I certainly hope the songs will have more variety than it looks like on paper…

    It’ll be really hard to top Izabo though. I loved their entry so much last year.

    • I agree. It was such a shame that they did not make it to the final. Great melody, great orchestration, great lyrics … and great shots of the backing singers.

      I will feed you songs and wine … ♫♪♫

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