Iceland: More Qualify including Wildcard Magni!

Iceland.jpgIceland – Tonight saw Jógvan & Stefanía, Unnur Eggertsdóttir, and  Haraldur Reynisson qualify for the Final in Iceland! In a move which pleased many Eurovision fans, Magni Ásgeirsson also went into the final in the wildcard slot. The final takes place next Saturday night 2nd of February. Listen to the songs that made it through to the final.
The qualifiers:

Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía SvavarsdóttirTil þín
Haraldur ReynissonVinátta
Unnur EggertsdóttirÉg Syng!


Magni Ásgeirsson – Ekki líta undan

45 comments on “Iceland: More Qualify including Wildcard Magni!

  1. Haraldur Reynisson, Svavar Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm and Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson (if he improves his vocals) are ok. But i want to see Magni in Malmö. Erna´s elimination was a huge, unpleasant, surprise.

  2. Wow, like seriously ? Really ? What ? I think it’s obvious that the only people voting tonight in Iceland were folks in seniors centers and kindergarten babies….

    How does a middle aged man, who clearly needs some serious dental work btw (sorry – I’m tiny bit angry ), and a bubble gum song that is barely good for JESC reach the Final —

    I think it’s obvious now that Birgitta will 90% win the final. We’ll probably pass to the finals and finish around 16-21 place – our classic location in Eurovision.
    **The only song that can give Birgitta any competition is Eythor with “Eg a lif” but that’s a long shot

    Well the only thing to do now is to cheer for good old Denmark – =(

    …..this sucks :D

    • “We’ll probably pass to the finals and finish around 16-21 place”

      That’s exactly the result I see for Birgitta if she wins the Icelandic NF, which she almost undoubtedly will.

  3. I knew I had good reason not to trust anything anymore. I was rooting for Erna and she was spot on. All the chosen songs were very well performed and I only find one vaguely boring: ‘Ég Syng!’
    Congratulations to the new finalists. :)

  4. My eyes almost bleed after 3 hours in front of the computer.
    Have a good night, everyone.

  5. OK, I am back, I told you that my neighbour is a chatty lady. Naturally, I am very disappointed that Erna did not make it but perhaps people in Iceland thought that Europe did not want dramatic stuff after last year’s disappointment. Perhaps they think that Europe want sths really childish like Unnur Eggertsdóttir’s song, but if they do, they will have to face an even bigger disappointment in Malmö.

    Out of the finalists, Magni has my favourite song but being the wildcard, he won’t get anyway. Therefore I am rooting for Haraldur.

    I will fetch a glass of local red wine now and then listen to the Danish 2013 entry.

  6. Birgitta ALL THE WAY!!

    Unnur Eggertsdóttir – “Ég Syng” is also nice, in English would even better for me..

    I also like Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía Svavarsdóttir – “Til þín” but after performance and her ugly outfit it sounds more old fashioned than earlier…

  7. Although much better than “Never Forget” I am kind of glad the “Augenblik” fan hype ended early, although I truly liked it, since I do want Brigitta to win this. The line up in this year’s Icelandic final is not bad..My favourites are Brigitta by miles followed by Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía Svavarsdóttir and Haraldur Reynisson…The so called “farmers” are cute as well..As for Magni, the happy-go-lucky tune that qualified tonight and the dated rockish ballad that qualified last night I could not care much less..My prediction : Brigitta followed by Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía Svavarsdóttir in the final..

  8. WTF no Augnablik… Iceland disappointed me already…
    Brigitta and Magni are ok choices, but Erna’s song is miles better…

  9. I seriously think Svavar Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm will win this. Remember who got second to Yohanna bak in 2009? If you don’t remember, check it online… and then the 2011 entry which is also the cute indie tune just like “Lífið snýst” is… and the girl’s adorable and it’s just the kind of thing Iceland likes most… I see it beating Brigitta in the superfinal (who in hell can like that monks-on-stage performance?)

  10. At least the Icelandic people can vote for songs unlike some ESC countries, good luck Iceland

  11. I’m singing “Tirpini” from Latvia ll day long! LOOL :D

  12. I don’t think i’ll bother with the Icelandic final anymore.Magni doesn’t stand a chance and everything else is from just ok to ridiculously bland and boring.

  13. Maybe Iceland pulls an inner Lithuania and people vote for something completely different…like Magni.
    I won’t happen, right?

  14. I am glad that my second favourite in the Icelandic NF made it tonight – “Vinátta”. It is a calm and cosy song and well performed unlike Unnur’s mess. I don’t get why she qualified.

    I hope “Eg a lif” will win because it’s a pretty song and he sings very good live, but I guess it might be the tragically clichéd “Medal andanna”.

  15. I just watched Erna’s performance and it was spine-tingling.I don’t know how on earth this song/performance didn’t qualify.Did they vote stratigically thinking that If Greta and Jonsi finished 20th,Erna will do even worse?I can’t really tell.Plus,i don’t know the role of the jury in all this.Iceland is a huge disappointment this year.

    • Dimitri now really don’t get me wrong, but your comments are sometimes really strange, they vote how the like…how on the Earth you can expect that everybody has “spine-tingling” for the same things you have.. GOSH.. :/ And jury is not there to vote for what you like…deal with it..

    • There was no jury tonight or on Friday – that’s the problem. The semifinals have 100% tele voting but the final 50/50 which chooses 2 songs to super final and then again 100% televoting
      –crazy complex i know =/

  16. What’s wrong with Iceland this year? Seriously? “Vinatta” is a really boring song and “Eg Syng” is crap! Only “Til Thin” is somehow decent. All of them are much worse songs than Augnablik At least Magni took the wildcard but i really doupt that he will win, seeing the way that Icelanders voted.

    • So you think smth is wrong with country if they don’t choose for final what you like?? Don’t follow dimitris calling’s steps dear George and disappoint me..

      • Ofcourse everyone is free to vote for whatever he likes, but also i have the right to be disappointed when i don’t like the result and i have to express it. Ofcourse i don’t want to insult any country’s people. Ι think that it’s something that everyone does here (including you)

        • Nothing wrong with what you’re saying and you are not at all being insulting ! It’s just plain and simple : My fellow Icelanders didn’t bother picking up the phone for Erna (thought she was a clear qualifier) and it’s clear that she suffers from the horrid outcome that Greta and Jonsi had last year =/

  17. I’m in shock ! I LOVED “Augnablik” so much and not only dit it miss the Final , but it lost the wildcard as well…
    And instead , we get through the final 2 songs that I liked the least from the Icelandic preselection.At least , I agree on “Til þín” getting through.
    Now , that I lost interest to “Meðal andanna” ( it was never THAT great to be honest ) , I would really like to see “Ég á líf” in Malmo !
    So disappointed ! :(

    • Agreed and signed, I’m so pissed!

      I’m all for Mr. Campfire now, with The Farmers in a second place and Magni in 3rd.

  18. Again, my favorite of the semi (Erna) did not qualify, Good news: My first semi favorite Magni got the wild card. Bad news: chances are he won’t win :(.

  19. Did they seriously try and pick the three worst songs to advance? Seriously, what shocking results. Anyway, I’m still pulling for the farmers, with Birgitta being the only other song I really like in the final. Good luck Iceland!

  20. Where s Ageblink? My God. Anyway Magni is n again.

  21. Maybe “Augnablick” didn’t qualify because the Icelandic people don’t want to send two “mystic” songs in a row, especially given the rather mediocre result of “Never Forget” in Baku. I feel sorry for Erna, but stylistic diversity isn’t a bad thing in ESC.

  22. What a shame that Erna even didn’t qualify! I see no reason to follow this selection since outcome will be something average-dated on nice language! Good-luck!

  23. The dust has now settled and the Icelandic carries on with 3 songs that I like very much:

    ‘Lífið snýst’, ‘Vinátta’ and ‘Ekki líta undan’.

    I hope that one of them wins. Good luck to all finalists.

  24. Erna deserved to be in the final; she had the best song in the national final imo (along with Birgitta’s song, although studio version sounds much better) Erna’s song could have seriously given Iceland one of their best results in Eurovision! It really is a great song, that I could possibly see winning Eurovision, or at least being a real contender to take the trophy. SHAME ON YOU ICELAND for not sending Erna to the final!!

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