Denmark: National Final Tonight!

DenmarkDenmark – Tonight we will know the song and artist that will be representing Denmark in Malmö! It’s the Danish national final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, tonight in the Boxen Arena in Herning, and 10 songs go head-to-head in the live show. If you’re watching it online tonight, log on to Eurovision Times and let us know who you want to win! The current online favourite is Simone… do you agree? The 10 finalists are, which you can listen to here, are:

Frederikke – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
Brinck  Human
Kate Hall – I’m not alone
Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op
Daze – We own the universe
Simone – Stay awake
Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – Invincible
Emmelie de Forest  Only teardrops
Albin  Beautiful to me
Mohamed Ali – Unbreakable

DR, the Danish broadcaster, has run a poll online where the public have been voting for their favourite song.  The current winner is Stay Awake by Simone, although according to Eurovision.tv Emmelie de Forest with Only Teardrops is popular with non-Danes.

In the first round tonight, votes will come 50/50 from jury  televotes. The jury consists of Kato, Lis Sørensen, Cutfather, Maria Lucia and Jørgen de Mylius.. The top three songs go through to a super final, where the winner is chosen from.

You can watch online here or here at 20.30 (CET) A preview show begins thirty minutes earlier. The hosts for DMGP 2013 are  Louise Wolff, Lise Rønne and  Sofie Lassen-Kahlke. Last year’s Danish entrant, Soluna Samay, will perform on tonight’s show.

Denmark will take place in the first semi-final on 14th of May in Malmo.

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220 comments on “Denmark: National Final Tonight!

  1. A flute, drums, celtic sounds, a singer pretending to be a fairy. Welcome to 2013.

  2. With her victory, Emmelie joins the Swiss entrants formerly known as Heilsarmee at the top of my list with the same score, 80/100. Very happy today. If only Iceland could’ve been kinder, as both “Augnablik” and “Skuggamynd” have missed out on the final.

  3. My ranking for now.

    1. Ukraine
    2. Albania
    3. Lithuania
    4. Denmark
    5. Switzerland
    6. Belgium
    7. (Belarus)

  4. In a way, this year’s DMGP was better than last year’s. At least this year, I wasn’t able to look at every artist and assign them a major U.S. artist that they seemed to be trying to emulate. That’s a step in the right direction.

  5. I’ve never watched a national final apart from our own before. I thought Tear Drops was a good song and enjoyed it. unbreakable was OK to but not as distinctiv,. although Tear drops probably isn’t good enough to win, but who knows maybe Jedward clones will represent all the other countries. Tear Drops would definitely win then!!!

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